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fly bird (26)
Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:18 pm
This is Susiya, one of many Palestinian villages suffering ethnic cleansing.

It, along with Khan al-Ahmar are set for immediate destruction and the ethnic cleansing of all village residents.

B'Tselem have filed a letter, stressing to Netanyahu ( who is currently under investigation for corruption allegations) that these such actions constitute a war crime and violate international law.

Will we let the oppressive regime do this?

fly bird (26)
Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:21 pm
URGENT ACTION REQUEST: Please stand with Susiya now. November 25, 2017

The endgame is here. Like the final stage of chess or bridge when few pieces or cards remain, the Palestinian villagers of Susiya now face the last stage in their petition to Israel’s High Court. Three years ago, the villagers petitioned the High Court to overturn the Israeli Army’s denial of their master zoning plan and win their right to plan and live on the land they own in Palestine’s West Bank in so-called Area C.

On Tuesday, Nov. 21st, the Government of Israel, as required by its High Court, finally responded: they will demolish 20% of the village of Susiya on or before December 6th

— before the High Court even hears Susiya's case, leaving dozens of residents (half of them children) homeless. The Government of Israel is waiting to ‘enforce demolition’ of the remaining homes once new rules are in place supporting expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.

An endgame is a power play, but in this case, the outcome is not inevitable. We stopped this demolition once before and we can do it again. Susiya needs your help now, to win their safety and secure their future.

1. Click HERE to email your members of Congress

to tell them that this announcement violates the spirit and intent of law and justice. Urge them to intervene, on your behalf, to stop the bulldozers.

Rebuilding Alliance will immediately follow-up to schedule an emergency telecon briefing with their staff this week, and invite you to join the call - and we're pressing for other meetings too.

2. On Monday morning, please call your Elected Official

Ask to speak to their senior staff for foreign policy, then urge them to call the US State Department and the Israeli Embassy on your behalf, and to schedule an emergency teleconference briefing with Rebuilding Alliance.

With your action, Susiya can prevail. Here's why:
•On July 12, 2015, when the Israeli Army notified Susiya that the Army would demolish the village in a week's time — even before the Court heard their petition — people and officials throughout the US and the world voiced outrage. Many, including the US State Department, responded visibly and vocally — and as a result, the High Court pressed the Israeli Army to enter into face-to-face discussions with the villagers.

•Senator Feinstein began her correspondence with Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu;

•Representative Eshoo, along with 11 other Representatives, authored letters to the Secretary of State to keep Susiya standing:

•We built a base. Over the past 2.5 years, Rebuilding Alliance has held some 192 briefings with Congressional staff, in person and over the phone, on this issue. We’ve brought children from Susiya and neighboring Umm al Kheir to speak to Congress three times with their visions of peace, we’ve held meetings with the State Department and the National Security Council, and we've shared what we learned with sister organizations big and small.

Now is time for action, for mass participation. Please CLICK HERE to email your members of Congress. Share this message with your list, and send this link to every group you're part of to ask them to email their members of Congress too. Now is the time.

fly bird (26)
Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:23 pm
Monday Deadline -

In an Unprecedented Move, 10 Democratic Senators Demand That Netanyahu Halt Israel Demolition of Palestinian Village.

In a startling demonstration of support for Palestinian human rights from Capitol Hill, 10 Democratic senators wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday urging him to halt the impending demolition of two Palestinian and Bedouin towns.

Israel has been actively planning the demolition of the West Bank Palestinian village of Susiya for months. Its government claims that the village is not authorized, despite the fact that it is in the occupied West Bank, which is internationally recognized as Palestinian territory.

For the past couple years, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., has been a lone voice on the issue, writing directly to Netanyahu to demand he halt the demolition. Feinstein’s efforts have been successful, as Israel has put off Susiya’s demolition multiple times.

But there are reports that Israel will begin demolishing structures in the village within weeks.

On Wednesday, Feinstein finally got some backup. She was joined by nine other Democratic caucus senators — Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy, Illinois’s Dick Durbin, Delaware’s Tom Carper, Minnesota’s Al Franken, Massachusetts’s Elizabeth Warren, New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich, Oregon’s Jeff Merkley, and Hawaii’s Brian Schatz — in a letter from her office demanding Israel not demolish Susiya and the Bedouin town of Khan al-Amr.

The letter is unusually strong in its description of Israeli government behavior. “Instead of forcibly evicting these communities, we encourage your government to fairly re-evaluate Susiya’s professionally developed master plan and provide the residents of Khan Al-Ahmar equal building rights. Your government’s threats to demolish these communities are particularly distressing in light of the Israeli Civil Administration’s efforts to dramatically expand settlements throughout the West Bank,” it reads.

What makes the letter so remarkable is that there has been traditionally little criticism of Israeli human rights violations from members of Congress. Even some of the progressive senators who signed onto Feinstein’s letter had in the recent past defended Israeli government abuses.

For instance, in 2014, Sanders angrily defended his vote for a resolution backing up Israel’s actions in the Gaza war to a crowd at a Vermont town hall, citing the threat from Hamas to Israel.

But the past few years have also seen an explosion of activism aimed at pressuring Democrats to improve on this issue. After Palestinian-American activists were ejected from a Sanders campaign event in Boston in 2015 for carrying banners pressuring the presidential candidate on the issue, the Sanders campaign responded by apologizing. Sanders then went on to tap a top Palestinian-American activist — New York’s Linda Sarsour — as a surrogate and denounced Hillary Clinton’s unwillingness to criticize Israeli treatment of Palestinians at a New York debate. More recently, Sanders met with Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro.

In 2014, Warren more or less repeated Netanyahu talking points about the war in Gaza, simply defending Israel’s right to self-defense as the country bombarded civilian infrastructure. She also literally bolted away from a question about Gaza at the liberal Netroots Nation conference.

But shortly after she offered a defense of Israel’s actions during the war, Warren was confronted at a town hall by activists who objected to her pro-Netanyahu stance. A Holocaust survivor asked the senator if she believed Palestinians also had a right to self-defense. Warren softened her tone, said that they did, and that the “direction we ought to be moving is not toward more war.” And more recently, Warren came out against legislation that would criminalize activists who boycott Israel or its settlements.

Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, praised the Feinstein letter both on its merits and the political weight of having so many prominent senators joining on.

“The substance of the letter is terrific, and this list of signers makes a tremendous statement,” she said.

But she also insisted that Israel should cease the demolitions not just due to political fallout with the United States, but for moral and legal reasons as well.

“On the Israeli side, I hope they would take seriously the fact that, as [Israeli human rights organization] B’tselem has said, moving these people would constitute a war crime. I hope that Israel would take that seriously, separately from senators weighing in. I hope that they would take seriously that taking an action like this is counter to the values of a Jewish democratic state. This just adds to that.”

Top photo: A Palestinian boy walks while backdropped by his home village of Susiya, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, Friday, July 24, 2015.

URGENT: Please take action.

fly bird (26)
Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:26 pm
Senators to Netanyahu: Stop Israeli Demolition of West Bank Villages .
Nov 29 2017

Washington—Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) joined with eight of their Democratic colleagues today to call on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the demolition of the Palestinian village of Susiya and the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar in the West Bank.

“We have long championed a two-state solution as a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the senators wrote. “Yet, your government’s efforts to forcibly evict entire Palestinian communities and expand settlements throughout the West Bank not only directly imperil a two-state solution, but we believe also endanger Israel’s future as a Jewish democracy. We urge you to change course so that you do not foreclose the possibility of establishing two states for two peoples.”

The full text of the letter follows:

November 29, 2017

His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

We write today to urge your government not to demolish the Palestinian village of Susiya and the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar. The displacement of entire communities would be an irreversible step away from a two-state solution, and we urge your government to abandon its efforts to destroy these villages.

As you know, Susiya sits atop private Palestinian land in “Area C” of the West Bank, and has existed in the South Hebron Hills since at least since the 1830s. Today, approximately 45 families—including 85 children—call Susiya their home and survive through subsistence farming and shepherding.

Khan al-Ahmar is a Bedouin community of 170 people situated east of Jerusalem and adjacent to the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim. It has a mosque and a local school built of recycled tires and mud, which serves more than 150 children from the surrounding area. Because of the community’s location, demolishing Khan al-Ahmar would make it increasingly difficult to establish a contiguous Palestinian state as part of any future two-state solution.

Earlier this year, we were alarmed by the public comments of Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who said that “work was being done to implement plans to evacuate the Palestinian villages of Susiya in the South Hebron Hills and Khan al-Ahmar near Ma’aleh Adumim within a few months.”

Instead of forcibly evicting these communities, we encourage your government to fairly re-evaluate Susiya’s professionally-developed master plan and provide the residents of Khan al-Ahmar equal building rights. Your government’s threats to demolish these communities are particularly distressing in light of the Israeli Civil Administration’s efforts to dramatically expand settlements throughout the West Bank.

According to the Israeli non-government organization Peace Now, in 2017, Israel advanced 88 plans that include 6,742 housing units in 59 separate settlements, a 258 percent increase in the number of housing units proposed in 2016. Further, your government officially approved the construction of the new settlement of Amihai, which is in addition to the 19 settler outposts that have been retroactively legalized since 2011.

We have long championed a two-state solution as a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet, your government’s efforts to forcibly evict entire Palestinian communities and expand settlements throughout the West Bank not only directly imperil a two-state solution, but we believe also endanger Israel’s future as a Jewish democracy. We urge you to change course so that you do not foreclose the possibility of establishing two states for two peoples.


Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

Bernard Sanders
United States Senator

Patrick Leahy
United States Senator

Richard J. Durbin
United States Senator

Tom Carper
United States Senator

Al Franken
United States Senator

Elizabeth Warren
United States Senator

Martin Heinrich
United States Senator

Jeff Merkley
United States Senator

Brian Schatz
United States Senator

fly bird (26)
Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:28 pm
On International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, heed the call of a West Bank village to stop Israel from demolishing their homes.

Answer the call of Susiya residents to bring international attention to their situation by contacting your members of Congress through Rebuilding Alliance here.

Freya H (345)
Sunday December 3, 2017, 5:47 pm
If this happened in any other. country, that government would face vehement condemnation from the rest of the world. But Israel the spoiled brat is allowed to get away with anything it damned well pleases because of sugar daddy Uncle Sam and strong-man AIPAC.

Darren Woolsey (218)
Monday December 4, 2017, 12:19 am
All shared over social media to raise and spread awareness.

Darren Woolsey (218)

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Monday December 4, 2017, 12:40 am

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Monday December 4, 2017, 2:02 am
Thanks for the info

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Monday December 4, 2017, 3:28 am

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Monday December 4, 2017, 3:30 am
tyfs Jess

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Monday December 4, 2017, 5:32 am

Peggy B (43)
Monday December 4, 2017, 1:55 pm
I sent emails to my representatives again.

fly bird (26)
Monday December 4, 2017, 6:13 pm
Peggy Thank you!!! ***********

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Monday December 4, 2017, 6:16 pm
Here's What Happens When a U.S. Senator Calls for Israel to Be Held Accountable for Atrocities

Sen. Patrick Leahy wants Israel and Egypt investigated for brutal killings committed with American military aid.
April 4, 2016

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy has piqued the temper of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and faces a rebuke from within his own party after demanding for an investigation into “gross violations of human rights” by Israel and Egypt, the top recipients of American military aid.

Released just days after an Israeli soldier was recorded extra-judicially assassinating a wounded Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Leahy's demand for a probe is the latest sign that American military backing for Israel’s right-wing government is becoming a source of political tension.

On February 17, Leahy (D-Vt.) and ten Democratic members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry. “There have been a disturbing number of reports of possible gross violations of human rights by security forces in Israel and Egypt—incidents that may have involved recipients, or potential recipients, of U.S. military assistance,” states the document, which was released to the public in late March. “We urge you to determine if these reports are credible and to inform us of your findings.”

The letter concludes that the U.S. could stand in violation of the Leahy law (named after the Vermont Senator), a legal framework aimed at preventing American military aid to “any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretary of State has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights.”

“Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have reported what may be extrajudicial killings by the Israeli military and police of Fadi Alloun, Saad Al-Atrash, Hadeel Hashlamoun, and Mutaz Ewisa,” the letter states. “There are also reports of the use of torture in the cases of Wasim Marouf and Ahmed Manasra.”

Writing for Mondoweiss, Philip Weiss noted that “many of the signatories, including Hank Johnson, Andre Carson, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Raul Grijalva, are people of color; this is relevant because as Tamara Cofman Wittes said at Columbia Monday night, Israel support is slowly becoming politicized in the U.S. as the Democratic base becomes more heavily black and Latino, groups that have sympathy for the Palestinian cause.”

Leahy's letter is notable for placing Israeli violations alongside Egyptian atrocities—including the 2013 Rab'aa Square massacre—a rare move in a U.S. political climate where Israel is often deemed above reproach. The United States hands $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel every year, compared to roughly 1.5 billion to Egypt, which funds the country's brutally repressive military junta according to the guidelines of the Camp David Accords. Together, these two countries accounted for more than 75 percent of global U.S. military assistance in 2014.

The joint condemnation was met with sharp criticism from Ben Cardin, the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a top recipient of contributions from the pro-Israel lobby. “There’s no comparison here,” Cardin told the publication Forward, according to an article published Sunday. “Israel has rule of law,” Cardin continued. “They have a system that will hold those individuals accountable… There’s no equivalency here.”

Netanyahu lashed out last Wednesday, declaring: “The IDF and Israeli police do not engage in executions. Israel’s soldiers and police officers defend themselves and innocent civilians with the highest moral standards against bloodthirsty terrorists who come to murder them.”

At 972 Magazine, Dahlia Scheindlin called Netanyahu’s response a “strange string of lies.” A report released by Amnesty International in February 2014 found that Israel is killing and wounding Palestinians with impunity, including children. Those findings were soon followed by Israel’s 51-day military assault on the Gaza strip, in which it killed at least 2,145 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians and at least 578 of them children.

According to Defense for Children International – Palestine, at least 28 Palestinian children were “fatally shot by Israeli forces in 2015,” due in part to Israel’s implementation of a shoot-to-kill policy in response to rising tensions and resistance.

Leahy also hit back against Netanyahu's claims, arguing on Wednesday that “The Leahy Law, which has existed for nearly 20 years, applies uniformly, worldwide—no country is exempt—and it applies to specific military personnel and units, not to general security forces, when U.S. aid is involved.” He continued, “This is only fair to U.S. taxpayers, and it is necessary in upholding the rule of law that our country stands for.”

Escalating the global dispute, the Israeli prime minister reportedly called Kerry on the phone Friday and demanded that the Secretary of State declare that Israel is not guilty of extrajudicial assassinations.

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The ongoing tangle comes as Netanyahu demands a military aid hike of $4.5 billion a year.

But Raed Jarrar, government relations manager for the American Friends Service Committee, told AlterNet, “The Netanyahu administration is being so extreme in its policies and practices that their actions are making it impossible to maintain the U.S. policies of a blank check.”

According to Suzanne Adely, co-chair of the international committee of the National Lawyers Guild, “The 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza and the 2013 Rab'aa Massacre have represented turning points, as more voices among mainstream media, government officials and ordinary U.S. citizens say enough."


Marija M (25)
Tuesday December 5, 2017, 8:06 am
How very sad, poor Palestinians. Tks Jess.

Nita L (127)
Tuesday December 5, 2017, 11:20 pm
Thank you Jess. I shared the info on twitter. Thank you Darren. I sent letters and shared on twitter.

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Wednesday December 6, 2017, 4:03 pm

Ian Crory (31)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 9:24 am

fly bird (26)
Saturday December 9, 2017, 5:19 am
Any news, updates on Susiya, would be appreciated.
Thank you

SylvieBusy A (190)
Sunday December 10, 2017, 3:34 am
Thank you for sharing.

fly bird (26)
Sunday December 10, 2017, 5:12 am
While the Trump administration has created an uproar with the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, what is being done, 'quietly', in Susiya??

Is this not the way of the duplicitous Israeli state, to attack while attention is focused elsewhere - as it is doing in Gaza, now, bombing the tiny enclave...

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Sunday December 10, 2017, 5:52 am
It's Only About Them: U.S. Jews' Outrage on the Wall, Silence on the Occupation Is Obscene.

When Gaza was left to choke, when the occupation hit 50, when Bibi and Trump were having a lovefest, the only issue American Jewish leaders made a scene about was egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall

In the first week of November last year, when my newsfeed was flooded with images of Reform and Conservative leaders being confronted by the Israeli policemen at the Western Wall plaza, I felt angry and confused.

For years, I had been an avid cheerleader of Women of the Wall. Learning about the ways that non-Orthodox forms of Judaism are disenfranchised by the Jewish state was one of many moments where I began to understand that Israel is not actually a state for all of its citizens.

But it seemed to me both that it was more important those leaders be at home, one week before such a fateful U.S. election, and that their continued refusal to link the Western Wall struggle to other inequalities in Israel was deeply misguided.

Six months later, this controversy has escalated, leading those Reform and Conservative leaders to cancel a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu in protest of his abandonment of a deal that promised space for egalitarian worship at the Wall.

Commentators have already made compelling points about the absurdity of U.S. Jews’ surprise at the turn of events. Noam Sheizaf pointed out (U.S. Jews can’t expect Israel to be liberal only where they want it to) the community’s prime mistake: to assume that their interests can be separated from Israeli politics "and therefore shielded from the nativist and xenophobic ideological trends" now dominating Israel. Chemi Shalev wrote (Netanyahu to American Jews: Drop Dead) that U.S. Jews "know all too well that Netanyahu is the greatest enemy of their cherished ideals of pluralism and equality and liberal values...[which they betray] when they support a government they would find abhorrent under any other circumstances."

From the Israeli perspective, this protest is absurd. It reinforces the image that American Jews come to Israel to experience it as our personal playground but not to be in genuine solidarity with the real-life issues facing most of the people who actually live here.

As an American Jew, and a constituent of these leaders, I find it obscene that that Rabbis Rick Jacobs and Julie Schoenfeld are continuing to put this fight at the forefront of their agenda. Today our world is different than it was six months ago, and our movements’ inability to respond to those changes is a grave moral failure.

It is obscene that on the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation, as a quarter of a million West Bank Palestinians were denied entry to Jerusalem to pray and to celebrate during Ramadan, and as Palestinians in Gaza observed their fast and celebrations in the dark, with barely enough clean drinking water or electricity to survive, American Jewish leaders are upset that they can't just drop in for a visit and close a backroom deal with the prime minister.

Yes, some might roll their eyes at this. Why does everything have to be about the occupation? What about the challenge that this is, at its core, about fighting for a legitimate voice for non-Orthodox Jews in Israel, for pluralism and liberal values?

For me, every day that diaspora Jews come to Israel to paint ourselves as victims of the Jewish state while actively aiding and supporting that same state’s denial of millions of Palestinians’ rights, our cause is hypocritical. Every day that we demand a voice for ourselves as non-citizens, while remaining silent as Israel controls the lives of millions of non-citizens against their will, we are participating in a nationalist project that presupposes we Jews deserve more privileges than anyone else who lives here.

Every time that a broken promise at the Western Wall is a cause for diaspora escalation, while another round of settlement expansion, or another humanitarian cut from the people of Gaza is a cause for diaspora silence, we are actively supporting the occupation and the daily violence against Palestinians that it causes.

Even away from the the occupation, aren’t there enough burning causes back at home where this level of righteous anger would be more fittingly applied? White supremacists in the White House, a national rise in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, the spiteful health care bill Trump is trying to roll out?

Why are we non-Orthodox Jews only fighting for ourselves, at precisely the point where our energy and passion are so obviously, so desperately needed elsewhere?

Rick Jacobs recently tweeted: "we feel that at this moment after over 4 years of negotiations it is not clear that the current Israeli government honors its agreements." As if this is the one agreement this government has chosen not to honor in the last four years. The detachment from reality is embarrassing.

I cannot count the number of times over the years that I have been told by Jewish establishment leaders that if anti-occupation activists would just use more polite tones and tactics we could finally change things. Now those same American Jewish leaders have found out for themselves how far "behaving nicely"’ gets them with Israel’s government. We already knew that only if we disrupt business as usual can we create real, sustained, public pressure to end the crisis of ongoing American Jewish support for the occupation.

And when I see my community leaders boycotting a meeting with Netanyahu threatening the future stability of their relationship, I understand that it is not about our tactics. Their problem is with our issue. Our issue: the millions of Palestinians dispossessed by the state, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, our Israeli peers who are fighting to resist the spreading fascism in their country, who are persecuted as traitors.

But our communal leaders couldn't be bothered to confront Israel’s security forces or cancel a dinner with Netanyahu over any of that. The only dirty laundry they are willing to air is the one that smells like their own victimhood.

For a long time, I held my breath, hoping, praying that maybe the Western Wall escalation would be an opening for liberal American Jews to join the fight for freedom and dignity for all the people in Israel and Palestine. That expectation has been crudely exposed as magical thinking

So the next time an American Jewish establishment leader criticizes anti-occupation groups for refusing to meet them behind closed doors, we will remind them of this moment. This summer, when Gaza was left to choke on 2.5 hours of daily electricity, when the occupation hit 50 years, when 22 million Americans were facing the loss of their healthcare, when Bibi and Trump were having a love fest, when the one thing American Jewish leaders made a scene about was egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.

We will remind them that just like they did, we are bringing the crisis to the American Jewish public, hoping it will force a change.

And we will tell them, if and when they decide to open their eyes and their hearts to the vibrant and diverse communities, Palestinian, refugee, worker, women, queer, all fighting for their full and equal place at home in the U.S., and in Israel, that there is still room for them to join us. We have a long fight ahead of us all.

Simone Zimmerman is an organizer and activist from Los Angeles and a founding leader of IfNotNow, a movement to end the American Jewish community’s support for the occupation. Twitter: @simonerzim

fly bird (26)
Sunday December 10, 2017, 1:47 pm
SUSIYA is still standing - UPDATE to follow


fly bird (26)
Sunday December 10, 2017, 11:14 pm
A very short extension is in effect.
Darren hyperlinked action sites, above comment box.

PLEASE contact your senators and representatives, now, if you have not done so.

Thank you!

URGENT: Please take action.


fly bird (26)
Monday December 11, 2017, 3:35 pm
4,290 supporters. let's get to 5,000.

Save Our Village from Israeli Bulldozers

As I write this letter, our village, Susiya, located in the South Hebron Hills of the occupied West Bank of Palestine, is under immediate threat of demolition. The only way to stop the demolition is through international pressure.


On 22 November 2017 the Israeli State Attorney’s Office announced that within 15 days they plan to demolish 20 buildings, which represent one-fifth of our village. This will violate the fundamental human rights of around 100 villagers, half of them children. The 20 buildings are our homes and also provide shelter for our animals. The timing of the demolition - in the middle of winter - could not be more devastating. It will leave us vulnerable and exposed to freezing rain and harsh winds. Our health clinic which provides health services for around 500 people from our own and surrounding communities, is among the buildings they plan to demolish. The Israeli authorities also want to demolish our village council which provides services for 350 local residents.

UPDATE: On 5 December 2017 the Israeli State Attorney’s office announced that the state plans to demolish approximately 40% of the structures in the village of Susiya. The state’s notification reveals that the number of buildings slated for demolition suddenly doubled, without prior warning and contrary to the state’s previous commitments. This means that, where previously 20% of the structures were facing imminent demolition, now 40% of structures in the village – including the only school of the village and solar panels which are the only source of electricity – are facing immediate demolition. The school and the solar panels were built with European funding.

In 2012 we commissioned a master plan for our village, which was rejected several times by the Israeli authorities. The rejection prevents us from building houses together with the necessary infrastructure such as running water, electricity and paved roads to create a sustainable life in our village. It leaves us no choice but to remain on our land living in tents, under very difficult conditions, forbidden from building or repairing anything, in order to protect our land from the threat of annexation by the surrounding settlements. In the Israeli government’s recent response it was agreed to examine the legal principle of the planning issue. Yet despite the potential to develop a master plan for the village, the government states that it will demolish the 20 buildings immediately. And as we know from past experience, if they come to demolish once, nothing will prevent them coming back and trying to demolish the rest of our village.

The plan to demolish Susiya is a part of an extensive campaign of demolitions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Last year saw the largest number of demolitions in over a decade. This reality has nothing to do with democracy or the rule of law. Instead, the Israeli government has repeatedly violated its obligations to us as protected persons living under occupation. In accordance with international law, Israel has an obligation to provide for the needs of the local protected population, an obligation it openly shirks. Furthermore, it will be a war crime if the Israeli government forcefully displaces our village.

We therefore demand:

-No forced demolition of our village, Susiya
-The right to self-determination over the natural development of our village
-Acceptance of our master plan and thereby the planning and building of concrete houses and the necessary infrastructure

The Village Council of Susiya appeals to the international community to stand with us in all possible ways in the face of enforced expulsion by the Israeli state.

Nasser Nawajaa, Susiya Village Council spokesperson

With the support of voices of the international community


Grahame Morris MP, Chair, Labour Friends of Palestine & Middle East
Richard Burden MP, Labour Party
Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party
Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader, Green Party
Paul Maskey MP, Sinn Féin
Elisha McCallion MP, Sinn Féin
Mickey Brady MP, Sinn Féin
Chris Hazzard MP, Sinn Féin
Barry McElduff MP, Sinn Féin
Francie Molloy MP, Sinn Féin
Michelle Gildernew MP, Sinn Féin
Tommy Sheppard MP, Scottish National Party
Stewart Hosie MP, Scottish National Party
Philippa Whitford MP, Scottish National Party
Lord Norman Warner, Crossbench
Bob Doris MSP, Scottish National Party
Ben McPherson MSP, Scottish National Party
Ruth Maguire MSP, Scottish National Party
Sandra White MSP, Scottish National Party
James Dornan MSP, Scottish National Party
Clare Haughey MSP, Scottish National Party
Ivan McKee MSP, Scottish National Party
Bill Kidd MSP, Scottish National Party
Pauline McNeill MSP, Scottish Labour Party
Claudia Beamish MSP, Scottish Labour Party
John Finnie MSP, Scottish Green Party
Rona MacKay MSP, Scottish Green Party
Molly Scott Cato MEP, Green Party (UK)
Keith Taylor MEP, UK Green Party (UK)
Jude Kirton-Darling, MEP, Labour Party (UK)
Luisa Morgantini former MEP, Italy
Ivo Vajgl MEP, Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia


Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union
Bert Schouwenburg, International Officer, GMB
Mick Cash, General Secretary, RMT
Sally Hunt, General Secretary, UCU
Matt Wrack, General Secretary, FBU
Mick Whelan, General Secretary, ASLEF
Lindsey German, Convenor, Stop the War Coalition
Hugh Lanning, Chair, and Ben Jamal, Director, Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Dr. Omer El Hamdoon, President of The Muslim Association of Britain
Rev Chris Rose, Director, Amos Trust
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine
Justice for Palestinians, Leamington Spa
Sara Apps, Director, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK
Friends of Sabeel
Kairos Britain


Adam Hanieh, SOAS
Laleh Khalili, SOAS
Rafeef Ziadah, SOAS
Bill Bowring, Birkbeck
Eyal Weizman, Goldsmiths
Ilan Pappé, Exeter
Judith Butler, Berkeley University of California
Mahmood Mamdani, Columbia University
Sara Ahmed, independent scholar and feminist writer
Aamer Anwar, Rector of Glasgow University and Human Rights Lawyer
Brian Eno, Musician, and campaigner
Ken Loach, Director
John Rees, Broadcaster, and writer


Addameer, Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association
Agricultural Development Association
Arab Center for Agricultural Development
Alrowwad, Cultural and Arts Society
Arab Agronomists Association
Asala, Palestinian Businesswomen's Association
Bisan Center for Research and Development
Burj Al-luqluq, Social Center Society
Defense for Children International
Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine
Hawwa, Society for Culture and Arts
Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute
Health Work Committees Palestine
Legal Aid and Human Rights Center
Land Research Center
Ma’an Development Center
Mothers School Society
Najdeh Association
Popular Art Center
The Palestinian Farmers' Union
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Palestinian Union of Health Care Committees
Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development
Rural Women’s Development Society
Society of St. Yves
Palestinian Youth Union
Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling

European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Robert Soeterik, Chair, Netherlands Palestine Committee
Jeff Halper, Co-Founder, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Finland
Diensten Onderzoek Centrum Palestina, Netherlands
ViaVelo Palestina, Belgium
Plateforme Watermael-Boitsfort Palestine, Belgium
Asian Peasant Coalition (representing 43 member organisations across 11 Asian countries)
Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (Peasant Movement of the Philippines)
Pagkakaisa para sa Tunay na Repormang Agraryo (Unity for Genuine Agrarian Reform), Philippines
Tanggol Magsasaka (Peasant Network for Land, Justice and Human Rights), Philippines
Resistance and Solidarity against Agrochemical TNCs (RESIST), Philippines
The Association of Norwegian NGOs for Palestine
Palestina Solidariteit
The Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden
Belgian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Netherlands Palestine Committee
BDS BerlinCheckpoint Singers, Brussels
Palestina Solidariteit vzw, Belgium
Stefano Casi, Vice President, Assopace Palestina, Italy

fly bird (26)
Monday December 11, 2017, 6:50 pm
Signatures needed. Save Our Village from Israeli Bulldozers /STOP THE DEMOLITION OF SUSIYA.
4,290 supporters. let's get to 5,000.

Save Our Village from Israeli Bulldozers

fly bird (26)
Monday December 18, 2017, 3:09 pm
Joseph Weitz, head of the Jewish Agency's Colonization Department.

From Israel: an Apartheid State by Uri Davis, p.5:

"Everybody has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours... Everything we don't grab will go to them."

Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, "Complete Diaries," June 12, 1895 entry.:

"Spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment... Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly."

David Ben Gurion, quoted in The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann, Weidenfeld and Nicolson,
1978, p. 99:

"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population."

Michael Ben-Yair, Attorney General of Israel, 1993-1996 (in Ha'aretz):

"The Intifada is the Palestinian's people's war of national liberation. We [Israel] enthusiastically chose to become a colonialist society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the Occupied Territories, engaging in theft and funding justification for all these activities.. we [Israel] established an apartheid regime."

Some of the recorded statements are too odious and offensive to post. Shame!
The hope, if there is still any, lies in new leaders, righteous people, and rabbis, that do and will stand up to Israel's illegal actions and heinous racist persecutions of Palestinians, lying, while taking, by force, farms, ancestral homes, residences, natural resources that belong to Palestinians, not Israel.

The phony victim game must be stopped.

Free Palestine! Save Gaza!
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