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Boston: Remember and Resist - 70 Years of Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Society & Culture  (tags: Commemoration of al-Nakba 2018, Palestinian himeland, Nakba Day 2018, Nakba-dispossession, Nakba denial, Nakba-the catastrophe, Nakba Day, world, zionism-ethnic cleansing of Palestine,, oPT, zionism, apartheid, racism, Human Rights, Boston, MA )

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Palestinians and their allies are marking 70 years of Nakba, or the ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1948, with an exhibit and solemn procession showcasing the nature of Israels ongoing crimes


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Friday May 11, 2018, 11:43 pm
Boston: Remember and Resist – 70 Years of Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine.

Saturday, 12 May
11:30 am – 2 pm
Copley Square
Boston, MA

Palestinians and their allies are marking 70 years of Nakba, or the ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1948, with an exhibit and solemn procession showcasing the nature of Israel’s ongoing crimes.

The schedule is as follows:

11:30 – Exhibit and Museum in Copley Square (Boston)
12:30 – Solemn Procession Commemorating the March of Return through Downtown Crossing
1:00 – Speak-out at Park Street Station

Palestinians and their allies in Boston are marking the 70th commemoration of the Nakba – the catastrophic Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine. In 1948, almost a million Palestinians were violently dispossessed of their homes and land by Zionist settler colonialists. The emerging Israeli state stripped Palestinians of their possessions and livelihood. Many Palestinians were expelled or fled to neighboring areas and have struggled to survive and return ever since. Those who managed to stay in their homes were subjected to Israeli rule and treated as second-class citizens.

Seventy years later, the Nakba continues. Palestinians in Gaza live in the world’s largest open-air prison without sufficient access to water, healthcare, electricity, movement, and work. Those in the West Bank confront highly-oppressive Israeli occupying forces and hostile settler populations daily. Palestinians internally and externally displaced continue to struggle with life in refugee camps and have been violently targeted and uprooted again. Palestinians in Jerusalem have continued to experience “legalized cleansing” – they have no legal status and are under constant threat of home demolition; those living inside 1948 borders with Israeli citizenship are treated as less than second-class citizens. Bedouin Palestinians are under constant threat of being uprooted; and those in the diaspora have often struggled to return home and to raise their voices under fear of reprisal.

As Israelis celebrate, for the seventieth time, the anniversary of their “independence” from their settler colonial sponsor, Palestinians mark their forced expulsion and loss of their livelihood and homeland.

For example, recent events in Gaza only serve to emphasize the ongoing cleansing and conquest of Palestine. In Gaza, the Great March of Return, a peaceful encampment and weekly protests along the border with Israel, has been met with Israeli snipers firing live ammunition, rubber bullets and gas at unarmed protesters, journalists and children and has resulted in the death of over 40 Gazans and injuries to hundreds more. Rising tensions in the West Bank due to heightened Israel military pressure on places like Nabi Saleh – the home of Ahed Tamimi – further exemplifies Israel’s ongoing cleansing, apartheid, and oppression.

The undersigned groups have thus united and organized “Remembering and Resisting the 70 years of Ongoing Nakba” to draw the attention of Bostonians to the Palestinian experience of the Nakba. The exhibit will be displayed on Saturday, May 12 at Copley Square beginning at 11:30 AM. This will be followed by a Solemn Procession to commemorate the March of Return at 12:30 through Downtown Crossing and at a Speak-Out at Park Street Station at 1:00 PM. Our goal is to draw attention to the many and varied ways in which Palestinians have encountered and continue to resist the ongoing Nakba, and the ways in which Israel has ensured its legacy for generations.

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Friday May 11, 2018, 11:45 pm
14 May, Prague: Protest against US Embassy Move, 70 Years of Nakba, Killings in Gaza.

Monday, 14 May
6:00 pm
Václavské námestí
Prague, Czech Republic

The US President is fulfilling his promises to his campaign supporters, without regard for international law or relations. On 14 May, the US administration will commit another flagrant violation of international law, moving its embassy to occupied Jerusalem. This day also marks the Palestinian commemoration of the 70th anniversary of their expulsion, when the vast majority of the Palestinian indigenous population was driven from their homes in ethnic cleansing. The expulsion of Palestinians from Jerusalem and their occupied land did not end 70 years ago but continues today.

For 11 years, Gaza has faced a devastating siege without sufficient medicine, electricity or food. People are shot not only in protests, but even when they go to farm their land or fish in the sea.

This is why people around the world are protesting against the Israeli-American impunity for war criminals and standing in solidarity with occupied and colonized Palestine and the Palestinian people. Let’s join them!

Americký prezident plní sliby svých sponzoru, pricemž ho nezajímají mezinárodní vztahy ani právo. 14. kvetna se tak americká administrativa dopustí dalšího flagrantního porušení mezinárodního práva a presune svou ambasádu do okupovaného Jeruzaléma. V této chvíli si navíc Palestinci budou pripomínat 70. výrocí jejich vyhnání, kdy sionisté etnickou cistkou plánu Dalet vyhnali více než polovinu puvodního obyvatelstva Palestiny. Vyhánení Palestincu z Jeruzaléma a okupovaných území však neskoncilo pred 70ti lety, ale pokracuje dodnes.
Gaza 11tým rokem celí devastující blokáde, kdy není dostatek základních potravin, léku ci elektriny. Lidé jsou tu stríleni nejen pri protestech, ale i když vyjdou na pole ci vyjedou na more.
Proto lidé po celém svete organizují protesty proti izraelsko-americké politice beztrestnosti válecných zlocincu a solidární shromáždení na podporu okupované a kolonizované Palestiny. Pridejme se k nim!

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Friday May 11, 2018, 11:46 pm
Events for May 2018

Jonathan Harper (0)
Saturday May 12, 2018, 12:02 am

Colleen L (3)
Saturday May 12, 2018, 2:24 pm
I continue to pray for peace. Thanks Fly

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Saturday May 12, 2018, 6:13 pm
Hold Israel Accountable for Gaza Land Day Killings. (Video 2:19)
Apr 6, 2018

Israeli snipers used live fire on Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza on Friday, March 30, 2018, killing at least 18 and injuring more than 1,400.

It is past time to end Israel’s impunity to using excessive force against Palestinians.

Email your Members of Congress now to demand the US open an investigation into Israel’s unlawful killing of Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza:

US Must Hold Israel Accountable for Gaza Land Day Massacre.

On March 30, 2018, the Israeli military met unarmed Palestinian protesters participating in the Great Return March with lethal and excessive force.

Israeli snipers killed at least 18 Palestinians and injured more than 1,400 with live fire, actions that Human Rights Watch are calling "unlawful." Since then, Israel has continued to shoot at unarmed protesters, killing a total of 41 Palestinians, including at least three children and a journalist.

Israel is expecting to act with impunity – again. But you can help hold it accountable for its excessive use of force against Palestinian demonstrators.

Israel is the largest recipient of US military aid, and several US laws require the imposition of sanctions against a government which uses US military aid to commit human rights abuses.

Contact your Members of Congress today and demand an investigation to hold Israel accountable for violating these laws.

Great Return March.


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Sunday May 13, 2018, 9:42 pm
Events for May 14, 2018

Philadelphia: Palestinian Great March of Return – Solidarity Rally

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: Jerusalem is Palestinian! Rally to end 70 years of colonialism

Montreal: Nakba 70 Action

Milwaukee: Nakba70 Rally and March

Prague: Protest against US Embassy Move, 70 Years of Nakba, Killings in Gaza

Athens: Solidarity with Palestinians against Israeli Occupation

London: Protest at the US Embassy for #Nakba70 and Right of Return

Detroit: Nakba Day – Jerusalem is (still) the capital of Palestine!

Berlin: 70 Years of Nakba

Events for 15 May 2018

Window Rock: Nakba: Diné Solidarity with Great Return March

Cape Town: National Protest for the #GreatReturnMarch and Against Israeli Apartheid

Vancouver: Mark Nakba70 – End Canadian Complicity

Johannesburg: Palestine Picket at the US Consulate

Copenhagen: Nakba=Catastrophe

Winnipeg: Al-Nakba 70 – Hope Lives in Remembrance

15 May, Odense: Commemoration of al-Nakba

Aalborg: We will never forget al-Nakba!

Washington DC: 70 Years too Long – Nakba Vigil and Storytelling

Oslo: Marking the Nakba, 70 Years of Exile

Helsinki: Protest 70 Years of Nakba

Gothenburg: Demonstration for Palestine

Stockholm: 70 years of displacement – Rally for a Free Palestine

London: Nakba Candlelight Vigil 1948-2018

Athens: 70 Years of Nakba, the struggle continues until the liberation of Palestine

Berlin: 70 Years of Nakba – Solidarity Demonstration for Palestine

Sydney: Protest for Palestine – 70 Years of Nakba

Malmo: Film and Conversation – Al Nakba, 70 Years of Exile

Manchester: Solidarity with Student Prisoners! Resist political detention!

Montevideo: 70 Years of Al-Nakba, 70 Years of Resistance

Sevilla: Nakba – 70 years of the occupation of Palestine

Valladolid: Rally to commemorate Al-Nakba

Gothenburg: Demonstration for Palestine

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Sunday May 13, 2018, 11:21 pm
Haaretz: Gaza Doctors: Israeli Fire at Border Protests Causing Wounds Not Seen Since 2014 War

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Tuesday May 15, 2018, 12:26 am
“Horrific, unprecedented”: Israel massacres almost 60 Palestinians in Gaza. (PODCAST)
14 May 2018

A report from the Great March of Return, after Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza; excerpts of talks by Ghada Karmi, Joseph Massad, Ilan Pappe and Salman Abu Sitta.

Read more here:…stinians-gaza

(Photo: Palestinian protesters demand their rights during the Great March of Return, Rafah, Gaza Strip, 14 May. Photo by Mahmoud Bassam/APA Images)

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Wednesday May 16, 2018, 11:13 am
UK: Jews deliver message of condemnation to Israel

In a message to world leaders, international organization of Orthodox Jews against Zionism reiterates support for Palestine.



The anti-Zionist Neturei Karta organization has delivered a message of support and solidarity to Palestine as well as one of criticism and condemnation to Israel over its treatment of Palestinian civilians.

In a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Monday evening, Elahanan Beck, the chief rabbi of Neturei Karta, said “we have to realize and understand -- helping the state of Israel is not in the favor of Jewish people”.

“The Zionists say they want to make a safe haven for Jewish people, they want to help Jews… but this is untrue. The most dangerous place today for Jewish people -- not to speak for Palestinians, but even for Jews -- is in the state of Israel,” Beck said.

Praising Erdogan for withdrawing Turkey’s ambassador to Israel after the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Beck said: “If you want to help the Jewish people, follow the example of what the Turkish president did: withdraw your ambassador from there and come out in the clear”.

Tensions have risen in the region after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December and ordered the opening of a new U.S. embassy in the disputed and occupied city, a decision that has earned him global criticism and has broken many agreements regarding Jerusalem’s status.

At least 62 Palestinian demonstrators on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel who were protesting the embassy’s inauguration were killed Monday by the Israeli Defense Forces.

The killings have sparked a global outcry, with many world leaders condemning Israel, which claimed it was in self-defense.

“We are against the state of Israel. We are against occupiers, and we have to bring peace to the region,” Beck added.

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Tuesday May 22, 2018, 7:03 am
Things have continued, to this day, sadly!

Born in Deir Yassin (TRAILER) 3:02

Born in Deir Yassin, Neta Shoshani, Israel, 2016

One of the most important documentaries shown at the November 2017 edition of The Other Israel Film Festival held by the Manhattan JCC [Jewish Community Center] was Born in Deir Yassin by Neta Shoshani. She introduces her production with text stating the essentials:

April 1948: The Jewish state and army are soon to be established in Palestine. The underground paramilitary organizations – the liberal “Haganah” and the radical “Irgun” and “Lahi” are still in conflict over the identity of the new nation. “Irgun” and “Lahi” attack and conquer the Arab village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem. Rumors of a massacre spread, causing a mass exodus of Arabs from all over the country. What happened in Deir Yassin is controversial to this day. Since 1951, on the streets of Deir Yassin, stands the “Kfar Shaul” government Mental Health Hospital.

Neta Shoshani’s documentary elucidates the 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin with archival material and numerous interviews with surviving senior members of the paramilitary organizations who participated or witnessed the killing. Jewish authorities, including Haganah, the Chief Rabbinate, and David Ben-Gurion, had condemned the attack. The careful reconstruction of the event is accompanied by a parallel narration, the story of a Hanna Nissan who spent her life in the Yassin mental hospital built in 1951 on the ruins of Yassin. Her adult son Dror, who was born and raised in the hospital, and an East Jerusalem orphanage, visits Yassin and the hospital. He is filmed quoting from a copy of his mother’s file given to him by the hospital. It contained her medical records, letters and correspondence. None of the Jewish participants of the massacre disputed that it took place though accounts differed in detail such as the number of civilians from the village who were killed, the survivors, the motivation for the attack, and presence of armed Arab men among the villagers. Lehi member Moshe Edelstein was horrified by the images of blown up women and children. According to Ami Isseroff, members of a Jerusalem youth group were ordered to bury remaining corpses because Irgun and Lahi members refused to complete the cleanup. They were 17 years old and not prepared for the massacre. Yehoshua Zettler, Lehi Commander of Jerusalem, acknowledged that he ordered the destruction of Deir Yassin. Uri Yankovski from the Haganah who took photos admitted that “they did a dirty job” but emphasized that “from a practical point of view Deir Yassin helped to reach our objectives”. The commander of the Irgun group, Ben Zion Cohen expressed pride in his role at Yassin “If there would have been more Deir Yassins not one Arab would be left in the land of Israel”. The paramilitary combatants carrying out the attack apparently had no military training or information about Deir Yassin. Ben Zion Cohen reports initiating the attack after he was shot in the leg by a sniper. Combatants were ordered by Cohen to destroy everything, to blow up the houses one by one with the 28 bombs they had and throw grenades into the houses knowing that there were children and women inside.

Dror’s mother pleads in a voice over with texts taken from her clinical files, that her son should not visit Yassin since it is an evil place and states that she named him Dror meaning freedom. She was diagnosed with signs of psychosis but no awareness of the illness. When the hospital staff advised her to have an abortion she refused, believing that having a child would balance her life. After her young son was taken from her, she escaped from the hospital and was found wandering the street medicated. Placed in a closed ward she was diagnosed as suffering from psychosis and amnesia. A 1967 report about Dror notes the rich fantasy life of the six year old child, his requests to see his mother, and suggests that he be given up for adoption. After some time in an East Jerusalem orphanage he became a member of a kibbutz and began exchanging letters with his mother. Grown up he succeeded in visiting her at the Kfar Shaud mental hospital. By that time his mother’s latest diagnosis stated that...” patient has paranoid hallucinations hearing voices warning her of murder…she is kept in isolation [and] attempts to heal her failed”.

As ordered by Cohen, the Irgun went from house to house leaving no survivor behind though a girl about 6 years old was found alive by Uri Yankowski. Political leaders ordered that the massacre be covered up but also requested photos be taken. Meir Pa’il from the Haganah information service standing next to the photographer observed men, women and children lined up against a wall and shot. There was pressure to act because UN representatives were expected to show up. Meir did not see photos or ask questions assuming Zionists did not want them to be seen “If Jews commit a massacre it is an atrocity” Uri Yankovski never saw the pictures he took either but recalled clearly what he observed. Yehoshua Zettler reported that some survivors were trucked to Jerusalem. Those refusing to be moved were told that they would be shot. It took two days to clean the site and get rid of the bodies. 30 half burnt corpses were stored in one room, a pile of burnt corpses was found at the entrance of the village. The cleanup crew included 17-year-old boys from the Haganah youth battalion. Sara Ben-Or from the youth group identified her post traumatic stress disorder as the consequence of being exposed as a young woman to the killed villagers and her discovery of a beheaded woman sitting on a chair. Most of the more than 100 victims were women, children and old men. When queried by Shoshani about the impact of their action which turned Arabs into refugees and the Israelis into occupiers, her respondents indicated that they were not aware of it but stressed that they failed to explain what happened.

Her attempt to view the photos from the massacre failed because IDF argued that “[it] cannot release photos because it may be detrimental to foreign relations”. There is no remedy apart from a Supreme Court appeal. When she again gets in touch with some former members of the para-military organizations involved in the Deir Yassin massacre who she had interviewed for the documentary they refuse to confirm their statements. All had received calls ordering them to be silent. This order was bizarre because their on the record statements were an important part of the documentary and there were apparently no attempts to prevent their use in the documentary. As her last remedy Shoshani filed a request with the Supreme Court to open the files. Her demand to release classified documents and photos of the 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin was denied in 2016 by three judges from Israel’s Supreme Court invoking the following reason:

The problems entailed is Israel’s foreign relations related to the events of 1948 have not been solved and the conflict has not ended yet. Therefore, we are convinced that publishing the documentation and photographs is liable to harm Israel’s foreign relations. We are particularly worried about the harsh visual effect. This effect is present in certain photos in the archive. Therefore, we find no grounds to intervene at this time.
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