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VIDEO: Arms Manufacturers Use IsraelâEUR(TM)s Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

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As the Israeli military mows down unarmed Palestinian protesters, arms trade expert Andrew Feinstein explains how weapons companies use Gaza as a laboratory to test new products and rake in profits


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fly bird (26)
Sunday May 20, 2018, 6:48 pm
Published on May 19, 2018

As the Israeli military mows down unarmed Palestinian protesters, arms trade expert Andrew Feinstein explains how weapons companies use Gaza as a laboratory to test new products and rake in profits

fly bird (26)
Sunday May 20, 2018, 7:08 pm

Arms Manufacturers Use Israel’s Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

May 20, 2018
Weapons Corporations Use Israel's Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

As the Israeli military mows down unarmed Palestinian protesters, arms trade expert Andrew Feinstein explains how weapons companies use Gaza as a laboratory to test new products and rake in profits

Story Transcript

BEN NORTON: It’s The Real News, I’m Ben Norton. I’m joined by Andrew Feinstein, who is a leading expert on the arms industry. He’s the executive director of Corruption Watch UK, and the author of the book The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, which was recently made into a film. Andrew is also a former Member of Parliament for the ANC in South Africa. Thanks for joining us, Andrew.

ANDREW FEINSTEIN: Great to be with you.

BEN NORTON: Today we’re going to be discussing the role of Israel in the US arms industry, and specifically the protests in Gaza. For the past six weeks now, protesters inside Gaza have been leading non-violent demonstrations and being gunned down en masse. There have been large massacres of unarmed protesters by Israel, and in fact, on Monday, dozens more Palestinians were killed. Thousands have been shot with live ammunition, including some experimental forms of munitions used by the Israeli military against unarmed peaceful protesters inside Gaza. How is this also related to Israel’s role in the U.S. and global arms trade?

ANDREW FEINSTEIN: So, a crucial component of the arms trade, and growing component- perhaps the fastest growing there is- is the broad area of homeland security, and of surveillance and repression equipment. By Israel attacking what are effectively, by all accounts, peaceful protesters- although, of course, Israel will reflect on them as something very different to that- Israel will then use that information, particularly with non-democratic autocratic regimes around the world- the regimes of Saudi Arabia, of the United Arab Emirates, various Arab countries of similar political systems- and they will say to them, “We have this problem on a daily basis, look how we are addressing it.”

So, we have these protests which are a threat to Israel’s national security- which in itself, is a very questionable point. But that’s how they would argue it. And they would then continue the argument that, “Look how we deal with this through our surveillance equipment, our equipment of ongoing repression of the occupied territories, we know exactly what the Palestinians are planning and when they’re going to plan it. We know who the ringleaders are. And this is how we deal with it, with not just brute force but also the competitive advantage that our technology gives us.”.

And they will speak to a variety of weaponry that is actually illegal to be used in the world. But Israel is signatory to very few of those multilateral agreements, such as the treaty to ban cluster munitions. So, we have seen, time after time, the use of cluster munitions, the use of various chemical weapons in the occupied territories by Israel, and the marketing of these weapons.

So, how does this affect the United States of America? First of all, because of the relationship between the U.S. government and the Israeli government, between U.S. Defense contractors and Israeli defense contractors- many of whom have a very big state component to their composition- it is possible to be testing what are effectively illegal forms of ammunition and weaponry in Israel’s activities. And second of all, it ensures that the United States can use similar marketing devices to the Israelis in selling their defense sector as a key component of the growing homeland security surveillance and repression industry. So, that is sort of the the marketing, the economic dimension.

I should also mention that there is a very important political dimension to all of this, as well. Now, the reality of the arms trade is that it’s by far the most corrupt trade in the world. A gentleman by the name of Joe Roeber, at Transparency International at the time, calculated that the arms trade is responsible for around forty percent of all corruption in world trade. And one of the reasons for this is the very close relationships between defense contractors and governments- governments both in their myriad state forms, but also in the form of political parties, and individual politicians.

And we have seen massive amounts of money flow into political campaigning across the political divides in the United States of America and in Israel. It’s most apparent in the U.S., where one can actually track the vast amounts of money that are given to individual candidates and to political parties, and the projects that those individual politicians get back for those defense contractors in their home states or districts.

So, the other thing that the symbiotic relationship with Israel does, is it keeps this flow of money going constantly, so that everybody who benefits from the defense sector- what Lawrence Wilkerson refers to as the “national security elite” globally- that the flow of money continues to flow amongst the defense contractors, the individual executives, not just amongst political parties, but also amongst individual politicians and individual campaigns. And this really underpins both the American and the Israeli political systems. So, it’s another reason why the relationship between the two is so incredibly intertwined.

BEN NORTON: Yeah, and on that subject numerous Gulf regimes, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, also expressed joy and support in response to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal. As you show in your book and in your movie, these Gulf monarchies are also major customers for U.S. weapons. They have bought billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment. Can you comment on the relationship of these Gulf monarchies to the Iran deal?

ANDREW FEINSTEIN: Saudi Arabia, in particular- to a lesser extent, the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and of course Israel, have been calling on the U.S. government to attack Iran. Certainly, most of the two decades, almost, that I’ve been working in this area. And the reason for that is really about control of the Middle East region. And here the issue is, the only real threat to a Saudi-Israel-U.S. access in the region is Iran. Now, President Obama saw the way of addressing that as coming to this nuclear peace deal with Iran, making Iran more of a trading partner by doing away with the sanctions and ensuring that there was no potential for Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

But to Saudi and Israel, in particular, as well as some other countries of the region, this was absolute anathema, because this meant that Iran could also become an economic, not just a political power in the region. And this affected their hegemony in the region, just as it affects American hegemony in the region. So, they have a common political agenda. But there is another irony of the situation, and that is that Saudi Arabia, in particular, and the states of the UAE, to some extent as well, are not only the second biggest purchasers of weaponry in the world behind the United States of America- so, an absolutely crucial marketplace to the companies and to their political sponsors.

But as crucially, Saudi Arabia in particular, through its Wahhabi ideology, through its clandestine support for various groups that are described by the United States of America as Islamist groups or Islamic extremist groups, Saudi Arabia is actually a part of the national security problem that our political leaders are arguing we need to keep defense budgets at seven hundred billion dollars plus a year in order to thwart. So, we are actually supporting, with weaponry and with regional political support, some of those who are ultimately undermining our own national security.

And this is the extraordinary irony of the role of the arms trade in the world at the moment. And the way in which it interacts with geopolitics is that we claim that these industries are an essential part of our national security, that they are essential to our own personal defense. But at the same time, by our alliances with countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, we’re actually selling weaponry to countries who, it’s being shown, have supported some of the violence that we are trying to get rid of in the world.

BEN NORTON: Well, we’ll have to end our conversation there. I was joined by Andrew Feinstein who is the executive director of Corruption Watch UK and the author of the book, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, which was recently made into a new film. Thanks for joining me, Andrew.

ANDREW FEINSTEIN: Thanks for having me.

BEN NORTON: Reporting for The Real News, I’m Ben Norton.

fly bird (26)
Monday May 21, 2018, 12:26 am
Toulouse: Israeli Ambassador Not Welcome!
Wednesday, 23 May
6:30 pm
2 Rue Alsace Lorraine
Toulouse, France

Stop the Israeli crimes! The Israeli ambassador is not welcome in Toulouse. Shame on those who roll out the red carpet stained with Palestinian blood.

The blood of the over 120 dead Palestinians and thousands of wounded since 30 March is not yet dry, and a gala dinner is being organized on 23 May in the salons of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse, with the participation of the Mayor of Toulouse, a vice-president of the region and, as the guest of honor, the Israeli ambassador representing a racist, colonial state that has systematically perpetrated massacres against the Palestinian people for 70 years.

This propaganda-business operation occurs when, aside from the USA and a few satellites, the entire planet – and even, lately, President Macron! – has condemned the bloody repression against unarmed demonstrators seeking their right to return to the lands from which they were dispossessed in 1948 and the lifting of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip that has lasted for nearly 11 years.

To justify the gala dinner, a conference is being organized on “Israeli innovation,” an undignified celebration at a time when Israeli companies have received nearly a half-billion dollars in European public money, when European agencies are buying Israeli drones, some of which are being tested in Gaza.

We must put an end to impunity and the Israeli occupation and apartheid regime by building our solidarity with the Palestinian people, in particular through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (the State of Israel must be sanctioned and held accountable for its crimes.) With a priority demand: no weapons from Israel, no weapons for Israel.

We salute and support the Palestinian resistance – Sumoud – and the Great Return March. Long live Palestine, liberated from the regime of Israeli oppression and apartheid!

RASSEMBLEMENT le 23 mai à 18h30
devant la CCI, 2 rue Alsace Lorraine – M° Esquirol ou Carmes

Halte aux crimes israéliens !
L’ambassadrice d’Israël n’est pas la bienvenue à Toulouse
Honte à celles et ceux qui lui déroulent un tapis
rouge du sang des

Le sang des Palestiniens – plus de 120 morts, des milliers de blessés depuis le 30 mars – n’est pas encore sec qu’un dîner de gala est organisé le 23 mai dans les salons de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Toulouse avec la participation du Maire de Toulouse, d’une vice-présidente de la région et, comme invitée « d’honneur » l’ambassadrice d’Israël représentante d’un Etat raciste et colonial auteur de massacres méthodiques du peuple Palestinien depuis 70 ans.

Cette opération de propagande-business survient alors qu’à part les USA et quelques satellites, l’ensemble de la planète (et même tardivement le Président Macron !) condamne la répression par un bain de sang des manifestants désarmés qui revendiquent depuis le 30 mars leur droit au retour sur les terres dont ils ont été dépossédés en 1948 et la levée du blocus israélien sur la bande de Gaza qui dure depuis près de 11 ans.

Pour justifier le dîner de gala est organisée une conférence sur« La valorisation de l’innovation Occitanie -Israël… ». Une collaboration indigne à l’heure où les entreprises israéliennes auraient touché près d’un demi-milliard d’argent public européen, à l’heure où des agences européennes se fournissent en drones israéliens dont certains sont testés à Gaza.

Il faut mettre fin à l’impunité, et au régime d’occupation et d’apartheid israélien, en développant notre solidarité avec le peuple palestinien, en particulier par la campagne Boycott Désinvestissement Sanctions (l’État d’Israël doit être sanctionné et rendu comptable de ses crimes). Avec pour exigence prioritaire : pas une arme d’Israël, pas une arme pour Israël.

Nous saluons et soutenons la résistance palestinienne – Soumoud – et la marche du retour. Vive la Palestine libérée du régime d’oppression et d’apartheid israélien !

2018 – Le Temps de la Palestine Toulouse

Premiers signataires : Association France Palestine Solidarité 31, Association des Palestiniens de Toulouse, Attac 31, CGT Educ’Action 31, Collectif Coup pour Coup 31, Campagne BDS Toulouse, NPA 31, PCOF 31, SUD Santé Sociaux 31, Union des EtudiantEs de Toulouse, Union Juive Française pour la Paix…

Charleroi: Rally for Gaza in Solidarity with Palestine.

Friday, 25 May
5:00 pm
On the steps of the Hotel de Ville
Charleroi, Belgium

In homage to the victims of the Great Return March

For the right of return of Palestinian refugees

For an end to the blockade on Gaza

For an end to occupation

For an end to discrimination

For the boycott of Israel

Stop the massacres! Support the Palestinian resistance!

Vendredi 25 mai, de 17 à 18 h, sur les marches de l’Hôtel de Ville de Charleroi (place Charles II )
En hommage aux victimes de la Grande Marche du Retour

-Pour le droit au retour des réfugiés palestiniens

-Pour la levée du blocus de Gaza

-Pour l’arrêt de l’occupation

-Pour la fin de la discrimination

-Pour le boycott d’Israël

Stop aux massacres

Soutien à la résistance palestinienne

fly bird (26)
Monday May 21, 2018, 12:29 am
NYC: People’s Monday for #YaserMurtaja
Monday, 21 May
7:00 pm
Grand Central Terminal
89 E 42nd St

Yaser Murtaja was a 31 year old Palestinian man from Gaza City. He was a father and a husband. He was also a renowned photojournalist.

On April 6, 2018 he was covering a Palestinian demonstration at the Israeli border. Despite the fact that he was taking photographs and was wearing a blue vest that indicated he was a journalist, Yaser was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper.

5 weeks later, 60 Palestinians were killed in a demonstration at the Gaza fence, in a single day.

If you believe that Yaser Murtaja’s life mattered, then come meet us at the clock in Grand Central so we can tell Yaser Murtaja’s story.

Colleen L (3)
Monday May 21, 2018, 11:21 am
Insane. We don't need these type of gun testing done on real lives. Thanks Fly

Peggy B (43)
Monday May 21, 2018, 3:42 pm

fly bird (26)
Tuesday May 22, 2018, 6:55 am
Things have continued, to this day, sadly!

Born in Deir Yassin (TRAILER) 3:02

Born in Deir Yassin, Neta Shoshani, Israel, 2016

One of the most important documentaries shown at the November 2017 edition of The Other Israel Film Festival held by the Manhattan JCC [Jewish Community Center] was Born in Deir Yassin by Neta Shoshani. She introduces her production with text stating the essentials:

April 1948: The Jewish state and army are soon to be established in Palestine. The underground paramilitary organizations – the liberal “Haganah” and the radical “Irgun” and “Lahi” are still in conflict over the identity of the new nation. “Irgun” and “Lahi” attack and conquer the Arab village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem. Rumors of a massacre spread, causing a mass exodus of Arabs from all over the country. What happened in Deir Yassin is controversial to this day. Since 1951, on the streets of Deir Yassin, stands the “Kfar Shaul” government Mental Health Hospital.

Neta Shoshani’s documentary elucidates the 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin with archival material and numerous interviews with surviving senior members of the paramilitary organizations who participated or witnessed the killing. Jewish authorities, including Haganah, the Chief Rabbinate, and David Ben-Gurion, had condemned the attack. The careful reconstruction of the event is accompanied by a parallel narration, the story of a Hanna Nissan who spent her life in the Yassin mental hospital built in 1951 on the ruins of Yassin. Her adult son Dror, who was born and raised in the hospital, and an East Jerusalem orphanage, visits Yassin and the hospital. He is filmed quoting from a copy of his mother’s file given to him by the hospital. It contained her medical records, letters and correspondence. None of the Jewish participants of the massacre disputed that it took place though accounts differed in detail such as the number of civilians from the village who were killed, the survivors, the motivation for the attack, and presence of armed Arab men among the villagers. Lehi member Moshe Edelstein was horrified by the images of blown up women and children. According to Ami Isseroff, members of a Jerusalem youth group were ordered to bury remaining corpses because Irgun and Lahi members refused to complete the cleanup. They were 17 years old and not prepared for the massacre. Yehoshua Zettler, Lehi Commander of Jerusalem, acknowledged that he ordered the destruction of Deir Yassin. Uri Yankovski from the Haganah who took photos admitted that “they did a dirty job” but emphasized that “from a practical point of view Deir Yassin helped to reach our objectives”. The commander of the Irgun group, Ben Zion Cohen expressed pride in his role at Yassin “If there would have been more Deir Yassins not one Arab would be left in the land of Israel”. The paramilitary combatants carrying out the attack apparently had no military training or information about Deir Yassin. Ben Zion Cohen reports initiating the attack after he was shot in the leg by a sniper. Combatants were ordered by Cohen to destroy everything, to blow up the houses one by one with the 28 bombs they had and throw grenades into the houses knowing that there were children and women inside.

Dror’s mother pleads in a voice over with texts taken from her clinical files, that her son should not visit Yassin since it is an evil place and states that she named him Dror meaning freedom. She was diagnosed with signs of psychosis but no awareness of the illness. When the hospital staff advised her to have an abortion she refused, believing that having a child would balance her life. After her young son was taken from her, she escaped from the hospital and was found wandering the street medicated. Placed in a closed ward she was diagnosed as suffering from psychosis and amnesia. A 1967 report about Dror notes the rich fantasy life of the six year old child, his requests to see his mother, and suggests that he be given up for adoption. After some time in an East Jerusalem orphanage he became a member of a kibbutz and began exchanging letters with his mother. Grown up he succeeded in visiting her at the Kfar Shaud mental hospital. By that time his mother’s latest diagnosis stated that...” patient has paranoid hallucinations hearing voices warning her of murder…she is kept in isolation [and] attempts to heal her failed”.

As ordered by Cohen, the Irgun went from house to house leaving no survivor behind though a girl about 6 years old was found alive by Uri Yankowski. Political leaders ordered that the massacre be covered up but also requested photos be taken. Meir Pa’il from the Haganah information service standing next to the photographer observed men, women and children lined up against a wall and shot. There was pressure to act because UN representatives were expected to show up. Meir did not see photos or ask questions assuming Zionists did not want them to be seen “If Jews commit a massacre it is an atrocity” Uri Yankovski never saw the pictures he took either but recalled clearly what he observed. Yehoshua Zettler reported that some survivors were trucked to Jerusalem. Those refusing to be moved were told that they would be shot. It took two days to clean the site and get rid of the bodies. 30 half burnt corpses were stored in one room, a pile of burnt corpses was found at the entrance of the village. The cleanup crew included 17-year-old boys from the Haganah youth battalion. Sara Ben-Or from the youth group identified her post traumatic stress disorder as the consequence of being exposed as a young woman to the killed villagers and her discovery of a beheaded woman sitting on a chair. Most of the more than 100 victims were women, children and old men. When queried by Shoshani about the impact of their action which turned Arabs into refugees and the Israelis into occupiers, her respondents indicated that they were not aware of it but stressed that they failed to explain what happened.

Her attempt to view the photos from the massacre failed because IDF argued that “[it] cannot release photos because it may be detrimental to foreign relations”. There is no remedy apart from a Supreme Court appeal. When she again gets in touch with some former members of the para-military organizations involved in the Deir Yassin massacre who she had interviewed for the documentary they refuse to confirm their statements. All had received calls ordering them to be silent. This order was bizarre because their on the record statements were an important part of the documentary and there were apparently no attempts to prevent their use in the documentary. As her last remedy Shoshani filed a request with the Supreme Court to open the files. Her demand to release classified documents and photos of the 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin was denied in 2016 by three judges from Israel’s Supreme Court invoking the following reason:

The problems entailed is Israel’s foreign relations related to the events of 1948 have not been solved and the conflict has not ended yet. Therefore, we are convinced that publishing the documentation and photographs is liable to harm Israel’s foreign relations. We are particularly worried about the harsh visual effect. This effect is present in certain photos in the archive. Therefore, we find no grounds to intervene at this time.

fly bird (26)
Tuesday May 22, 2018, 9:35 pm
From Deir Yassin to the Great Return March, Palestinians have been massacred.
April 11, 2018

At a time when South Africa is mourning the passing of the country’s beloved icon of the freedom struggle Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the world is reeling from yet more evidence of Israel’s brutality. In the full glare of the world’s cameras, Israel’s “Defence Forces” have mown down Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip. With men, women and children being shot and killed in cold blood, we are reminded of the crude massacres perpetrated in South Africa during the dark days of apartheid.

Whether it was Sharpeville or Boipatong, the gruesome murders were as merciless under South African apartheid as the ongoing horrors faced by Palestinians yearning for the freedom epitomised in the struggles of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. In reflecting upon the life of Mama Winnie, parallels with young Palestinians such as Ahed Tamimi, who face a torturous future under the jackboot of Israeli apartheid, cannot and must not be avoided.

In his tribute to the Mother of South Africa’s struggle for freedom, Chris Barron wrote, “In their darkest hour, when the apartheid juggernaut seemed unchallengeable and their leaders were doing life or in exile, she was the symbol of defiance.” She was truly a giant who has inspired liberation movements across Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Ahed Tamimi and the brave Palestinians who dare to defy Israel are cut from the same resistance cloth.

As gory images of protesters being hunted down like wild animals confront the collective conscience of humanity, attention is drawn yet again to the Zionist regime’s bloody history. It is an era marked by deliberate ethnic cleansing of Palestine of its indigenous population and the forceful imposition of a “national home for the Jewish people” called Israel.

Academic and activist Mazen Qumsiyeh recalls that dozens of massacres were committed during the run up to and after Israel’s creation: “534 villages and towns were depopulated in a bizarre 20th century attempt to transform a multicultural/multi-religious Palestine into ‘the Jewish state of Israel’.” One of these villages was Deir Yassin. The horror experienced by its inhabitants during April 1948 was gruesome and terrifying: “A young fellow tied to a tree and set on fire. A woman and an old man shot in the back. Girls lined up against a wall and shot with a submachine gun. The testimonies collected by filmmaker Neta Shoshani about the massacre in Deir Yassin are difficult to process even 70 years after the fact,” wrote Ofer Aderet in Haaretz.

Seventy years later and Palestinians are still being massacred. An apparently unending process is targeting the children of the soil. It’s a process characterised by the slaughter of innocents whose only crime is that they are Palestinian.

READ: Palestine’s own Sharpeville massacre by its own Apartheid oppressors

Gaza’s protest action dubbed the Great Return March has its genesis in Zionism’s original sin, the depopulation of Palestine and the dispossession of its people. It tells the story of the people who once enjoyed all of their land but are today confined in open air prisons, sealed off from the outside world, under siege and facing brutal death for desiring to live as free human beings.

Gaza is even cut off from the rest of Palestine, with a merciless siege imposed by apartheid Israel for the past 11 years; the Palestinians in the territory are facing slow genocide. Furthermore, although the international community, especially their Arab neighbours Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, have conspired with Israel to punish the Palestinians for refusing to disavow their rights to live as free people enjoying honour and dignity; finally, though, Gaza has said that enough is enough.

Thousands of protesters have adopted a peaceful campaign of defiance anchored in their legitimate right of return. The Israeli army’s killers have resorted to their preferred choice of action: massacre. To-date Israeli snipers have murdered dozens of Palestinians and wounded hundreds more — let’s remind ourselves — peaceful protesters. Despite this brutal response by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, wave upon wave of Palestinians remain ready to make the supreme sacrifice in order to attain their freedom. Between the gruesome legacy of Deir Yassin and the current massacres, Palestinian resistance stands at an all-time high.


Margie FOURIE (148)
Wednesday May 30, 2018, 11:06 pm
I was listening to both sides of the story this morning. Who to believe?
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