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Teachers Drop the Holocaust to Avoid Offending Muslims

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Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Governmentbacked study has revealed. It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust


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tammymarie h (24)
Monday April 2, 2007, 4:35 pm

tammymarie h (24)
Monday April 2, 2007, 4:35 pm
meaning, it's not ridiculous you posted this story, but what's going on in it. :)

Past Member (0)
Monday April 2, 2007, 4:51 pm

Past Member (0)
Monday April 2, 2007, 5:23 pm

Sandy K (1)
Monday April 2, 2007, 5:39 pm
Hi Sophia,
They do not name a specific school or district in the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland). The article is based on a government study of educators in the UK.
It is very important. There will never be peace in our world when all history is not taught and known. Much of history is unpleasant and painful to all people all over the world. No matter what side they are on. There is plenty of hurt to go around. Until the shadows are faced and education about history is reviewed and certain things globally accepted, I do not see a good outcome to any of our societies. Especially since we are now on the "information highway" with cultural clashes all around the world. The children of the world are dependent upon what they are taught and why. It is of great concern.

I am glad to see so many people note this story. Thank you to all of you.

Past Member (0)
Monday April 2, 2007, 6:05 pm
so where ar eth uk eu activists? they should send letters to their reps. they are the ones to deal with this/just appalling to hide the truth ./truths unbelievable. wait till i tell my best friends mum an educator in nyc inner schools for 40 years

Sandy K (1)
Monday April 2, 2007, 6:56 pm
I have no idea where the people/activists of the UK stand on this issue. I have not seen any articles on that myself. I do not have a way to guage their level of fear, I have only been seeing stories like this. Hopefully they will run a follow-up story and come to some understanding on how to teach truthful history and keep tensions between the students down.

Nuraini A (41)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 3:05 am
well, according to my british friend, things are really loopy over there, with regards to relations with muslims. even loopier than the US, because my impression is that at least in the US, the bias is mostly against muslims, with a bit of pushing and pulling. but in the UK it seems that there are two far-out opposites, pulling against each other, and the politicians are too weak to do more than try to appease both, and so see-saw back and forth. and basically everyone else just cowers somewhere in the middle, or wherever they were before the whole tug-of-war began. at the moment it seems the super-sensitive muslim camp has the upper hand. i dunno, could it be something to do with the fact that british muslims are mostly west asian? i would've thought that in britain, a european country with a supposedly more advanced, independent-style of education, could've staged the history class in such a way as to allow presentation of different narrations of history for the same event, but guided so that students are taught to source their material from valid references, and not 'some guy said so, but we really trust him, so you must too'. after all, i think that the most important thing to learn in a history class is that history has many different narratives, depending on which side you want to be on.

Nuraini A (41)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 3:08 am
sorry, missed the bottom bit. PRIMARY LEVEL?? i think that world history, especially on events that still have complex repercussions today, can only be properly taught at secondary level (=high school for americans).

Susi E (3)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 1:12 pm
It seem ridiculous to ignore this for fear of offending someone. If they weren't responsibile for it, they shouldn't be offended! We should all take note, and learn from all the mistakes of the past, our own and

William Synnott (3)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 1:52 pm
the offense to the muslims is a vague thing unless there is some specific reference in the courses to the 2 muslim SS regiments that served in the German Army

Enric Mestres Girbal (3)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 4:03 pm
What's happening in Britain, unfortunatly is happening all over Europe; the governaments are so weak that they give up to any muslim "complain". They are afraid to upset them... and if necessary they will change history, democracy, religion and freedom... to make sure they keep in power!. We all know History largely depends on who tells it, but the facts are there; can be approched with diferent attitudes, but never changed or hiden.

Evelyn Z (300)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 7:50 pm
WHAT in the world does the Holocaust have to do with the Muslims anyway?

It was the Nazis = German Reich = that committed the extermination of millions of peoples that were not of "pure arian" descent, gay, peoples that provided protection & hiding places for those escaping extermination, and the Jewish peoples in Germany, Poland, etc.

I guess it's true = Ignorance is bliss = or is that = Ignorance Is Ignorance Is Ignorance Is Ignorance????!!!!!

Linda D (41)
Tuesday April 3, 2007, 9:29 pm
The poor teachers are afraid of of student resistance, parent backlash, or even worse, afraid of violence to themselves and their schools for teaching subjects that are very controversial in that what is commonly believed to be the truth differs with what the religious leaders, whether Muslim, or Christian, are teaching their congregation. Why is there so much fear and violence in these times? The facts should be taught, but if some of the teachers are afraid, then in a reading assignment, or tapes to be listened to, and then an exam taken that must be passed to go to the next higher grade. If they refuse, it's a test of wills, and they must be expelled for a time and admitted back anytime they are willing to give the correct answers to the exam. The educational system cannot not bow down or compromise truth, or they are weakened and fail in their purpose of educating each generation who must make decisions about the country's future.

Lee Hughes (10)
Wednesday April 4, 2007, 6:02 am
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Lee Hughes (10)
Wednesday April 4, 2007, 6:04 am
I don't know why those URLs are in my post. Somone must be junk URL sitting. Here is what I really wrote:
WHAT!!!!! I don't hear them complaining about Slavery in the south as being offense to their culture. This is ridiculous! My father and uncles were drafted and fought in WWII. By not covering the holocaust and Pearl Habor is like slapping them in the face. History isn't always pretty. This is as much part of history as everything else. Both Slavery and the Holocaust need to be taught in school. It is surprise how many people don't know the torture that went on during the Holocaust. These victims weren't just held in a cell or in a camp, they were tortured!

Dusty K (1339)
Wednesday April 4, 2007, 1:43 pm
I agree with you Lee.....may as well slap our total history in the face, and those that fought to protect and preserve it. Civil War brought about alot of hatred, and to dismiss the Holocast as if it never happened is unbelievable. I'd like those that survived this (and believe I have had several patients w/their arms tattooed/numbered like an animal) to know that "they" didn't exist for a period of time! Hurt feelings......heck, what about the ones that were there!!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday April 4, 2007, 3:02 pm
Expurgated history is not uncommon, as any historian can tell you, and usually serves its purpose as propaganda. They can refuse to teach it, even pretend it didn't happen, but they can't change the facts. The truth inevitably will win out.

Eco M (197)
Wednesday April 4, 2007, 5:44 pm
Censorship of anything, but particularly historical information, is simply put wrong. How the hell are people to learn from their (or others') mistakes? When I taught public school, I NEVER censored anything, and I always fought for the right to information in general. Students especially need to know as much as possible before they bgin to create and crystalize their belief systems. To hinder that process isto practice mindcontrolespecially in a public school setting. Let's discontinue teaching evolution, the Holy Crusades, the Inquistion, the witch burnings of New England, segregation in the US...the list can go on and on and on.

The real problem here is that educators and school boards do not want to take the time and $$$ to find appropriate ways to truthfully teach our children about certain 'uncomfortable' topics. By trying to accommodate everyone's feelings, we actaully do a disservice to the children we are supposedly there to help.

Linda D (41)
Wednesday April 4, 2007, 8:47 pm
England has a dilemma and other countries with sizable Muslim populations. Teachers want to teach historical information, but can anyone blame them for avoiding or superficially rushing past history that may upset a violent religious group and the cost of teaching history is the teacher's life, their family, colleagues and other innocents? Would you risk your life to teach the truth? How should England solve this problem? Encourage the establishment of religious schools where brainwashing and false history is taught without anyone presenting an unbiased, factual history that will anger the religious leaders who will resort to violent threats and killings? Fear has become a weapon in English schools. The question is how to keep it from spreading. Back to the title of this article, I would have thought offending Germans would be more appropriate, not Muslims, who were not involved in the Holocaust. Unless their reasoning is that if they can rewrite history and the Holocaust did not happen, then Israel has no right to exist and the Jews should be evicted from Palestine.
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