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'Homeland' Security Coming to Hotels, Malls

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: homeland security, usa, freedoms, politics, Big Brother is watching you )

- 3103 days ago -
The United States is stepping up security at "soft targets" like hotels and shopping malls, as well as trains and ports, as it counters the evolving Al-Qaeda threat, a top official said Sunday


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Caitlin M (104)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 7:37 pm
With this kind of "program," the terrorists have already won the "war" against us. Or is it that our own corporate complex has won the war against our citizens. We are becoming prisoners of war by our own government, which is largely controlled by wealthy corporate heads behind the scenes of Congress it seems. Some of the "crazies" on the right are concerned about a Fascist state or Socialist state. The way it's going, I'd bet Fascism has a chance.

Debbie Hogan (115)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 8:49 pm
Have we really come to this...? Frightening...Much too Orwellian for comfort...

Kathy B (106)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 9:15 pm
Another fine example of how our tax dollars are at work for us [NOT] When will this crap end & how do we convince then they've gone to far?

Carol H (229)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 9:19 pm
thanks Jae, noted

Jae A (316)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 9:19 pm
I think some would call this,more than anything........'conditioning'.......perhaps?

Norm C (74)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 9:27 pm
These security officials, whether they realize or not, must walk very, very carefully the narrow line between reasonably cautious preparations that preserve our liberties and rights and fearfully turning the country into an armed fortress and civil liberties waste land. I do not envy them their task.

I also have very little confidence that they will even recognize the line and try not to step over it. The Attorney General has advanced and augmented many of the Bush administration's legal fantasies in cases before the courts. This administration has continued the Clinton and Bush practices of setting up "free speech zones" far removed from the scene of the action. It has also continued and made worse the absurd screening measures at airports.

I seriously question whether officials in the HSD spend much time trying to reconcile their "security" efforts with any assessment of our civil liberties. When fear stalks the land, ugliness and repression are sure to follow.

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 26, 2010, 9:32 pm
Noted with interest. Thanks, Jae

Mac R (289)
Monday December 27, 2010, 4:07 am
Norm, I think it's too late. They've already made the decision that civil liberties are contrary to the govs goals and they are only increasing the speed with which they build a total police state structure that makes the book 1984 look like a gradeschool primer. All of this, the erosion of civil liberties and the end of privacy in this country are the main reasons I am so disgusted with Obama. It isn't healthcare, tax cuts etc that he has let us down on so badly that have made me turn against him, it is this, the dismantling of our Constitution and the emerging corporate police state that has convinced me that he is in reality no less a puppet than Bush was for the corporate fascist state masters in the boardrooms. There is no turning back from here. We will only see more and more of this in the days to come.

They never mention this factor, but a significant part of the so-called "recovery" in our economy is the incredibly profligate spending being done by Homeland Security across the country, bring jobs in high tech, building and personel to many local jurisdictions. Billions are being thrown at these wholly unnecessary wasteful measures. As Caitlin said, the terrorists already won this war since we are willing to give up liberty for security, which means we have neither.

Judith K (93)
Monday December 27, 2010, 4:21 am
After the financial meltdown, now they target the pensions funds in oder to rip the rest that is left apart. And of course they have to make sure that you stay compliant. This is not for terrorists, this is to make sure you move along smoothly and do not riot, but follow like a sheep. The real terrorists are sitting on Wall Street and on Capitol Hill. Time for civil disobediance

Dawn Wheeler (0)
Monday December 27, 2010, 7:33 am
I am not sure what the right thing to do is because I want to be safe without feeling afraid of what might happen. I think that people are doing the best they can with the information available to them.

Past Member (0)
Monday December 27, 2010, 7:37 am

Jeannette A (137)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:02 am
Noted with interest... thanks, Jae

Sean S (0)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:31 am
"homeland security" is more like "homeland bullying".

Past Member (0)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:39 am
Noted thanks, Jae. Maybe this will spur some people (who haven't been spurred already) to avoid big malls and big business and start shopping at Mom & Pop stores, local co-ops, etc.

Freya H (345)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:59 am
More and more I feel that we are playing right into the terrorists' gore-soaked paws. I had a bad experience with security the last time I flew. OK, we do need security at airports, and I'd rather have a bad experience with a TSA agent than with a terrorist or a bomb - but I still prefer to drive. And now we're going to have security at malls and hotels? Geez Louise! Now I'll have to shop at strip malls and sleep in my car.

Kathy Javens (104)
Monday December 27, 2010, 9:06 am
Noted. I find this truly frightening. I also find this very disheartening. Is this really what our world has come to? And if it is, then what is in store for our future generations?

. (0)
Monday December 27, 2010, 10:39 am
this is definitely over kill... paranoia i gaining momentum and getting outta control.. I am a twin and have a ten year visa for the USA.. yet they would not allow my twin sister a visa to visit for a holiday considering her a flight risk.. eish.. she has three properties of her own a business, and lotsa of other interests at home... would you call her a flight risk certainly not.. she is also a Christian and not a muslim.. I cannot understand this.. and find it very fustrating.. also when I visited I got the third degree, making me embarassed when asked a whole lot of personal questions with a line of people behind you, within ear shot... will definitely take a tranquiliser when I come next time.. through customs

Lin Penrose (92)
Monday December 27, 2010, 11:09 am
Noted, thanks Jae. Perhaps this taking over of citizens privacy has been planned for quite some time. Perhaps the kick-off was the Twin Towers.

Marti Williams (170)
Monday December 27, 2010, 12:12 pm
Thanks's a sad day...

Gloria H (88)
Monday December 27, 2010, 12:47 pm
gee..maybe this is the answer to unemployment! TSA will be the top employer of thousands! Can I get a free spy kit? Maybe one with the periscopes so I can peer over the fence at my neighbors?
If they go through my package of purchases at the mall, will they rewrap them with my choice of giftwrap?
Will they put back the cameras in the dressing rooms? Are those electric eye flushers on the toilet really checking my neither region for "arsenals"? Are they counting the number of tp sheets being used? Will they report anyone caught NOT washing after going? I feel soooo safe now! We will be sanitized for our own protection-indeed!

Cristi Sturgill (15)
Monday December 27, 2010, 1:13 pm
Great. Another excuse to erode our civil liberties even further.

. (0)
Monday December 27, 2010, 2:42 pm
Unfortunately, this is the world we live in...

Ramona Thompson (210)
Monday December 27, 2010, 2:59 pm
Noted. OMG now we can get "thrilled" at the strip malls.

Ralph F (70)
Monday December 27, 2010, 3:14 pm
I'm sure we'll be able to pick-up the mandatory telescreens at these same malls in the coming years.

Linda G (187)
Monday December 27, 2010, 3:59 pm
Since terrorist threats can come in any of a jillion ways, there is really no such thing as "security" so I feel that while they take the steps they can to avoid large scale loss of life here, we'd really be much further ahead just by bringing our military home and keeping our noses out of other countries business. We have lost many, many more lives through ill-conceived wars to combat terror than we have from terrorist attacks. Seems senseless to me.

Mary M (29)
Monday December 27, 2010, 4:37 pm
While I agree with comments here, about being overly careful in shopping malls, that it is unnecessary.
Well, turn the situation around, what if, they didn't think of putting more security cameras and then something tragic happened again, we'd all be yelling at our government, asking for Janet Reno to step down because she and her department were not dilligent enough! Can't have it both ways - I'd rather be cautious than be like a bull - full speed ahead. Just look at what might have happened in NYC this past spring with that car bomb. Good thing people start to take notice of unsual vehicles, etc. It certainly saved lives.

Alice C (1797)
Monday December 27, 2010, 6:00 pm
Thank you for giving me another reason to not go to the malls !

William K (308)
Monday December 27, 2010, 6:17 pm
Gads. "We really do not have a reason to be spending money on these measures and in these places, but rather than spending the money to go after the terrorists, we are going to spend it spying on our own citizens."

Great. Sounds to me like HSD has too much time and money on their hands.

Eternal Gardener (734)
Monday December 27, 2010, 6:57 pm
Suffocating FEAR in a PARANOID country!

Penelope P (222)
Monday December 27, 2010, 7:35 pm
The best security is always human goodwill- It may be that that that is the only security in fact , I don't know;

Howeverthese precautions are eroding goodwoill and trust and creating suspicion of the government.
With barely moving a finger the terrorists seem to have accomplished an awful lot in terms of social demoralisation- I guess that is what their tactics intend in the first place.

Probably getting to grips with the situation in what are supposed to be terrorist dominated countries ,sending them demonstrations of how good and useful Democracies are, How well they do the bottom line things of government like maintain cival order,provide food shelter,education,transport health,and services like electricity and clean water in occupied countries might be more effective

In between times what companies are manufacturing and or distributing all these security gadgets being so futilely and expensively installed?- Hope it isn't yet another lot of money going out of the country?

Jae A (316)
Monday December 27, 2010, 7:43 pm
OH damn it ......'should of , could of, would of, might have'........FEAR...It's not worth losing our freedoms and right for. Young people have to live outside of their four walls and their future is going to really suck with all this fear taking life away from them as we knew it to be. "Brother against brother, father against son, mother against daughter,neighbor against neighbor"...all spying out of .....fear?! Get over it !!!

In case there are those who haven't been paying attention...Bin L. won already ! default !!!! This many years later and he is still out there somewhere laughing his ass off at our fear of him and his supporters. He's done what no other foreign power was able to do...bring the U.S. to it's economical and moral knees ,and kept the American people living in fear every day since 9/11, if not before. He caused us to be a nation gripped by fear. Once the 'most powerful country in the world' living in fear. It does appear that he had things figured to a tee...with 'a fear' going on [9/11] and the corporate wars to boost it all that he brought on [?], he obviously knew that would be "the perfect cover" for the greed on Wall Street....aka...war for profit bunch of cowardly thugs, to cash in as no one [we the people] were watching 'the store', so ta say...thus bringing down our economy and sent us to living in fear...while saying ol Bin did this to us. Another feather in his cap with that line as well. He accomplished what he set out to do...assuming he did the 9/11 attacks....He indirectly brought our entire economy down along with our 'secure' feeling as Americans. He bought down a few buildings and let the Wall Street insiders and D.C. political corporate jockey$ do the re$t ..all 'in his name'.

Our government has, by the majority of it, been ..privatized.. and people are still wondering around in the light of day yelling 'lights cameras action'..."stay on us...protect us". Well, they did a piss poor job of that on 9/11 and they aren't doing much better this many years later. People today can walk through check points at air ports, with '$creeners..pat down$...body scanner$' and the guard$ that go with them; doing so undected while carrying loaded weapons. Anyone who thinks that more 'mall rental guards and or H.S. spy's ' are going to do any better than the 'rent a guards' working for TSA really need to stop and think beyond FoxFixedNews and Homeland $ecurity Fear Memos. Profit$ Profit$ Profit$...That is what the $ecurity busine$$ is all about...not protection, not security/safety...nothing but profit$. It's an INDUSTRY..better than gold with all the fear/hate spreading day in and day out.

There was a time when we had a 'National Guard and Coast Guard' who's 'job' was to keep our shores safe and they did so at a fraction of the cost , even by todays dollar standards per man hr.. Now D.C. has 'privitized' those and calling them 'security companies'...Wall $treet Corporates by any other name..and that hourly military pay for our old National guard and Coast guard has quadrupled their hourly pay for these so called 'security ' corporate ...'Night Watchmen'.by night and 'Security Guards' by day, who now need a few Homeland badges to supervise them at each location.

We've had more bombs set off by Christian 'Extremist' at clinics and at churches of other faiths than any by foreign terrorist bombings. Hate and greed are and always have been a threat to people..and they always will be... but to live our lives in fear ever where we go... or even when in our homes;willing to give up our rights/liberties due to it...that is just crazy to me. Might as well live in Russia or Iran if we are to live like that. To accept that this is the best solution they can come up with, is not something I am personally willing to do...not at the high cost in freedoms/rights that they are telling us it will cost...miuch less the tax dollars it will.

If you own gold stock ..sell it and buy Fear a 'security company' that has 'government contracts'.

Jae A (316)
Monday December 27, 2010, 7:53 pm
I began typing my comments above after those of Mary M' several have posted since I hit the 'Submit' tab.

Jae A (316)
Monday December 27, 2010, 7:59 pm
...oooooooops...'before I hit the Submit tab'.

Mary T (178)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:00 pm
Homeland Security what a joke and a waste of money.

Roseann d (178)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:02 pm
Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for more deaths each year than terrorists, yet they are not under Homeland Security's watchful eyes. What's up with that, and why did Bush coin the term Homeland for us, like the Soviets did in the 20's? What was he recreating? Russia?

Roseann d (178)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:09 pm
Yeah, and we might step off a curb and get hit by a bus. Who knows.But you can't be live in fear or the terrorists will have one...or in this case, Homeland Security. But who was it that said, Giving up freedom for security, leaves you with neither.

Roseann d (178)
Monday December 27, 2010, 8:54 pm
It's bizarre, ya know. We can't get the GOP to even give us what we've paid into, but under the premise of keeping us safe, they will spend billions....Nah, they have shown themselves to be not kind-hearted souls. Something stinks...they don't give a flip about us, so safety IS NOT it.

Richard E Cooley (0)
Tuesday December 28, 2010, 1:59 am
Are they stepping up security on soft targets or have they just found another way to make money?

patricia lasek (317)
Tuesday December 28, 2010, 5:05 am
I don't go to the malls, I don't fly.
I guess I'm safe from the Keystone Kops.

Deborah L (70)
Tuesday December 28, 2010, 4:31 pm
Well, if you go to the E.R. at my closet hospital, they check your purse for weapons, ask if you have any on you and you have to go through a metal detector. When I was a prison guard in the 80's a person didn't have to go through all that crap.

I call it the Department of Homeland Insecurity, fits it better.

They are putting up more spy cameras in my city and at a time when we have 1 police officer per 1,000 people or more and firefighters as well have been cut to bare bones, but somehow they got money for spy cameras. And the thing that makes no sense is many of our spying stuff aimed and eying Americans is being monitored by our enemies in other countries. Now how is that going to keep the idiots safe who are all for this 24/7 surveillance of the American population? Gotta love that outsourcing the congress critters and big corps keep shoving down our throats.


Kathy B (106)
Tuesday December 28, 2010, 5:33 pm
This is a good news/bad news kind of thing. We've got naked body scanners in airports, and probably soon coming to major train and bus stations - now they're going to be in large malls and hotels, which will cut down on travel and help the environment.

On the other hand, tourism means major bucks to many of the places that will have all of the above 'enhanced security' measures, which will hurt the economy.

Trish K (93)
Wednesday December 29, 2010, 10:31 am
Don't go to the malls.

1) Spending it at yard sales, or

2) Going to ball games, or

3) Spending it on prostitutes, or

4) Beer or

5) Tattoos.

(These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S. )


Go to a ball game with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day !

No need to thank me, I'm just glad I could be of help.

Melanie Clark (13)
Thursday December 30, 2010, 9:17 pm
Maybe our own government are the terrorists? Hmm...they must be. This would be the ONLY reason for this type of security. Crazy...but we are starting to see a glimpse of what our future holds. Thanks.

Bruce Eyster (62)
Monday January 3, 2011, 7:55 am
There is another article in CARE2 about quick , portable , security sites that can be set up any where , very quickly !

Trequl M (170)
Thursday January 6, 2011, 7:27 am
Noted with thanks.
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