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Outrage at Court's Star Treatment on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Society & Culture  (tags: abuse, australia, woman, celebrity, crime, violence )

- 4110 days ago -
THE handling of celebrities by the courts is at the centre of a new scandal after two stars enjoyed the softest possible treatment yesterday - despite both freely admitting their guilt of serious criminal offences.


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Jim H (63)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 3:40 pm
As a 58 year old, two things cheese me off. One is a Man who hits a woman, I beleive that is low and gutless. The second is where he verbally abuses her, especially in Public.

Nadia Donato (476)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 4:02 pm
I would be interested to know Judge Moore's past and present relationships. Unless he is easily 'star-struck,' there is no excuse for a judge to condone such a behavior except one who is guilty of the same actions.

Nancy M (62)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 4:19 pm
What a smug little puss he is

Ali Hirst (286)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 4:36 pm
Yes Nadia I have posted a reply on the site about this Judge and his glossing over the real facts on this idiots behaviour. Just because his parents are Celebrities here has no bearing on the fact that HE hit a women (who is also a TV celebrity) and got away with it.

Ali Hirst (286)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 4:41 pm
Here is the link to comments on Anyone can put in a comment. We need to stand up for our rights as women and men also who are beaten in domestic violence.,23600,22092925-10229,00.html

Ali Hirst (286)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 4:45 pm
Nancy you have the right letter..P but he is more P**F to me and so is his father as far as I am concerned.

Robert Richardson (185)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 5:24 pm
ok what the h**L is wrong withe people what thewy think its ok to hurt a woman in any way they are so wrong no woman deservers that < i dont care what the woman does,I know we will hear about this animal again next time it maybe worse and whats the judge gonna say oh sorry that dont cover it they should of put this animal away not tell him its ok like they did thats how,I took it this is the things,I will fight for and to keep all animals and people safe and all our members to when,I come back enough is enough now,I made a difference at trial now it will be time here when,I come back,I promise

Ali Hirst (286)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 5:32 pm
Thanks Robert for your reply at this sad time in your own life. You are in my thoughts and prayers and if anyone can make a difference with Domestic Violence laws than you can my Friend. Blessings. xx

Ali Hirst (286)
Tuesday July 17, 2007, 6:20 pm
Here are the readers comments here in Australia so far.

I find this really appauling. M. Newton needs to be punished for what he did to his girlfriend I don't care who his parents are and how this might reflect on them at all. Matthew Newton has to pay for his crime and it is a crime. I am pleased he has been shamed. But what about his girlfriend how is she coping? It is always about the person who commits the crime never about the person who has had the violence committed towards them. This is a joke Matthew Newton you need to do community service. We do not tolerate violence against woman. Case needs to be reopened.
Posted by: Susan Anderson of Fremantle West Australia 10:21am today
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I think it is disgraceful. What sort of message does this send to everyone. Perhaps it is alright to beat women if you are semi famous or have enough money. The decision should be overturned.
Posted by: Georgina Smark 10:19am today
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It was such a minor assault it's hard to understand why it even got to court Posted by: john merton 8:19am today Comment 56 of 10 ....and you know this fact because......????????? charming sentiment- didn't apparently do too much damage, so who cares? Creeps like you perpetuate the notion that violence is ok. Regardless of any failing mental health system (Anon 106 of 106), he committed an assault, he even pleaded guilty to it- why has his sentence been quashed????? How does not doing anything about his abusive behaviour help anyone???? & any way, I am sure Ma & Pa can afford private mental health help for the poor boy- they probably put up the funds for all the "help" to get his sentence quashed!!
Posted by: sue of bris 10:14am today
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If he were you or I, we would not have had the same outcome, No doubt there are issues with the mental health system but becasue of that people who can afford high end lawyers to exploit it do so and get away with beating women
Posted by: Mike of Adelaide 10:09am today
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Anon, I must say I find your conclusion that Matthew Newton needed publicly funded mental health care a bit rich... surely you are not suggesting that he or his parents tried to obtain proper care but none was available! He's a violent thug, and should be in prison. And if his sentence was in line with that given to other offenders, then lets change the system.
Posted by: boo radley 10:08am today
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What mental illness? If we are going to highlight the deficinies in Australia's mental health system, why don't we start naming them in the media? After all, all those people cliaming mental illness as the reason they hit their girlfriend could replace the women coming forward about being abused by their partner. Matthew Newton could afford to get mental treatment if it was such an issue before the incident, or was it conveinently dug up after the fact to overturn a guilty plea?
Posted by: Jessica DeVille of Sydney 10:06am today
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Rob of Ringwood, I am intrigued. Doyou know of Newton's address? I would also like to send a white feather. Perhaps you could start a nation wide intiative. We could inundate his house with white feathers.
Posted by: Mark of Sutherland 10:06am today
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Ok so his conviction was quashed, and he was in the media spot light for his indiscretion ... so what is he let off scott free -- the judge has it wrong -- and should have made him attend semiars where he got to speak about Domestic Voilence. Without knowing all the details - his mental condition should not be held as an excuse.
Posted by: Pete Mitchell of Brisbane 10:00am today
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Rubbish, mentally ill at the many times has that defence been used, and the offender is let off to return to a normal, seemingly mentally healthy life. It's a cop out, both by Newton and the Judge. Do the crime, do the time. He is a grubby little peice of work and should have been convicted, and the judge should be ashamed. I bet if I punched my wife and pleaded the same issues, I would have had the full force of the courts on me, and rightly so.
Posted by: Brett of Gladstone 9:58am today
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'Bates', I would definitely watch a show called 'OUTRAGE!'. I want the guy from Police Files to host it, the guy from the States with the too white teeth and solarium tan. "This guy rammed his car into a supermarket, but it looks like the only thing he found was a recipe for a night in jail ..." Hey "Chloe of Sydney", didn't Paris spend a few weeks in prison? I am not up to date with everything, but I thought she ended up there.
Posted by: Mark of Sydney 9:58am today
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People, hate the game, NOT the player. I don't condone that he hit Brooke, not at all, but is it his fault if the system our lawmakers have put in place is able to be manipulated thus? I mean to take nothing away from his act, but in the same way we'd all like our accountant to "do his best" for us at tax time, his lawyer has earned his money by getting the best result for his client. Sure, not everyone will have this opportunity, but if you're all that upset about it, then go pester your pollies to have laws altered so this kind of manipulation can be weeded out and removed. Silly and cowardly act by the man got him into trouble, but careful use of the system has avoided a conviction.
Posted by: David of Perth 9:57am today
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If Matthew was mentally ill late last year, why was he performing in the New Years eve debacle shortly afterwards? Is there some collusion here and what role are the celebreity psychiatrist and the celebrity lawyer playing?
Posted by: Craigles of Sydney 9:53am today
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I assume that Matthew Newton wanted the conviction overturned to allow him to work overseas. The can have him. We all know that he bashed his ex girlfriend, there is no escaping that. He admitted it. He has won nothing, other than the tag of being a thug.
Posted by: Bube of Perth 9:52am today
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Maybe the judge wanted to get on Family Feud
Posted by: Jonathan 9:40am today
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I hope the slimy little creep never gets another acting gig for the rest of his life.
Posted by: Annika 9:40am today
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I have no problem with his conviction being quashed under the circumstances. The same people who are crying out that he is receiving lenient treatment due to his celebrity status must also acknowledge that he is also receiving a lot more public exposure of his crimes due to the same status. I will add however that if he reoffends with a crime relating to alcohol or violence he should receive the maximum punishment.
Posted by: Stuart of Gold Coast 9:35am today
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If an assault conviction was going to seriously impact Mr Newton's career in the entertainment industry perhaps he shouldn't have hit his girlfriend in this first place. Everyone should have to live with the consequences of their actions - and convictions.
Posted by: CAM 9:33am today
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The Government has just launched a well-due and highly funded campaign condeming violence against woman and in one decision it has been completely contradicted. In my opinion this decision needs to be heavily investigated from a higher level, it's hard to believe that his high profile and influential acquaintances didn't have anything to do with him completely getting away with breaking the law. What a joke!
Posted by: Kieran of Melbourne 9:29am today
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This is an absolute disgrace! So, it's ok, as long as you "only" beat someone up once and if afterwards you suffer some personal and professional setbacks (brought on by your own ba behaviour) and get good references - excuse me if i am not crying myself to sleep over the "media" treatment of Matthew Newton - he deserves everything he gets...
Posted by: Taylor of Brisabne 9:28am today
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If you read this article properly, Judge Moore is saying that noteriety is taken into account, but by no means an excuse to act this way. The real issue is the ongoing failing of Australia's mental heath system that is crippled by under funding and is second rate to that of many other countries in the developed world. This is an unfortunate situation, and by no means do I condone domestic violence what so ever, but lets start opening our eyes that the issue of Australia's Mental Health system is in dire straights and needs addressing.
Posted by: Anon 9:27am today
Comment 106 of 134
May be Judge Moore is Newton fan. I can't believe he get away with this because it can damage his reputation. what reputation? beating woman? good on you Judge Moore. I feel real proud to be an australian protected by australian justice.
Posted by: Pacific 9:26am today
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There's no point in even debating it. When it comes to violence against women, Australia says deal with the matter yourself and avoid the courts.
Posted by: mel of brisbane 9:24am today
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Well it is a miscarraigae of justice when we see a conviction quashed BUT!!! Let's all remember, if you throw mud even after you wash it off a stain remains. We can always remember that Matthew Newton is a guy that hits women. That puts a black mark against him in my eyes and every time I see him on television I'll recall that.
Posted by: sniperbait of Everton Hills 9:22am today
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I thought Australia said no to violence against women.
Posted by: Rick of ACT 9:19am today
Comment 102 of 134
This is outrageous, its a Paris Hilton situation all over again. The very wrong message is being sent to our younger generations. Pleading insanity used to be a joke, but now its becoming a very real way to escape jail time and be "rehabilitated" which is crazy in itself. You do the crime, you pay the time. It would be interesting to see what the victim had to say.
Posted by: Chloe of Sydney 9:19am today
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Poor little rich boy. Money does not only buy the best lawyers, but also the best medical opinion. If I could afford to see a shrink everyday I am sure they could write me out of pretty much anything I did as well. A bloke with a drinking problem bashed his girlfriend, admitted guilt¿that is that. Now people are feeling sorry for him. When does taking responsibility for your actions come into it? You should just be given a tick and flick form when you go to Court for what you want to blame for your actions on apart from yourself. Bad childhood. Good childhood. Rich Daddy, poor Daddy, no Daddy. Girlfriend made me do it, Having no girlfriend made me do it. It was the voices in my head, the alcohol, the lack of alcohol. No money, too much money. You will be right as long as you have Daddy¿s friends to give you a reference and a shrink whose last holiday was paid by your sessions with him.
Posted by: Glenn 9:06am today
Comment 100 of 134
He may of escaped responsibility but any media forum, now or in the future, that is considering employing a male who hits his partner should think twice. Men who hit women are cowards. In the old days people used to send a white feather to men who proved themselves to be cowards ¿ licking my stamp now.
Posted by: Rob of Ringwood 9:05am today
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A conviction should have an impact on your career. what's the point of having a punishment if it doesn't punish you.
Posted by: Glenn of Canberra 9:04am today
Comment 98 of 134
No I don't know all the particulars of the case - but it seems as though the richer you are the more the law 'flexes' for you. I doubt that 'glowing references' from a working class family from the Western suburbs would hold as much water as those from celebrities (and we all know that celebrities have the highest moral intergrity on the planet - not!)
Posted by: KD of Melbourne 9:02am today
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I was just wondering if the decision can be overturned. As a parent of a daughter this concerns me. Has the judge given any consideration to how Brooke has suffered? Or how her mental health is after being violated by a man who is stronger physically than her? I was also wondering if the judge was friends with the Newtons.
Posted by: gretel 9:00am today
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This is appalling! The more notoriety you have; the more you are in the public eye with celebrity status, seems to mean more that your supposed ¿public suffering or humiliation¿ far outweighs the fact that you have committed an act that constitutes being considered a crime. This is domestic violence ¿ plain and simple ¿ and was there any consideration given to the humiliation and hurt for Ms Satchwell by this judge? Yet another blight on the Newton family. The father continues to use tired old jokes, double entendres and sexual innuendo ¿ especially aimed at stereotypical aspects of gay people, and now the son ¿ hiding behind the potential premise of a ¿mental illness¿ blames it on this condition. Take some responsibility Mr Newton.
Posted by: Quentin Rendell of Adelaide 8:56am today
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I get it Zoe and Kim , judicial mercy is the prerogative of the ugly and insignificant eg second rate journos .
Posted by: robh 8:56am today
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Matthew Newton ¿punched and pushed¿ his girlfriend, but because he had a ¿depressive illness¿ he wont be punished, and because it will have a life-long effect on his reputation we will not record it. Does that mean it didn¿t happen? Judge Moore says Matthew ¿suffered severe shame¿ and ¿feels remorse for the attention he has brought on his family and friends¿; what about feeling remorse for his actions, and for his victim, clearly he hasn¿t learned anything. I sincerely hope the public don¿t let this go and Matthew gets the help he needs and the punishment he deserves.
Posted by: Anthony Hunter of Melbourne 8:56am today
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Well Done Judge Moore, just when victims of crime in NSW have little respect for justice being served, this is really a kick in the head. So what, if a conviction will hurt Mr Newton's career. He should think about that before he hit's another woman. A the end of the day "celebrity Daddy" is always there to lend a hand.
Posted by: Lachlan 8:51am today
Comment 92 of 134
this judge should be ashamed of himself. Another example of the two class justice system
Posted by: Ryan of Merrylands 8:50am today
Comment 91 of 134
I'd like to know what brooke thinks about it..
Posted by: Bob of Sydney 8:50am today
Comment 90 of 134
OUTRAGE!! - I love that word. I wish there was a TV show called OUTRAGE. It would be even better than Today Tonight!!
Posted by: Bates 8:50am today
Comment 89 of 134
Just goes to show that if your famous enough you are above the law.
Posted by: grimesjnr of sydney 8:50am today
Comment 88 of 134
Well folks, here we have it in writing, there ARE times when a man can legally bash a woman. If it was illegal he would have been convicted wouldn't he?
Posted by: Brian of Sydney 8:48am today
Comment 87 of 134
Well, well, well. Not just in America but now here on our own sunny shores. Celebrities get off scott free. He physically abused Brooke and has now been given a free ride to do it again. If that had have been average Joe Citizen the same would not have occurred. So what if the conviction would stop him getting work in America, he does not deserve it. Once abusive always abusive. He should have been put behind bars in the first place.
Posted by: Bill of Perth 8:47am today
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It is sad to know that while we are told that violence against women will not be tolerated in Australia, this now sents out the message to people that if you have money you can get away with it and it's ok. Shame on you Matthew Newton, you are a disgrace. P.S - surely you can afford to at least have a shave before you go to court?
Posted by: Jodi of Brisbane 8:47am today
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This is just disgusting! Women will now feel that there is no reason to report this violence because justice is not taken seriously. Leo of Perth I hope your right! Throw the book at him.
Posted by: Heather of Sydney 8:45am today
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Im seriously outraged at this judgement. The judge is sending out the message its ok to hit your partner if you claim mental illness. And then if you claim the convicition may jeporadise future work opportunites you can get your conviciton quashed! As a child from a domestic violence relationship this judgement makes me worry about the impact this judgement will have an any future domestic violence cases.
Posted by: Angela of Brisbane 8:45am today
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The fundamentalists will be out again. Ever thought that the woman could have been manipulative. Why is that women when see on big brother get voted off because of their bitchiness. The show may have its short-comings but it does reveal women behaving badly. Men are people and should not be the focus of all blame. If a woman goes of the rails all sorts of mental problems are accepted. 70% of marriages are ended by women. Men should wake up. When you have a problem with a woman, walk away. They never discuss to resolve. They discuss to soothe feelings. 90% of the time it goes nowhere. Just walk away.
Posted by: paul 8:43am today
Comment 82 of 134
DISGUSTING!!!!! I can't believe what this Judge has done. I was a battered wife for many years and this just infuriates me that this little shit has said he was having a nervous breakdown , beat up his girlfriend , oh sorry didn't mean it. Now he's in trouble or to be exact not in trouble he's worried about how it will affect his career. Won't it be terrible if he does re offend. Time will tell.
Posted by: ColleenG of Mackay Qld 8:43am today
Comment 81 of 134
Too late Matthew. Neither your high priced lawyer, your famous parents or your "mental illness" can undo the damage that has been done. You are hated by most of the Australian population and know known for being a coward!
Posted by: Lozza of null 8:43am today
Comment 80 of 134
A conviction would have significant effect on his career, well he should have thought about that before he a female. What on earth is going on in our leagl sysytem. Wonder what would have happened if it was the Judges daughter that was assaulted.
Posted by: Kelli Liddle of Ingham 8:42am today
Comment 79 of 134
No wonder Brooke was reticent about going to court in the first place as she feared she would have to face the Newton family clout and influence. Whilst the rest of us know when our idols of yesterdays' use by date is up, it seems the courts and the nameless 17 do not.
Posted by: Jan of Sydney 8:42am today
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We have just seen for the last 12 months the ads on Tv that say to violence against women Australia says no, well it would apear not to be the case in this matter with Mr Newton it is disgusting to say the least yet as a celebrity these people get away with it time and time again.. I'm sure if it was the judges daughter that he assaulted the outcome would have been different..
Posted by: Terry Whiting of Gold Coast 8:41am today
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Being destined to wear a terrible hair-piece like his father is punishment enough for Matthew Newton.
Posted by: Count Chivas 8:39am today
Comment 76 of 134
Yeah so much for the "Violence Against Women: Australia Says NO!" message. Just because he was embarrassed it doesn't mean he should get off. The judge should have his position reviewed because it looks like he gave favourable treatment to Newton and to record no conviction even after he admitted guilt is an outright insult to victims of this sort of violence everywhere. Men like that are a bunch of gutless wimps and the decision to appeal a 1yr good behaviour bond is indication that this guy doesn't even believe he did something wrong. I really hope that this decision doesn't deter other victims from taking action against spine-less morons like Newton.
Posted by: tman of Wollongong 8:38am today
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Violence against Women. Australia says "No!".... unless if your a celebrity or sportsmen.
Posted by: Trevor of Melbourne 8:36am today
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This is just plain outrageous! Domestic violence of any sort should be severly punished! How is it that we live in a society that will punish someone with Jail for driving without a licence yet someone who asults their partner gets off even when pleading guilty?? In my opinion the judge should be thrown in jail with Mr Newton!!!!
Posted by: Amanda of Brisbane 8:36am today
Comment 73 of 134
Just goes to show one set of laws for a celebrity, another set for everyone else.
Posted by: Glenn of Sydney 8:35am today
Comment 72 of 134
Money talks. The Newtons have more money to throw at the courts than Brook Satchwell does. Of course he was going to get off with little more than a slap on the wrist.
Posted by: Erin of Melb. 8:35am today
Comment 71 of 134
This makes me see red. According to the ad campaign that the government has spent on violence against women, there is NO excuse for any mistreatment of women. Apparently, there are a few loopholes. This includes if your famous parents write a 'character reference' for you and say that you are such a good person. Oh and then there is also the matter of having a metal illness. If this illness he suffers from causes him to strike his girlfriend, should't he be treated for it? So this incident doesn't happen again. Australia says no to violence against women, except when you have a really good lawyer and you're a public figure.
Posted by: R of Brisbane 8:35am today
Comment 70 of 134
Violence against women, Australia says "no"; unless of course you're a celebrity in which case go ahead and do what you like. Sack the damn judge, that's disgusting.
Posted by: Rob of Melbourne 8:35am today
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Typical. Well if he can't be held responsible by law (what a bloody joke) then I hope he is crusified by the public and he is punished by losing more work. You deserve all the crap that comes your way Mathew SPEWton.
Posted by: Kj of Gold Coast 8:35am today
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God help us! One law for the rich and famous another for the poor.
Posted by: Jenni of Toowoombs 8:32am today
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Well don't we love the Australian Court System and very nice judges, this is now so open to say its ok to hit women, what a joke, for the Judge to say it might upset his career, what a joke, 1 rule for normal people, 1 for celebrities. Mr. Newton you are SO SO lucky, all I can say is Karma. HE PLEADED GUILTY and gets a good behaviour bond and a conviction and then it gets squashed. WHERE DO I SIGN TO BE A CELEBRITY as they have so different rules to us. Sorry but stuff like this makes me SO mad.
Posted by: Daniel of Safety Beach 8:32am today
Comment 66 of 134
When will society learn that the majority of us live in fear of violent offenders today primarily because of the negligent behaviour of the judiciary. Celebrity or not, this sort of thing happens all of the time. It is up to judges to wake up and refuse to hear absurd appeals based upon character and mental state. Then we might all be able to live peacefully.
Posted by: Charles of Adelaide 8:30am today
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No surprise - those that have - money, power etc are treated differently to the very people that "put" them in these elevated positions. The judicial system should be as just with everyone, no one should be above the law.
Posted by: marj of Canberra 8:30am today
Comment 64 of 134
What a joke ! Mathew Newtons mental state caused his outrageous behaviour and he has suffered enough..what will be his excuse next time !
Posted by: Col of brisbane 8:27am today
Comment 63 of 134
No surprises there. Another slap with a feather based on celebrity and looks. Like Newton's mental distress at a relationship breakdown is a mitigating factor in being able to assault one's former partner? Having been through a number of such events, each one of which caused me great anguish, I would have expected to have the book thrown at me if I laid a hand on any one of my former partners in my lifetime. Indeed, I would have insisted on being punished. It just goes to show the utter lack of integrity on the part of Newton to contest on these grounds, and the corruption of the judiciary.
Posted by: Joel of Brisbane 8:27am today
Comment 62 of 134
So, how much did the Entertainment Industry give this judge?
Posted by: Paul of SA 8:25am today
Comment 61 of 134
I was horrified to read of the Judge's decision - just because of who his father is , is no reason for special treatment. In other words it is OK to bash your girlfriend up as long as you have well known parents - is this going to be the type of legal system we are going to have. This now leaves him free to go and bash up someone else. I sincerely hope the legal system comes to their senses and over rules this decision by a truly incompetant judge.
Posted by: Renee of Melb 8:22am today
Comment 60 of 134
This "mental" person with a " nervous Breakdown" struck another human ... Thats Assault. One law for the well to do... one law for the rest of us battlers. Pathetic
Posted by: John Peters of Qld 8:21am today
Comment 59 of 134
We should not have one rule for celebrities and one for everone else, if the assault charge affects his so called acting career, then get a real job. Domestic violence should not be tolerated regardless of who you are...Judge Moore PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!!
Posted by: Elaine of Brisvegas 8:20am today
Comment 58 of 134
What a joke! What a judge!
Posted by: margaret can of melbourne 8:19am today
Comment 57 of 134
It was such a minor assault it's hard to understand why it even got to court
Posted by: john merton 8:19am today
Comment 56 of 134
Two laws - one for the rich / powerfu l / influential and one for the other 99% of the population. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ! The law is an ass, to say the least, and we, the taxpayers, are paying for some judges toi make it that way while some barristers make money out of it. Goodbye to truth.
Posted by: Bruce Finlayson of Lilyvale 8:18am today
Comment 55 of 134
Significant impact on his career if convicted?? Brooke would have had significant bruises on her face
Posted by: Dane of melbourne 8:17am today
Comment 54 of 134
By that reckoning, Corby and Mokbel have already served their time.
Posted by: nankypoo 8:16am today
Comment 53 of 134
To violence against women - Australia says "NO" unless of course you're poor little Matty Newton, lost a big contract, got lots of famous friends to write you glowing references. What a joke. He pleaded GUILTY so he should be CONVICTED. Disgraceful.
Posted by: Lisa of Melbourne 8:15am today
Comment 52 of 134
The government spends a fortune on advertising regarding violence towards women. Apparently this Judge doesn't agree. He the one that needs the psychiatrist. Bruce of Gold Coast
Posted by: Bruce Goodwin 8:15am today
Comment 51 of 134
Money can buy anything! The justice system sucks. It's not what you know, it's who you know.
Posted by: Michael Murphy of Gold Coast 8:15am today
Comment 50 of 134
Well this just shows what is it like to be a Celebrity or the friend or relative of one. No-one knows what really goes on behind closed doors until you live with them on a day to day basis and see their different moods. Come on fellow Aussies this s disgraceful. Does Ruth Satchwell have no problems after she was attacked by this son of Bert andPatty Newton?No one takes into account the fact that she may be still suffering from his beating. Domestic Violence laws here in Australia need to be tightened a lot more to bring true justice for the innocent victims.
Posted by: Helen Hirst of Brisbane 8:12am today
Comment 49 of 134
A lot of judges are so far out of touch with reality that the whole legal process needs review. Solicitors and judges have always put the law above justice for their own gains to the deriment of society, and it is only when the law serves justice that society can improve.
Posted by: Geoff King of null 8:11am today
Comment 48 of 134
Why is it if its a celebrity they get special treatment and if its an ordinary person they would have the conviction stand? this just sends a message out saying no worries about being abusive as you may get off but remember only if your a celebrity.....
Posted by: bron 8:11am today
Comment 47 of 134
If he was not bert and Pattes son he would not have escaped a conviction. Most of us have to solve our own problems, the cost of a shrink is too high. Life is easier for some. A conviction would help make a man of the boy still holding mums apron strings.
Posted by: John of Colac 8:11am today
Comment 46 of 134
just like any other ordinary person Matthew needs to be held accountable for his disgusting behaviour. the judge has put celebrity above the real issues-domestic violence happens at all levels of society and is unacceptable wherever it occurs. i hope this case is reviewed-it sends all the wrong messages to scum that bash their loved ones.
Posted by: sue of melbourne 8:08am today
Comment 45 of 134
Funny how matthew newtons mental illness never caused him to start a fight with anyone bigger or stronger than him. It seems it only got the better of him when he felt like he could beat up his girlfriend without any risk to himself. The poor guy...we should all feel sorry for him. the take home message is domestic violence is okay, as long as you are a celebrity. Its only those awful wife beaters without influential friends that are doing the wrong thing.
Posted by: Ron Burgundy of Sydney 8:08am today
Comment 44 of 134
gee and i thought australia said NO to domestic violence what a joke ,,, did judge moore get his autograph as well if jo blo fronted court on the same charge we all know what would happen and did judge moore consider what this has done to brooke satchwell s career shame shame shame judge moore
Posted by: ANDREW of bris 8:06am today
Comment 43 of 134
Typical. Just another case of someone not accepting responsibility for their own actions. When is the Judicial System going to wake up? Letting off offenders sends the wrong message.. and does not stop them or anyone else re-offending. Young Master Newton (I just cant call him Mister..) needs to be taught a lesson, namely RESPONSIBILTY, as a first step to GROWING UP.
Posted by: richard clark of sydney 8:06am today
Comment 42 of 134
Posted by: B.Dawson of Melbourne 8:05am today
Comment 41 of 134
Here here Leo. What does our "Justice" system tell us? That domestic violenced is ok, especially if you are famous. Again we are shown just how out of touch these Judges are.
Posted by: Ned 8:04am today
Comment 40 of 134
Star treatment! What a surprise. I wonder if Brooke Satchwell felt like a star when that oxygen thief Newton was flogging the cr@p out of her. Our legal system is out of touch. You get more for speeding these days than you do for murder - life is cheap.
Posted by: Pete of Toowoomba 8:02am today
Comment 39 of 134
Well said Leo! The fact is women beaters almost always blame it on something else or say they were provoked - its part of the abuse. Emotional problems or stress or drink/drugs is NOT a good enough reason to hit someone. Society needs to send a very strong message that domestic violence, in all its forms, will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance.
Posted by: Barbara Mills of Forest Hill QLD 8:01am today
Comment 38 of 134
Mr Newton should be convicted. He admitted to the assault. How would poor Brooke be feeling about all of this? What message does it send to others? Judges seem to treat "stars" better than the rest of us!
Posted by: Paul Behan of Southern Highlands NSW 8:01am today
Comment 37 of 134
I can recall seeing the fear and sadness in Ms Satchwells eyes at the Rozelle Post Office last year. Bloody tragic... The victim, (Brook) gets no opportunity to tell her side to an obviously sad story. Mental illness- humbug... nothing short of pathetic, unless his mental incapacity or issue is shown publicly, then its no warning to others.
Posted by: TuShugars of Lilyfield 7:57am today
Comment 36 of 134
"he was unlikely to reoffend" - What rubbish: cowards who hit women are generally life long offenders
Posted by: Susie of Sydney 7:57am today
Comment 35 of 134
Atta Boy Judge - from the look on Newton's face it didn't look like he was too sorry or depressed - more like the cat that just ate the canary. Well we will no doubt be hearing more of Newton's antics in the years to come, and I hope Judge Moore will take some responsibility for not doing HIS job. Where do they find these judges ???
Posted by: Keith of Sydney 7:56am today
Comment 34 of 134
Makes me sick. I worked in a domestic violence refuge for years, it takes years to try and make changes to the societal view of DV and things like this set it back years. He is in the public eye - thats MORE of a reason to convict him and make an example. You cannot uphold the AVO and not the conviction. Thats saying, he is guilty, but we'll let him off. Its disgusting, how does the victim feel now? Way to make a victim feel worse. Just revolting. Mental illness is not a reason to let him off, its a reason to encourage him to use MI supports and systems correctly. How many more will now use that defence? Frustrated, angry, disappointed and disgusted.
Posted by: Fiesty 7:56am today
Comment 33 of 134
What a smug little boy Matthew Newton shows himself to be after getting his own way once again. He has lost all credibility with me as an entertainer as his photo just reminds me that he is a domestically violent thug who got away with it.
Posted by: Mary of Brisbane 7:50am today
Comment 32 of 134
what a joke. he pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend!!!! So what if he loses some jobs and fame because of it. It is what he deserves. he is over-rated anyway and lives off his parents "fame". soooo..............the judge's message is that it is ok to assault a female if you are a celebrity male, because the "notoriety" is enough punishment. VOMIT !!!!!!!!
Posted by: sue of bris 7:48am today
Comment 31 of 134
Come on now! Did you really think he would be treated like any other woman beater? Once a bash artist, always a bash artist. Who he is and who his family are was the factor that got him off. A law for one and a law for others. It stinks. You are a bloody disgrace Mathew! I'll wait for the next time.
Posted by: L.C of Vic 7:45am today
Comment 30 of 134
Newton and Satchwell may be celebrities which is why this case is news...the result is no different to so many average Australians victims of the same sort of abuse. Have an excuse, drugs, alcohol, mental illness and you too could walk out of court with a slap on the wrist...............................
Posted by: Yvonne of Brisbane 7:44am today
Comment 29 of 134
What a disgraces money, money and family connections really means, one law for us and one for the so called famous. stinks!!!!!!!
Posted by: No One 2 Them of Melb 7:38am today
Comment 28 of 134
Who is this "wannabee" any way, riding on the coat tails of his fathers celebrity name? Put him in the clink for a couple of weeks to teach him lesson, and I'm sure he will make lots of nice new friends who will convince him it's not the done thing.
Posted by: Chris of Perth 7:33am today
Comment 27 of 134
Dispicable outcome! As usual, one rule for celebroeties with money, one rule for for the rest of us. What sort of message does this send women in voilent relationships scared to seek help for fear of being dismissed or not being taken seriously? Judges need to start being held accountable for their decisions and their dire consequences of their mistakes for society at large.
Posted by: Claire Licciardo of Gold Coast 7:30am today
Comment 26 of 134
So this Judge was only "acting" in his position according to the report. If that's the case let's hope he is never permanently appointed to it. Having worked in Courts some yaers ago in NSW it never ceased to amaze me at the number of excuses and medical reports put up by a defence solicitor or Barrister in an attempt to get a lesser penalty for a client. That is of course their job, but anyone can fake depression and nervous problems so a court report from so called "experts" can make the presiding Judge or Magistrate feel a bit sorry for them. There are even lawyers who have a list of the best "shrinks" for some clients to get referred to. It's about time the Government woke up to that. And isnt' Mathew Newton some sort of "actor" as well? Think about it.
Posted by: Brian of Brisbane 7:28am today
Comment 25 of 134
Just goes to show, one law for some ,another law for others. Pathetic !!
Posted by: OG of Jerramungup 7:21am today
Comment 24 of 134
how much did that cost!
Posted by: rocafo of qld 7:20am today
Comment 23 of 134
Posted by: andrew house of sydney 7:12am today
Comment 22 of 134
Regardless, he still is a wife beater. His career is over, like he had a career anyway.
Posted by: DAVID of Buderim 7:12am today
Comment 21 of 134
Since when has Mathew Newton been a "star"? Ohh, please!
Posted by: Joey of Blue Mountains 7:08am today
Comment 20 of 134
This is truly a travisty of justice. Newton bashed this woman and it is okay because he didn't feel well at the time and a conviction will hurt his career!! Well excuse me! Assault is still a crime no matter who you are. District Court Judge Joseph Moore has a lot to answer for. If this desicion is NOT reversed, our justice system will be the laughing stock to the whole world.
Posted by: Ron from Albany Creek of Albany Creek 7:03am today
Comment 19 of 134
Let me get this straight, the judge took into account his mental state, this is akin to blaming that for the assault and then his psychiatrist says he is unlikely to reoffend, that doesn't gel. I wonder if the precedent has been set, just blame an "illness" and hope the judge understands that a conviction can damage your career or is it only the celebrities that will be affected that way. This is just another instance of fame getting you out of trouble even if you plead guilty, by using a two faced legal system of this country.
Posted by: Rob M of Adelaide 7:01am today
Comment 18 of 134
If he thinks life will be easier for him because he had his conviction overturned hes got to be kidding the cards are already laid out on the table for him, all I can ay is I hope he gets the help he needs so he doesnt hurt another like that
Posted by: Judith of Sydney 7:00am today
Comment 17 of 134
Shame that ordinary people with a 'mental illness' are still subject to the full force of the law whilst 'celebrities' with the same condition are able to use it as an excuse for their deplorable behaviour.
Posted by: ian johnstone of Canberra 6:55am today
Comment 16 of 134
Strange how money and fame buy favourable treatment. The judge should have, at least, directed Newton to undergo anger management therapy. Once a grub, always a grub. Who will be his next victim?
Posted by: Geoff of Lismore 6:52am today
Comment 15 of 134
I find this decision disgusting. He should face the same punishement as anybody else. This decision shows that our courts are conducting practises which are un-democractic. Do the crime do the time.
Posted by: Darren Keenan of Noosa 6:48am today
Comment 14 of 134
If I were appearing before a court I would want to be judged by someone smart and responsible who listened carefully to the circumstances of the case. I would not want the outcome of my case to be influenced by members of the general public who might have done little more than read a headline.
Posted by: Phil Bachmann of Castlemaine 6:31am today
Comment 13 of 134
Our judicial system is full of old a decrepid judges with a moral sense straight out of the 50's when this sort of thing was ignored. How about a judge make a decision based on his huge salary. They get paid to make the tough decisions. How about they actually make one.
Posted by: Peter of Adleiade 6:30am today
Comment 12 of 134
The most disturbing aspect of this story is that Mathew Newton used "having depression and anxiety as his excuse" There is no excuse for abuse in any form of another human being regardless of circumstances There is no justice in this country Appeal the sentance Ms Satchell for all victims who suffer at the hands of scum like Mathew Newton
Posted by: elizabeth of wodonga 6:15am today
Comment 11 of 134
All these times we think this kind of rubbish can only happen in the America.... no, it can happen in Australia too. All these times, we think Paris Hilton is ridiculous, we have one here at home too.
Posted by: W LO 6:14am today
Comment 10 of 134
If Mathew didn't get star treatment, then it was all the stars that testified in his defence, that received it. Who else's words would have such an impact on a judge to let a man guilty of abuse off the hook.
Posted by: Star 6:01am today
Comment 9 of 134
Totally wrong that Celebs get "special Treatment"....should get harsher sentences, I reckon, 'cos theyre in the Public Eye so model themselves after these people...they have to be responsible for theyre actions, same as every one else.........
Posted by: Ratt of Baden, Tasmania 6:01am today
Comment 8 of 134
Thats not what his Honour was trying to say at all Leo. Try reading with a bit of critical analysis once in a while. His Honour even made mention that "high profile" celebrities do suffer a higher burden as it is, quote "when people reach a position of what could be described as notoriety, they have an added responsibility to behave in a certain manner. The way in which he has been given particular media attention has acted as a considerable measure of punishment". The case WAS already appealed and the conviction was quashed due to extenuating circumstances (Newtons mental illness at the time). End of story. How far do you want the DPP to take this, Leo? The CCA, the High Court, or perhaps they could make a submission to the Privy Council. Get a grip on reality, Leo.
Posted by: Gort of Barsoom,Mars 5:49am today
Comment 7 of 134
What a joke amazing what money and fame can do hey!! Whats the point of finding him guilty in the first place. If the courts are going to be such a joke then why bother convicting people, even when your guilty you can get away with it. Great message to be sending the community!!!
Posted by: m wood of sydney 5:21am today
Comment 6 of 134
Another weak-willed, lilly-livered and inept judge, Australia... Well done.
Posted by: Ashley of sydney 5:13am today
Comment 5 of 134
Court of law or court of opinion? The Judge said that the main influence in his decision was '17 "extraordinary" personal references'.Once again the Australian legal system proves conclusively that no matter what crime you've committed, if you can rally enough people to say you "are a nice bloke" you can get away with anything.
Posted by: Phil of sydney 5:05am today
Comment 4 of 134
Whilst I laugh at the lack of conviction that this Judge has shown towards Mr Newton, I laugh even harder at the fact that his gutless, poor excuse for a man could even remotely been considered a celeb in the first place, what weak boy (he is certainly not a man) needs to physically abuse a woman in the first place, I hope this appeal is overturned and Mr Newton is held accountable for his actions, the photo with the massive smirk on his fave, shows the contempt he seems to have. I hope his career ends in the toilet, and that he gets whats coming to him, Mr Newton I would love to see you try that sort of behaviour against another man, you WIMP!!!
Posted by: Craig of Melbourne 4:43am today
Comment 3 of 134
If harsh media exposure is deemed by justice officials, such as Judge Moore, as adequate punishment for assault related crimes then what about those offenders who ain't celebrities and don't receive any media attention? What kind of 'fair' conviction would they be dealt? I doubt it'll be anything as gentle as a slap on the wrist like our dear Mr. Newton!
Posted by: Monica Situ of Sydney 4:40am today
Comment 2 of 134
Well done Judge Moore, you've just sent a signal to scumbags everywhere thats its ok to keep up the same violent, disgusting behaviour. I sincerly hope the sentence is appealed and the book thrown at Mr Newton - celebrity is no excuse for this sort of crime and needs to be punished!
Posted by: Leo of Perth 3:21am today
Comment 1 of 134

. (0)
Wednesday July 18, 2007, 7:19 pm
Can we say payoff???

Theresa Chartrand (69)
Wednesday July 18, 2007, 10:53 pm
I wondered how much money it took took to pay the judge off!!

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 19, 2007, 2:41 am
This is outrageous and sickening !!!!!!!

Jennie B (14)
Thursday July 19, 2007, 9:28 pm
Some things that should change don't. This is ridiculous. The only reason this kind of spoiled brat gets away with it is because he is rich enough to buy off the judge and the judge shouldn't even be one or as Nadia pointed out, he has the same proclivities. It's the 21st century- how many centuries does it take to get this straight- beating or otherwise abusing women is NOT acceptable by anyone-not celebrities, rich boys/men, gangsters, "I had a bad childhood/I was hit, too" types, there are no reasons for it that stand up in the light of justice. Nor for abuse of men or animals. It's sick, mentally ill, wrong, BAD behavior and deserves justice for the person who was victimized. Period. Noted.

Donna B (13)
Friday July 20, 2007, 5:11 am
Noted. This is disgusting. He's claimed "mental illness" at the time of the gets off on that absurd defense , plus a handful of "character" references ??? ...and, he is now somehow, miraculously "cured" of that "mental illness" that allegedly elicited his violence ??? Yeah, right. And who gives a damn about his "career" being in jeopardy should a penalty have been invoked??? Ridiculous!!!! No penalties, so now he's free to go abuse others, (since he was literally given a free ride )...and this dispicable judge condoned all his loathsome behavior ... whatever happened to the concept of justice? Ugh!
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