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NORWEGIAN GOVERNMENT: We Will Abandon International Law If Sweden Collapses

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- 1181 days ago -
Norway is ready to abandon the Geneva Convention if Sweden collapses. The border will be closed by force, and Swedish refugees will be rejected without the possibility to seek asylum. *We are prepared for the worst,* says P.M. Erna Solberg.


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Patricia M (63)
Monday February 22, 2016, 12:21 pm

Norway is ready to abandon the Geneva Convention if Sweden collapses. The border will be closed by force, and Swedish refugees will be rejected without the possibility to seek asylum. "We are prepared for the worst," says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

There is such an imminent danger that the Schengen agreement, and the asylum system in Sweden will break down, that Norway must have an emergency legislation in place in case it happens, believes Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Therefore, she has crafted a law that will allow for Norwegian authorities to reject asylum seekers who do not come directly from a conflict area.

This means that asylum seekers who want to come to Norway from Russia, but also from the other Nordic countries, will be denied the right to seek asylum, which otherwise is anchored in the UN Refugee Convention.

"It is a force majeure proposal which we will have in the event that it all breaks down, that the flow (of refugees) just comes, and they all end up in Norway, because we are at the top of Europe. Norway is the end point, is not it," says Erna Solberg in an interview with Berlingske.

The legislation will soon be presented to the Parliament, where it is expected to meet broad support, like the government's other tightenings of the asylum policies lately.

According to Berlingske, the Norwegian government has been heavily criticized by several commentators. The Bar Association in Norway, says it is a clear violation of Norway's so-called "international obligations", since it is contrary to the Geneva Convention to reject Swedes seeking asylum, without examining their asylum applications.

But Solberg defends the policy.

- We must take certain steps to prepare for the worst of scenarios, said the Norwegian Prime Minister to Berlingske.

The Danish government rejects introducing a similar proposal in Denmark, but follows the Norwegian emergency law 'very carefully'.


Peggy B (43)
Monday February 22, 2016, 12:29 pm
Interesting article.

Teresa W (782)
Monday February 22, 2016, 1:50 pm
The situation is generally scary...

Roger G (148)
Monday February 22, 2016, 1:59 pm
i believe this government will be followed by others very soon, borders are being closed all over the world..
and 'travel advices' from most Western countries are getting scarier by the day, be it regarding Indonesia or Malayasia (yesterday's advice from Australia's DFAT warns of terrorist attacks coming to Kuala Lumpur), so people are going to travel less to stay safe...
After what happened in France migrants are not welcomed anymore anywhere in Europe, even Merkel has now recognized her mistake when calling for 800,000 so called "refugees' to come to Germany last year...

Lone F (58)
Monday February 22, 2016, 4:06 pm
"According to Berlingske, the Norwegian government has been heavily criticized by several commentators. The Bar Association in Norway, says it is a clear violation of Norway's so-called "international obligations", since it is contrary to the Geneva Convention to reject Swedes seeking asylum, without examining their asylum applications."

A tense situation indeed!
Thanks for posting Patricia!

Hilary S (65)
Monday February 22, 2016, 5:04 pm
hard to imagine sweden collapsing - remember that sweden's economy is largely built on its vast and powerful arms industry. if that collapses, terrorist organisations and other powerful countries with military structures, who require weapons with no strings attached, would be left in a vacuum.

still, it's interesting to see norway drawing a line.

Animae C (508)
Monday February 22, 2016, 8:08 pm
Thanx Patricia

Roro l (0)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 2:02 am
Thank you

P. L. N (21)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 2:13 am
Now, this is what REALLY IS frustrating about all this. Many of these Muslim refugees come from other parts of the world. Syria and Iraq could never handle populations as large as the influx of refugees that arrived in Europe recently!!!
This really is not an immigration or asylum issue. This really is an invasion or a jihad issue!

Past Member (0)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 2:17 am
The 1% evil machine that rules the planet, is smiling. This is just the beginning. The younger set has got to wake up and learn who and what is ruling and causing the destruction of Earth and the masses---and why. Then unify with as many courageous people as possible and join in what I believe will be a global revolution--not merely a political, socio-economic protest. Thanks Patricia. Noted with no surprise, but with trepidation.

Past Member (0)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 7:12 am
They should have closed the border long ago, I hope to see many more countries closing borders, including the U.S. of course while Obama is still in the WH it probably won't happen...

Past Member (0)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 9:34 am
They should draw a line to the countries who create that chaos around the globe. Including USA...

Kay M (46)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 12:33 pm
GOOD AFTERNOON AND THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE -which i read and noted- sincerely KAY M.

Maggie D (69)
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 1:24 pm
Sorry, Janice, but this has nothing to do with the so called 1%. A class that Obama belongs to. It is the leftists and PC police who have enabled this invasion of foreign masses, many of whom are hell bent on the destruction of Western society. Naive countries who didn't want to be criticized as racist, a favorite word used by leftists to get their way, are now paying for their pandering to Muslims who they allowed into their countries with no questions asked. Obama has no intention of stopping the inevitable flow of Muslims into America. After all, Obama has given nuclear capabilities to a totalitarian government in Iran whose people shout, "Death to America." "Death to Israel." and is releasing prisoners from Gitmo who are returning to ISIS to continue their destruction of anything standing in their way.

Arild W (174)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 1:43 am
This is BS Patricia,Norway have closed it's border to Russia nt Sweden:

Ben O (132)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 4:43 am
Well I sure hope my country won't collapse... : ~ (

Arild W (174)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 9:20 am
Don't worry Ben,neither Sweden nor Norway will collapse,what will happen to the "Schengen Agreement" is another thing.

To st this story straight Patricia,Norway have closed it's border with Russia and are sending the refugees back to Russia in accordance with the "Dublin Regulation":

Closing the border between Norway and Sweden is almost impossible,we were one Country between 1812 and 1814, 1 Country with 2 Constittions between 1814 - 1905 when Norway decided to cut it's ties with Sweden we became 2 separate Countries.During the WWII even the Germans weren't able to close the border between Norway and Sweden and we have always seen ourselfes like brother Countries together with Denmark and we have an agreement of free travel without passports since 14. juli 1952.

I would recommend that you check your facts before you post Patricia,I will not note this story because it's based on a big fat lie.

Arild W (174)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 11:27 am
I've reported you Patricia:
"First of all nothing that Patricia writes is true,the source she uses is just as unrealible.How she manages to blaim Norway for not following the "Geneva Convention" is beyond any interpretation of the "Geneva Convention".For any further explanation you better read my last post on this theme.I'm a Norwegian and blaiming the PM Erna Solberg is so far from the truth that it would be laughable if the problem was so serious.I would recommend Care2 to work to help all the desperate and poor people around the world and not spread lies like this.

Your report has been submitted to Customer Service. Thank you.

Lynn Mark (0)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 12:03 pm
Norway has not, so recent memories of Quisling . And what happens when you let such a man have power!It wants to save itself.

This "small" in population but proud nation, does not any more trouble.Opening their doors and hearts gave them crimes dormant for 100 years!!!
Why is there consternation for a civilized nation standing up for its survival, but a blind eye toward the rogue players and their daily human rights violations!If they even bothers to sign or uphold any conventions.

Arild W (174)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 4:08 pm
Quisling is today part of the internatinal language Lynn:
"A quisling (/ˈkwɪzlɪŋ/; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈkʋɪsˈlɪŋ]) is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force. The word originates from the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling, who headed a domestic Nazi collaborationist regime during the Second World War." ( He was sentenced to death and shot when WWII ended.)

All agreements Norway have signed we uphold Today we don't fight for our survival - being the wealthiest Country in the world - but as you mention Lynn:"we are a small but proud nation" that work with any peaceful means to seek a better world for all.

That's why my reaction to Patricia's post is so forcefull,of course we have ultra rightwing forces in Norway as USA have Republican "teabaggers",but for the time being it's only a minute part of the population in Norway.

So Patricia how do you feel about "The Donald" being the new President of the USA???

Patricia M (63)
Wednesday February 24, 2016, 4:56 pm

@Arild. I don't write the articles. If you believe that they are unreliable, then you have every right to try to prove that contention. Simply giving your opinion on the subject proves nothing, regardless of how strongly you feel about it.

Strength of feeling is also no excuse for bandying about smear tactics as you have so carelessly, egotistically and self-righteously done.

The use of "ultra right-wing" to equate with Republican Teabaggers is very manipulative and really quite dubious.

Most people use the term "ultra" right wing to associate something with fascists, like Nazis, which you may have in Norway.

And frankly there may be some in the Teabag movement who may border on that. But it seems to me that they want to preserve the U.S. Constitution, the very Constitution that this country was built on and the very Constitution that is currently being trashed as flawed, archaic and in need of being rendered obsolete. And although I am not - nor have ever been even associated with them - I do agree that our Constitution is worth keeping, very worth keeping. If that makes me right wing, so be it.

What your "ultra-right wing" forces are in Norway are, Arild, I do not know. But I know this. You clearly have a tendency to smear inaccurately with broad brush, so I would be very unlikely to believe much about what you say about them. I would want to seek many other sources to see what defines them, because you have deemed yourself untrustworthy.

I'm glad you asked. I do not like Trump. I have never liked him. I think he would make an awful president. Very sadly, I see that we have no candidates that I can really stomach. I think we are in big trouble.

However, Trump has clearly tapped into a very real anger that the present administration goes to GREAT lengths to keep denying and sweeping under the rug. That Trump has done so easily lies is because this administration's horrible approach made Donald Trump and bred this VERY REAL problem with its horrible policies.

This administration, capped by the POTUS, created Donald Trump's ascendancy. Yet another reason wish he had never been elected.


Ben O (132)
Thursday February 25, 2016, 1:51 am
You're right Arild, I shouldn't have noted this bullshit...

Patricia M (63)
Thursday February 25, 2016, 2:13 am



Arild W (174)
Thursday February 25, 2016, 3:44 am
Speisa is spreading fake news:

Credibility Crisis:News website publishing fake reports!

No news organisation in Norway or Sweden have reported what you/ claims and it's not for me to prove you wrong.You made the accusation and you need to find a reliable source to back it up.

My comment on Republican "Teabaggers" is my political opinion which I can state freely and I can find millions of Americans who agree with me.

Patricia M (63)
Thursday February 25, 2016, 9:40 am

First of all, you took this from a BLOG. What authority does a BLOG have? (editindia) BLOGS are OPINION perpetuators. They are not proofs of anything. They are not even journalists. For a blog to contradict a report is at best equal to nothing.

Secondly, "Following the report Saudi media accused IRANIAN media of fabricating the fatwa, noting that the fatwa was not on the official's website."

So the story was an IRANIAN invention, picked up by numerous other media sources in response. Why don't you go to the Iranians, and give them a bunch of grief for making up stories about the Saudis issuing such fatwahs?

And then you can go to all of the other media outlets who also picked up this story and give them a tongue-lashing for believing Iranian propaganda.

Yes, you are absolutely right that you absolutely have the right to state your OPINION. And despite your inflated sense of self, it is important to remember, that it is just that: OPINION.

And I would also say that your boast that you can "find millions of Americans who agree with" you should be considered . Great! Hundreds of millions agreed with Hitler. Hundreds of millions agreed with Stalin. Hundreds of millions agree with North Korea's dictators. You might want to be careful about using numbers of the ranks of ignorant, PC, uninformed to support your contentions.


Arild W (174)
Thursday February 25, 2016, 3:22 pm
You started this post by using copy and paste :"Norway is ready to abandon the Geneva Convention if Sweden collapses. The border will be closed by force, and Swedish refugees will be rejected without the possibility to seek asylum." from a website called which is known worldwide for making up fake news.
I used a blog to explain what is the current situation in Europe because what you/ is so far from the truth that as you asked me to prove your lie is impossible.I'm not even sure that you know what the "Geneva Convention" is,because what USA is doing classifying prisoners of war as unlawful combatants and keeping them at Gitmo in Cuba is clearly breaking the "Geneva Convention" .What the Geneva Convention states is:
"An unlawful combatant, illegal combatant or unprivileged combatant/belligerent is a combatant who directly engages in armed conflict in violation of the laws of war. An unlawful combatant may be detained or prosecuted under the domestic law of the detaining state for such action, subject of course to international treaties on justice and human rights.
The Geneva Conventions apply in wars between two or more sovereign states. Article 5 of the Third Geneva Convention states that the status of a detainee may be determined by a "competent tribunal". Until such time, he must be treated as a prisoner of war."
So as you just learned the "Geneva Convention" only applies in such situations when war is declared between 2 or more Countries.
As a curiosity I can tell you that Norway and Sweden was at war for a few hours in 1905 but after the Norwegians killed a Swedish Official before lunch,after lunch both parties decided to end that stupid war and live in peace together as 2 separate Countries.
As I have explained earlier is that the "Schengen Agreement" is suspended ftb inside Europe and this have only consequences for the free travel of persons and goods."The Dublin Regulations" are still in place which means that any person seeking asylum in any Europeean Country must be registered and dealth with in the Country were the person/refugee enters.
OK,end of class for today and regarding how many hundred of millions Germans loved Hitler,how many hundreds of millions who loved Stalin and how many hundreds of millions who loves Kim Jong Un I'll recommend that you go back to school to learn more about your statements Patricia.
(With the exception of a small Chinese community and a few ethnic Japanese, North Korea's 24,852,000 people are ethnically homogeneous.)Hardly hundreds of millions in North Korea..........
Stalin was never loved by the people of the Soviet Union and the Germans were duped into a lie they couldn't flee from.


Patricia M (63)
Thursday February 25, 2016, 6:59 pm

First of all, let's get this straightened out: ".... you're lie...." I appreciate that you think so much of my writing skills that I wrote this article for, and lied in making up the details, but alas, I must humbly admit that I have never written an article for any journal, paper or otherwise. So please do not personalize this as though I have.

Bravo on the Geneva Convention lecture. But in doing so, you have needlessly made this several more orders more complex than need be.

I will say that perhaps this publication engaged in some hyperbole or maybe sensationalism in that it doesn't appear to be talking about defying every aspect of the Geneva Convention, of which there have been many ratifications over the years.

This is clearly talking about one thing: closing the borders if Sweden collapses. For any further discussion about the accuracy of what Norway plans to do, get the word from the government of Norway. Ask for a statement, or find a news source that is very credible and says something other that would make you question the credibility of any particular course of action.

So, if you have any doubts, ask the Norwegian government what they would do if Sweden collapsed. I would loved to hear what you learn. Maybe if enough people dig deeply on this issue, we can find out.


Arild W (174)
Friday February 26, 2016, 3:26 am
Patricia,this is from the article Speisa wrote:
"Norway is ready to abandon the Geneva Convention if Sweden collapses. The border will be closed by force, and Swedish refugees will be rejected without the possibility to seek asylum. "We are prepared for the worst," says Prime Minister Erna Solberg."
As you copied and pasted this and used it as an intro to your post you can clearly see that that it talks about the Geneva Convention and when you post fake news you're part of that lie.
Sweden will not collapse and they have decided to return 80 000 asylumseekers out of a total of 160 000 that have arrived so far,Norway will return several thousand asylumseekers to Russia and have already closed the border with Russia.
I listen to Norwegian News every day and I've googled all Norwegian and Swedish newspapers and nothing is mentioned about closing the borders between Norway and Sweden.

If you still want contact PM Erna Solberg you can go here.

You will also find her speech to the Parliament/Storting and there you can read all about Norway's reaction to this refugee crisis,were borders is mentioned it regards towards Countries outside the "Schengen Agreement" not Sweden which is inside this area.

If you still want to pursue this lie feel free but that says more about you than us.

Patricia M (63)
Friday February 26, 2016, 6:53 am

I like a person who is thorough, so kudos on that, and thank you, too, for the link, I will try that out on Sunday, because it's going to be a very busy couple of days starting in the next couple of hours.

As a possible consideration, in the past few months I have read/heard articles/videos of journalists who say that they have been ordered by their own governments (in Europe) who are FORBIDDEN to report on the negative sides of the rush migrants into Europe, including covering rapes and riots. So it appears that the government is trying to shush a lot of things up regarding migrants.

The question to me is why. It's across the board, in many countries.

Also do you work for the government?


Arild W (174)
Friday February 26, 2016, 8:11 am
No I don't work for the Norwegian Goverment but my daughter does.I'm on the other side of the political spectrum,as far left as you can go and I know most of the elite in the Norwegian Social Democratic party personally.As I now live in Portugal I can't call myself an active political player in Norwegian politics any more,but you can trust the information I'm giving you is the truth and nothing but the goddam truth,

As an advice,check out your sources before you use them,an Indian website called is known all over the world as making up fake news.

Patricia M (63)
Friday February 26, 2016, 9:11 am

Ah, yes. That does make a lot of sense regarding your very strongly biased stance.

I learned from my very intelligent brother-in-law that truth cannot be learned from listening from either the left or right alone, but one must commit to listening/reading/suffering through through both sides for a few years to be able to begin to tease out the truth between the two. That sometimes sends me running away from both. But I have come to believe that he is correct, that too much attention to one side or another sucks our brains into their echo chamber's one sided version of "truth", which of course, is clearly only a half truth.

As is done in U.S. courts, witnesses are obliged to swear or confirm that they will tell the WHOLE truth, and nothing BUT the truth. And when I listen or read either leftist or rightist sites/radio, part of me wants to scream (and actually occasionally does) for what they both MENDACIOUSLY refuse to say.

So I think it's important to argue with both and present the other side to the other side and do it to both. As for me, I'm all over the political map, and am still somewhat of a work in progress, without a political home, and have far less trust than you do in any given side.

Time will tell, Arild, what will be. Time will tell.

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