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Jewish Voice for Peace VIDEO - Settlers Take Over a Palestinian Home in Hebron (LAND GRABBING)

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- 602 days ago -
Hebron at the home of the Abu Rajab family, being overtaken by settlers who surrounded the house & are physically attacking the family, who remain on the ground & 1st floor - in full view of the army & the Israeli police. The family is appealing to the


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Evelyn B (63)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 11:02 am
Settlers take over a home in Hebron
This is what it looks like at in Hebron at the home of the Abu Rajab family which is being overtaken by settlers. Settlers have surrounded the house and are physically attacking the family, who remain on the ground floor and first floor. "This is happening in full view of the army and the Israeli police. The family is appealing to the international community to provide protection to them,"

Evelyn B (63)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 11:11 am
From what Stephen B explained -
The IDF (Israeli soldiers) are NOT mandated to intervene when Israelis attack Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Their mandate is to protect the settlers against any violence by the Palestinians -
- even when this is in response to settler violence towards the Palestinians ...
- even when the settlers have committed crime towards the Palestinians -
- Even if the intervention against settlers is by Palestinian police ...

i.e - impunity for illegal, extremist settlers under the eyes of the IDF - because they have no authority to intervene ...

Breaking The Silence is an organisation that responds to those IDF with integrity and a real sense of justice - so who SUFFER as a result of such situations

HOW can peace be constructed when these extremist youth are effectively encouraged to go out, break the law, steal homes that are not theirs - and have a great time doing so, because they know they'll be protected?

Sue H (7)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 11:12 am

Lona G (66)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 11:33 am
Settlers? They look like a militia to me, one that is partying while the police and/or IDF (people in uniform) are doing their dirty work for them. Disgusting.

Evelyn B (63)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 12:33 pm
I think IDF are in dark uniform; the pale grey seem to be settlement militia/ police.

NO body is defending the Palestinians ...

Evelyn B (63)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 12:36 pm
Kudos to the woman of the house -

Freya H (345)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 1:04 pm
Land grabbing is right! This is arrogance in action, with greed in tow.

Meanwhile, here are two petitions against legislation that would outlaw boycotting Israel:

Against the House version

Against the Senate version

fahad Al fahad (140)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 1:34 pm
Any international community you ask for protection! A society shaky with the Zionist! These people only understand the language of power! the , funny in the sight of the police officer refugee from Africa and expelling the original landowners! United Nations need lessons in democracy and justice ! emaciated ???

Judy C (91)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 1:46 pm
This is horrible. Thanks Evelyn. Petitions already signed.

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 6:16 pm
So wrong. It's appalling. Really would love to know how this differs from what the Germans did in WW2. They just took their homes--sent them to concentration camps+worse as we know today. I just can't believe that you hear no outrage of this--not even from this so called progressive Pope. It really is BADDDDD. How can these Jews+all the others who move into stolen homes sleep at nite. Disgusting.

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 6:20 pm
And petitions already signed too.

Shirley S (187)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 7:23 pm
Horrific !

Miss You All Dearly (67)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 7:31 pm
Thank you this Evelyn........started in 1948

Miss You All Dearly (67)
Thursday July 27, 2017, 7:32 pm
Why is anyone surprised

Peggy B (43)
Friday July 28, 2017, 7:07 am
Shared. This is appalling.

fly bird (26)
Friday July 28, 2017, 8:35 am
More than 100 settlers move in, saying the move is partly in response to clashes in Jerusalem

Israeli settlers illegally occupy Palestinian home in Hebron

More than 100 Israeli settlers are occupying a Palestinian home in the flashpoint city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, in what they said was a response to the ongoing situation in Jerusalem.

The settlers have barricaded themselves in, according to witnesses, and are flying Israeli flags on the roof of the building.

The house – owned by the al-Rajab family, but known to Israelis as Beit HaMechpela – lies close to the Ibrahimi Mosque, site of the 1994 massacre by an extremist Israeli-American which killed 29 Palestinians.

Hazim Abu Rajab al-Tamimi, the son of the owner, said that the army had declared the area a closed military zone, and 200 settlers were surrounding the building.

"We have asked the local courts to evict them, as this is illegal," he said. "We are awaiting a response."

Imad Hamdan, manager of the rebuilding committee of Hebron, said that the authorities could easily have prevented the settlers from entering the property, and could force them to evacuate now.

"The Israeli army and police could stop the settlers from occupying the house," he told MEE.

"Occupiers are supposed to provide protection for those they occupy, according to the Geneva Convention," he said, referring to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, the settlers had been given the green light to occupy the house at a political level, Hamdan added, citing reports in the Israeli media that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked his defence minister to order authorities not to intervene to evict the settlers.

Israeli settlers look out of the building which they have occupied (Facebook)

Hamdan also said the settlers’ move was likely made possible by the ongoing situation in Jerusalem, where tension is simmering over security measures around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after the shooting dead of two Israeli security guards there.

What is happening in Jerusalem has an impact in Hebron and we feel that

- Imad Hamdan, manager of the rebuilding committee of Hebron

"These violations by the Israeli government come at the same time as the attacks in Jerusalem," Hamdan said.

"What is happening in Jerusalem has an impact in Hebron and we feel that. Al-Aqsa is a twin to the Ibrahimi Mosque, Hebron is a twin to Jerusalem."

Speaking from inside the house, the settlers’ spokesperson Shlomo Levinger said that the occupation of the building was our "real response to those who murder us and kill us," referring to the Israeli authorities backtracking on installing metal detectors around the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Path of Jewish settlement

"This is a symbol of the path of Jewish settlement in Hebron. This is the city of the fathers and by the help of God we will hold it, and we will spread, and we will live here," he said in a video statement.

Anti-settlement Israeli NGO Peace Now has urged the authorities to evict the settlers, and said some 15 families have occupied the house.

"We demand that the government orders the immediate evacuation of the settlers who invaded Beit HaMachpela," it said in a statement.

The house is the subject of an ongoing legal battle, and Israeli settlers were originally evicted from the same building in 2012, after failing to produce the legal documents proving their claims to have bought it.

"After their claims of ownership had been denied, the settlers have decided to take the law into their own hands and establish an illegal settlement that might ignite the region," Peace Now’s statement added.

Mariam Fleischmann, another settler, said that she would recommend the experience to all Hebron mothers and that it was proving an exciting and educational opportunity for her nine children.

"We do not plan to go anywhere. We have a sofa and a fridge and everything we need."

fly bird (26)
Friday July 28, 2017, 8:35 am

Darren Woolsey (218)
Friday July 28, 2017, 10:46 pm
Shared original facebook stream over social media and RESHARED the petitions mentioned by Freya above.

Roslyn McBride (28)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 1:39 am

Dawnie W (250)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 1:42 am
💙💚💜Noted...Shocking...How a mob of greedy people can come and take your house and belongings. This is greed gone mad and overboard. The people doing the overtaking need to open their holy book and read it and say sorry and take their sorry bones else where to live. These people have no heart or moral fibre because if they did they would be able to see it is a terrible injustice that they seek to perpetrate.

💚💙💜Thank you...Evelyn.💙💜💚

💚😉💜ღ 💙Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ😺💜L💙ve, Hugs and Peace go with you all💜😺Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ღ💙😉💚

Barb SiteIssues V (202)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 3:55 am
Petitions Prev. Signed & Noted, Thank you Evelyn , Freya & Darren

Sheryl G (359)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 5:25 am
Heartfelt sorrow......this should never be allowed to happen. I agree completely with Dawn W's comment.

I'm sickened by my own Country, that claims to hold such high standards and continues to turn a blind eye and even aids in such things by sending great amounts of money.

Marija M (25)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 6:01 am

Ed Site Issues V (198)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 7:24 am
Petitions Prev. S,N, Thanks Evelyn , Freya

TOM T (247)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 9:02 am

TOM T (247)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 9:02 am

Janis K (129)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 12:01 pm

Evelyn B (63)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 6:35 pm
Dawn -
***************************************************************************************** - one GS is NOT enough for your comment!

Jess ********************************************************************************* for the article you shared

"Mariam Fleischmann, another settler, said that she would recommend the experience to all Hebron mothers and that it was proving an exciting and educational opportunity for her nine children."
Tom's WTF is particularly fitting - "exciting"? "educational"? How to steal a family's ancestral home is exciting & educational? What kind of values is she wanting her 9 children to learn?
How to hate?
How to oppress?
How being an extremist settler allows one total impunity from any legal or moral standards?

HOW can any progress be made towards building peace in the face of such attitudes?

And compare the mindset with that of the Abu Rajab family - non-violent resistance, even faced with violence by settler militia & IDF ... and remember that image at the end, where the mother stands, holding a front line against those planning to take over the rest of her family home.

Evelyn B (63)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 6:40 pm
The US Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism Country Reports on Terrorism 2016, released a few days ago includes a very relevant comment:

"Continued drivers of violence included a lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood, Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, the perception that the Israeli government was changing the status quo on the Haram Al Sharif/Temple Mount, and IDF tactics that the Palestinians considered overly aggressive. "

Chapter 2. Country Reports: Middle East and North Africa

Evelyn B (63)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 6:46 pm
If one allows oneself to imagine, even just briefly, being in the shoes of this Palestinian mother, this Palestinian family ...

Could you control angry violent response?
I'm not sure that I could - but these people have learnt that violence always works against them. Every day, they have to exercise self control, resist through NON-violence.

When will enough Israeli Jews, & Jews around the world be able to create sufficient pressure on the pro-Zionist right-wingers to bring an end to these policies & strategies of oppression, occupation, theft of land and of dignity?

Colleen L (3)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 7:17 pm
Disgusting. I agree with Dawn's comment. Thanks Evelyn

Janet B (0)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 7:37 pm

Glennis W (393)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 7:48 pm
Deplorable and despicable what do you expect there Thank you for caring and sharing Evelyn and Darren for passing on.

fly bird (26)
Saturday July 29, 2017, 8:44 pm
wish this would be on our local news.....

SylvieBusy A (190)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 4:17 am
It's horrible ! Thank you for sharing.

Julie B (0)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 5:41 am
It makes sad reading and knowing to what lengths some heartless people go unto! Innocent caring people must be protected from such people. Time to come together to help the 1's in this position. Greed and this behaviour/way of living to be stamped out. Giving Peace ito live in Peace :) sending Prayers&Blessings

Roberto MARINI (88)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 8:19 am
it is very sad, thanks for sharing this article

Les M (3)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 10:08 am
when will we learn from our past?! many in the US have forgotten what our government did to the Japanese-Americans during WWII.

fly bird (26)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 4:03 pm
"The Gaza Strip, located between Egypt and Israel, borders the Mediterranean Sea and has historically been a prime location for trade. It contains the city of Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world. Since the formation of the Israeli state in 1948, Palestinian life has been dominated by the ensuing issues and conflicts. Many have emigrated due to the extremely poor living conditions and the instability of life. Sixty-one percent of all Palestinians live as exiles. With a global diaspora of 10 million, the population of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank numbers only 4 million."

Janet B (0)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 8:47 pm

S J (124)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 10:07 pm
Sadly and bitterly witness disgusting act, sometimes I don't wonder why some people turn to hell like Isis. They are cornered, they have no where to go, it's understandable though unacceptable. How can we make peace without stopping the aggressive and greedy people like this. Noted with heavy heart dear Evelyn

Fran F (116)
Sunday July 30, 2017, 11:52 pm
Despicable! Thanks for posting, Evelyn, and thanks to Freya for the 2 petitions, which I signed and shared.

Rehana VN (0)
Monday July 31, 2017, 5:35 am
Signed. Outrageous! The silence is deafening!

Ian Crory (31)
Monday July 31, 2017, 5:29 pm

fly bird (26)
Monday July 31, 2017, 6:20 pm
The shame of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war

Fifty years have passed since Israel launched its war against the Arab World on June 5, 1967, claiming that it was “forced” to attack Egypt, then Syria and later Jordan, occupying the remaining portions of Palestine that it failed to take nearly two decades earlier. Although Israel has officially maintained it would be willing to return the occupied lands for peace, it’s conduct since says otherwise. That conduct is reflected in an ongoing campaign of lies, distortions and propaganda spin that sits well in America, but not in the court of honesty.

I was just a kid in 1967 when Egypt’s President Gamal Abdul Nasser was screaming about Israel which was established only 19 years earlier and vowing to “push the Jews into the sea.”

Nasser’s words were twisted into a reflection of what pro-Israeli propagandists have asserted was “anti-Semitism,” the truth is that Israel called itself the “Jewish State” and the state was carved out of a division between “Jews” and “non-Jews.”

The Israeli assertion of anti-Semitism wasn’t the worst part. It was the worst lie Israel ever told or would tell, just one of many that helped spin pro-Israel support and suppress the truth so that the American public could remain in an Israeli information headlock.

The truth was that Jewish immigrants to Palestine accepted a United Nations Partition that was pushed by its supporters in the wake of the Nazi-driven Holocaust, the extermination of some 6 million Jews in gas chambers and horrific medical experiments and a brutality that was so horrendous that no human being could not sympathize with that suffering.

But it was those who survived the Holocaust, not those who died, who went to Palestine and then used that suffering of their people to win over world sympathies to justify the destruction of another people’s aspirations. Non-Jews, Palestinians, who made up 66 percent of the population of Palestine, were told by the United Nations where they had little representation, that they would have to give more than half their state to the Holocaust survivors.

Who could say no to that one-sided logic? The Holocaust was the most inhumane atrocity committed against human beings, an unprecedented mass slaughter by the Nazis during Worlds War II that is so reprehensible it’s impossible to even fathom.

In contrast, the world knew little about the Palestinians, Christians and Muslims who have lived on the land since the time of Christ. Their roots go back to Biblical days and many Palestinian Christians and Muslims trace their heritage to the original Hebrews, whom the Jews claim as their own. Apparently, conversions from Judaism to Christianity and then Islam don’t count in the court of modernday public opinion.

Pushed by Britain and the United States, which had strong pro-Jewish lobbies, the United Nations imposed the partition of Palestine into 7 zones, including one international zone for the Holy City of Jerusalem, and six zones that overlapped like a checkerboard that would make up the “Jewish State” and the “Arab State.”

Once approved, the incomprehensible overlapping maps were made to result in a war and war it was internally through the end of 1947 and the beginning of 1948, until Israel declared its independence, not just within it’s borders but also in the borders of part of the Arab State, too. In fact, even before Israel declared its statehood, it’s militias attacked and occupied a dozen cities inside the so-called Arab State and massacred the Arab populations in several cities, like at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948, to create fear among the non-Jewish populations.

Since then, Israel propaganda has called the Deir Yassin massacre and the theft of Christian and Muslim lands “a myth” in their powerful propaganda that has been unchallenged in America by truth and embraced by uneducated, ignorant Americans as if it were truth.

How do you beat that?

And in the early morning hours of June 5, 1967, Israel implemented an invasion it had been contemplating for years, to capture the Old City of Jerusalem (Arab East Jerusalem) and the West Bank of the Jordan River to fulfill its land needs and land growth and its vision of Eretz Israel, or Greater Israel.

Americans went along. Israel said it was about to be attacked by Nasser, a myth that Nasser made believable by his pompous and bombastic rhetoric. Egypt’s army was poorly trained and poorly equipped by the Russians, another reason why the Americans believed Israel and turned a blind eye to truth. Israel had been supplied by the United States and by then had even manufactured a nuclear bomb.

The Israeli armies rushed into Egypt, then Syria and eventually Jordan in a mechanized blitzkrieg of tanks and military personal, covered by one of the most powerful air forces in the world. The Israelis destroyed the Arab Armies in a sweep that lasted only a few days and in the process, even managed to nearly destroy an American communications ship that was clearly flying the American flag.

But Israel intentionally attacked the U.S.S. Liberty Naval Communications ship on June 8, 1967, killing 34 American crew members and seriously injuring 174 other American servicemen. Unprepared for an assault by their “ally,” the crew of the Liberty barely managed to fight back.

Why did Israel attack the Liberty? The Israelis feared that the U.S. Communications vessel (some called a spy ship) may have intercepted Israeli communications which exposed Israel’s lie that it was forced to attack the Arab countries. The communications would have disclosed that Israel was planning to invade East Jerusalem to take control of the city that is holy to three religions in order to control the Jewish holy sites, such as the temple mount under the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall.

Nearly 800,000 Palestinian civilians were forced at gunpoint to leave Palestine in 1948 when Israel took control of 56 percent of the land. And hundreds of thousands more Palestinian civilians were forced out at gunpoint in 1967.

I was just a kid at the time. Tarzan was one of the top programs on American television, a series about a White Man who defeats evil by evil-doers (usually dark skinned people, including Arabs). Andy of Mayberry was also another popular TV series, which featured in one episode two little old white haired White women who were selling hootch to drunks, including one man who was a Muslim Arab who couldn’t speak but the women noted, “They really love their hootch.”

There was a lot of racism on television. Amos and Andy was still popular, two bumbling black people that White people celebrated in TV enjoyment. Racism dominated America. (You can read my book about White Flight from 1969 by clicking here.)

Teachers in my school made me carry a canister to help raise money for the Jewish United Fund to support Israel. You didn’t have a choice. The “stamp out Nasser” campaign was officially embraced not only by the Chicago Public Schools but also by the City of Chicago. The Arabs were compared to the Nazis and Israeli propaganda asserting that the Arabs planned a new “Holocaust” was very believable.

The kids surrounded me and demanded to know “Whose side are you on?” I was an American, I tried to respond as they wanted to know “What are you?” But that didn’t matter to anyone.

Meanwhile, Richard Speck had been sentenced to death that very day for killing eight student nurses a year ago about 8 blocks south of where I lived. And the following year both Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., would be assassinated — Kennedy by a Palestinian immigrated in Los Angeles on the one year anniversary of the June 5, 1967 war, dying shortly after midnight on June 6. The Assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, reportedly was angry with Kennedy’s support of Israel and the loss of his family’s land and homes during the 1967 war a year earlier.

Israelis were masters of propaganda, exploiting everything to their advantage and twisting into ugliness the rights and suffering of the Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

How could Christians so turn their backs on their people in Palestine, my mother, who was born in the Holy City of Bethlehem, would often wonder aloud? American Christians didn’t care that Christians were being killed by Israelis because the mainstream American news media didn’t report on it that way. Palestinians killed by Israel were described by Israel as “Arab terrorists” and the American people just accepted it. In fact, in the late 1950s, Israel commissioned Leon Uris to write the fictional novel “Exodus” to help “frame” the Israel narrative of its birth and the terrorism of the Arabs who hated Jews.

The most nauseating aspect of the movie is the injection of Nazis into the Exodus plot suggesting that the Arabs were a part and cause of the Holocaust. The Arabs, according to Uris, wanted to murder children. The “Jews” who fled Nazi persecution during the Holocaust wanted to build a land that the Arabs “didn’t want.”

The book and the subsequent film featuring Paul Newman is obnoxious and nauseating to the point of being reprehensible and disgustingly filled with lies.

Meanwhile, the Arabs had no effective propaganda of their own. They lacked any communications skills. They were angry and over the years, their anger festered into uncontrollable emotions that always seemed to explode during debates.

Israeli violence was justified as being a part of a war. Arab violence was denounced as “anti-semitic” acts of “terrorism.”

The real tragedy of the 1967 war is not the war itself but the fact that 50 years later, nothing has changed.

Arabs blame Israel, and they certainly deserve much of the blame refusing to make peace and doing everything possible to make the Two-State Solution compromise an impossibility by building Jewish-only settlements int he very areas that supposedly would be a part of the proposed “Palestine State.”

But the Arabs deserve credit for their suffering, too. Incapable of controlling their emotions, they allowed their cause to be trampled by Israeli propaganda and lies. Kicked to the curb by hypocrisy, fiction and anti-Arab racism.

They did nothing to confront Israel’s lies. They only did what Nasser did. Yelled. Screamed. Stomped their feet. And gave Israel every opportunity to take everything. The Arabs embraced a losing strategy, demanding “All or nothing” and they refused to acknowledge their failures because it would be embarrassing. And shameful.

Arabs can live with shame, apparently, as long as they can blame it all on someone else and not have to work to change it.

Janet B (0)
Monday July 31, 2017, 7:58 pm

fly bird (26)
Monday July 31, 2017, 10:57 pm
I posted the above article, because it mentioned, Israel "..building Jewish-only settlements in the very areas that supposedly would be a part of the proposed “Palestine State” ... as well as other issues and events, that occurred.

I don't agree with everything in the article. I unequivocally oppose and disagree with the author's last 3 paragraphs, in fact, starting with, "Incapable of controlling their emotions", to the end.

This was the first point, where something seemed a little off, in my view. What follows, does not seem to 'align' with what was in the article, in my opinion - it seems disconnected, altogether.
Perhaps, it is a case of 'blame the victim'... It is an all too common , sadly!

(Author's background, noted, from article)


fly bird (26)
Monday July 31, 2017, 11:08 pm
These Israeli "settlers' are not 'settling' - they are anarchists, trying to bully and use force to intimidate and force Palestinian families off their land and out of their homes, farms and communities to take over and steal what belongs to others, destroy lives, break up families, with no morality, conscience or accountability - sanctioned by the Israeli, racist state, and policy of dispossession and 'ethnic cleansing'.
This is the truth, the world must confront. We all must remember, this is history repeating itself.

The occupation must END. Free Palestine!

This is what Nazis did.

fly bird (26)
Monday July 31, 2017, 11:14 pm
Settlers take over Palestinian home in Hebron. 28 July 2017
More than 100 Jewish settlers under Israeli military escort took over a Palestinian building in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron earlier this week.

After barricading themselves in, the settlers dropped Israeli flags from the building.

The building, owned by the Abu Rajab family and located next to the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron’s Old City, has been targeted by settlers for years.

The site has been the subject of an ongoing legal battle, with settlers claiming they purchased the building from its Palestinian owners.

Violent raid

Settlers raided the building on Tuesday and returned the following day, taking over two of its three floors and moving in furniture.

Videos show Israeli soldiers dragging Palestinians away from the home, while a crowd of young settlers looks on, singing and dancing to celebrate the eviction of the Abu Rajab family.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the defense ministry and the military not to evict the settlers.

Netanyahu previously urged against the eviction of settlers from the building during an earlier takeover attempt in 2013.

The Israeli army declared the building a closed military zone on Wednesday, reportedly not allowing any more settlers to enter.

Previous takeover attempt

Settlers made their first attempt to take over the building in 2012.

They were evicted by the Israeli military after failing to produce documents proving they had bought the building, according to the settlement watchdog Peace Now.

Since then, the settlers have put forward documents claiming ownership, but the Abu Rajab family say they are forged.

Israeli officials are reportedly reviewing the documents as they consider how to proceed.

Approximately 850 settlers live in a zone of Hebron which is under full Israeli military control. That zone includes Hebron’s Old City and the Ibrahimi mosque, which Muslims and Jews hold to be the burial site of the prophet Abraham.

Earlier this month the United Nations cultural organization UNESCO passed two resolutions recognizing the Ibrahimi mosque as an endangered Palestinian heritage site.

An American settler massacred 29 Palestinian worshippers at the mosque in 1994.

Settlers roam freely in the area of Hebron which is under full Israeli military control, while Palestinians are subjected to severe movement restrictions, including segregated roads, and violence and harassment by soldiers and settlers alike.


Farah Hage Ali (155)
Tuesday August 1, 2017, 12:26 am
noted, thank you for sharing

Sheryl G (359)
Tuesday August 1, 2017, 6:32 am
"But it was those who survived the Holocaust, not those who died, who went to Palestine and then used that suffering of their people to win over world sympathies to justify the destruction of another people’s aspirations. Non-Jews, Palestinians, who made up 66 percent of the population of Palestine, were told by the United Nations where they had little representation, that they would have to give more than half their state to the Holocaust survivors.

Who could say no to that one-sided logic? The Holocaust was the most inhumane atrocity committed against human beings, an unprecedented mass slaughter by the Nazis during Worlds War II that is so reprehensible it’s impossible to even fathom.

In contrast, the world knew little about the Palestinians, Christians and Muslims who have lived on the land since the time of Christ. Their roots go back to Biblical days and many Palestinian Christians and Muslims trace their heritage to the original Hebrews, whom the Jews claim as their own.

Since then, Israel propaganda has called the Deir Yassin massacre and the theft of Christian and Muslim lands “a myth” in their powerful propaganda that has been unchallenged in America by truth and embraced by uneducated, ignorant Americans as if it were truth."

And there it is........thanks Jess for providing some historical context to a situation that, again was man made, and has been allowed to fester until we have generations from all angles that are locked into this quagmire of shame, pain, and suffering.

Europeans are good a map drawing and dictating where people shall live and then wonder why things are not working out. Many examples beyond what is here, like the border map of Pakistan/India or how the Europeans came to North America and told the people on this land where and how they were going to live.

fly bird (26)
Tuesday August 1, 2017, 8:26 am
Dandelion, you put it very well. For both your comments **************


Anne K (139)
Tuesday August 1, 2017, 4:42 pm
Thanks, Evelyn.

Janet B (0)
Tuesday August 1, 2017, 8:43 pm

fly bird (26)
Tuesday August 1, 2017, 11:37 pm
Kudos to the woman of the house -

Evelyn said it!!

Janet B (0)
Wednesday August 2, 2017, 5:28 pm

Miss You All Dearly (67)
Thursday August 3, 2017, 5:06 am
"You cannot currently send a star to Dandelion because you have done so within the last hour." So true Dandelion it was indeed the living and not the dead.........although my great grandmother was a practising Jew in Germany at that time......she an my grandmother and mother stayed in Germany.......why???? some will ask.....because their home was often raided by the SS/Gestapo and they recognised the Jewish boys among has been written many times here is just on example and as stated many served in the regular army as well....... many forget that there were two Wars going on at the against Hitler and on against the German Nation.....the Brits and their Allies

Past Member (0)
Thursday August 3, 2017, 9:02 am
It's terrible... I'm disgusted.

Evelyn B (63)
Thursday August 3, 2017, 11:33 am
Live link for the article referred to by Ros
Lives of Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers
Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent Who Fought for the Third Reich by Mark Bryan Rigg

I've heard of such cases - usually rapidly dismissed by pro-Zionists claiming these are anti-semitic lies ...

So it is important when family memories confirm such little known and less respected facets of history.


Sheryl G (359)
Thursday August 3, 2017, 2:02 pm
The study of history often uncovers things that people wish not to know, hence why it was covered up or wasn't spoken about afterwards.

Marija M (25)
Saturday August 5, 2017, 5:53 am
The past is the best teacher, but...

Margie FOURIE (148)
Wednesday August 9, 2017, 1:14 am
PLEASE try to live in peace.

Margie FOURIE (148)
Wednesday August 9, 2017, 9:56 am
Thanks again

Margie FOURIE (148)
Wednesday August 9, 2017, 11:46 pm
Thanks again

Margie FOURIE (148)
Saturday August 12, 2017, 2:17 am
Thanks again

Danuta W (1251)
Saturday August 12, 2017, 7:19 am

Margie FOURIE (148)
Sunday August 13, 2017, 2:23 am
Thanks again

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 17, 2017, 8:11 am

fly bird (26)
Wednesday November 1, 2017, 4:30 pm

PayPal: Stop Discriminating Against Palestinians

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Friday December 1, 2017, 8:35 pm
70 Years of Broken Promises: The Untold Story Of The Partition Plan

Dr Ramzy Baroud — November 22, 2017

In a recent talk before Chatham House think-tank in London, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, approached the issue of a Palestinian state from an intellectual perspective.

Before we think of establishing a Palestinian state, he mused, “it is time we reassessed whether the modern model we have of sovereignty, and unfettered sovereignty, is applicable everywhere in the world.”

It is not the first time that Netanyahu discredits the idea of a Palestinian state. Despite clear Israeli intentions of jeopardizing any chances for the creation of such a state, the US Administration of Donald Trump is, reportedly, finalizing plans for an ‘ultimate peace deal’. The New York Times suggests that “the anticipated plan will have to be built around the so-called two-state solution.”

But why the wasted effort, while all parties, Americans included know that Israel has no intention of allowing a Palestinian state and the US has no political capital, or desire, to enforce one?

The answer may not lie in the present, but in the past.

A Palestinian Arab state had initially been proposed as a political tactic by the British, to provide a legal cover for the establishment of a Jewish state. It continues to be used as a political tactic, though never with the aim of finding a ‘just solution’ to the conflict, as is often propagated.

When British Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, made his promise, in November 1917, to the Zionist movement to grant them a Jewish state in Palestine, the once distant and implausible idea began taking shape. It would have been effortlessly achievable, had the Palestinians not rebelled.

The 1936-1939 Palestinian rebellion revealed an impressive degree of collective political awareness and ability to mobilize, despite British violence.

The British government then dispatched the Peel Commission to Palestine to examine the roots of the violence, hoping to quell the Palestinian revolt.

In July 1937, the commission published its report, which immediately ignited the fury of the native population, who were already aware of the British-Zionist collusion.

The Peel Commission concluded that “underlying causes of the disturbances” were the desire of the Palestinians for independence, and their “hatred and fear of the establishment of the Jewish national home.” Based on that view, it recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, the latter to be incorporated into Transjordan, which was itself under the control of the British.

Palestine, like other Arab countries, was supposedly being primed for independence, under the terms of the British Mandate, as granted by the League of Nations in 1922. Moreover, the Peel Commission was recommending partial independence for Palestine, unlike the full sovereignty granted to the Jewish state.

More alarming was the arbitrary nature of that division. The total Jewish land ownership then did not exceed 5.6 percent of the total size of the country. The Jewish state was to include the most strategic and fertile regions of Palestine, including the Fertile Galilee and much of the water access to the Mediterranean.

Thousands of Palestinians were killed in the rebellion as they continued to reject the prejudicial partition and the British ploy aimed at honoring the Balfour Declaration and rendering Palestinians stateless.

To strengthen its position, the Zionist leadership changed course. In May 1942, David Ben-Gurion, then the representative of the Jewish Agency, attended a New York conference which brought together leading American Zionists. In his speech, he demanded that all of Palestine become a “Jewish Commonwealth.”

A new powerful ally, President Harry Truman, began filling the gap left open, as the British were keen on ending their mandate in Palestine. In ‘Before Their Diaspora,’ Walid Khalidi writes:

“(US President Harry Truman) went a step further in his support of Zionism by endorsing a Jewish Agency plan for the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. The plan envisaged the incorporation into the Jewish state about 60 percent of Palestine at a time when the Jewish landownership in the country did not exceed 7 percent.”

On November 29, 1947 the UN 33-member state General Assembly, under intense pressure from the US administration of Truman, voted in favor of Resolution 181 (II) calling for the partition of Palestine into three entities: a Jewish state, a Palestinian state and an international regime to govern Jerusalem.

If the British partition proposal of 1937 was bad enough, the UN resolution was a reason for total dismay, as it allocated 5500 square miles to the proposed Jewish state, and only 4500 square miles to Palestinians – who owned 94.2 of the land and represented over two-thirds of the population.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began in earnest after the Partition Plan was adopted. In December 1947, organized Zionist attacks on Palestinian areas resulted in the exodus of 75,000 people. In fact, the Palestinian Nakba – Catastrophe – did not begin in 1948, but 1947.

That exodus of the Palestinians was engineered through Plan Dalet, which was implemented in stages and altered to accommodate political necessities. The final stage of that plan, launched in April of 1948, included six major operations. Two of them, Operation Nachshon and Harel, aimed at destroying the Palestinian villages in and around the Jaffa-Jerusalem border. By cutting off the two-main central mass that composed the proposed Palestinian Arab state, the Zionist leadership wanted to break up any possibility of Palestinian geographical cohesion. This continues to be the aim to this day.

The Israeli achievement after the war was hardly guided by the Partition Plan. The disjointed Palestinian territories of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem made up 22 percent of the historic size of Palestine.

The rest is painful history. The carrot of the Palestinian state is dangled from time to time, by the very forces that partitioned Palestine 70 years ago, yet worked diligently with Israel to ensure the demise of the political aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Eventually, the partitioned discourse was remolded into that of ‘two-state solution’, championed in recent decades by various US administrations, who exhibited little sincerity of ever making such a state a reality.

And now, 70 years after the partition of Palestine, there is only one state, although governed by two different sets laws, one that privileges Jews and discriminates against Palestinians.

“A single state has already existed for a long time,” wrote Israeli columnist Gideon Levy in a recent Haaretz column. “The time has come to launch a battle over the nature of its regime.”

Many Palestinians already have.

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Thursday December 21, 2017, 2:24 am
Israeli Forces Kidnap 16-Year-Old Ahed Tamimi And Her Entire Family.
December 20, 2017

In yet another example of the horrific nature of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the Israeli government has now brutally arrested 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi for daring to slap an Israeli soldier who was attempting to kidnap her brother.

After the video of Ahed’s “assault” on the Israeli soldier was broadcast across Israeli media, a massive social media campaign developed calling for her arrest, demonstrating the sickness that is so pervasive in Israeli society as well as in the Israeli government. “Naftali Bennet,” Israeli Minister of Education even called for the sixteen year old to face life imprisonment.

At approximately 3 A.M this morning, Israeli police forces invaded the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, raiding the home of the well known Tamimi family, arresting (16 year old) Ahed Tamimi.

Israeli forces turned the Tamimi household upside down, stealing phones, laptops and other electronic devices, before violently arresting the 16 year old.

Days before, a video that went viral on Facebook was plunged into the Israeli media, making Newspaper front pages and being repeatedly played throughout several TV broadcasting stations (Within Israel).

The video included Ahed Tamimi slapping and kicking at two fully armed Israeli soldiers, who had just attempted to force themselves into her home.

The 16 year old girl was, of course, painted by the Israeli press as the violent antagonist, to the point that there came a large social media campaign advocating to have her arrested and charged.

The campaign against little 16 year old Ahed, was not limited to Israeli broadcasting stations and social media. Israeli defence minister ‘Avigdor Leiberman’ advocated for her punishment and families arrest, along with ‘Naftali Bennet’, Israeli Minister of Education, who demanded that ‘Ahed Tamimi’ face life imprisonment for her actions.

Later that morning, after Israel’s brutal arrest of 16 year old Ahed, her mother ‘Nariman Tamimi’ was also kidnapped, in front of ‘Benjamin Camp’ North of Ramallah.

The week prior to this, 14 year old ‘Mohammed Tamimi’ was shot in the head by Israeli gunmen, he still remains on life support, in critical condition.

A subsequent report by the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network reveals that Ahed’s father was also arrested. PPSN writes,

Bassem Tamimi was also seized by Israeli occupation forces today, 20 December, as he attended the hearing for his daughter Ahed in Ofer military court, which extended her detention for 10 more days. In overnight, violent raids, occupation forces seized a cousin of the family, Nour Tamimi, 21, from her family home in Nabi Saleh. This means that Ahed and both of her parents, Nariman and Bassem – all of whom are leading land defenders in Nabi Saleh – are currently seized by the Israeli occupation forces.

PPSN suggests the following for those who want to help:


For supporters in the US: Call your member of Congress to support H.R. 4391, the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act. Tell them specifically about Ahed’s arrest, and urge them to act for her release. Click here to tell your member of Congress to support the bill. Tell them to pressure Israel to free Ahed and other detained Palestinian kids.

For international supporters: Call your government officials and demand action for Ahed Tamimi and other Palestinian child prisoners, and freedom for Nariman Tamimi.

Call your country’s officials urgently:

Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop: + 61 2 6277 7500
Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland: +1-613-992-5234
European Union Commissioner Federica Mogherini: +32 (0) 2 29 53516
New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully: +64 4 439 8000
United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: +44 20 7008 1500
United States President Donald Trump: 1-202-456-1111

Call your nearest Israeli embassy and let them know that you know about the detention of Ahed Tamimi in Nabi Saleh and other Palestinian child prisoners. Demand Ahed, her mother Nariman, and the other detained children be immediately released. Contact information here:

Join one of the many protests for Jerusalem and distribute this post and other news about Ahed and the Palestinian prisoners. Get others involved in the struggle for Palestinian freedom! Build the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel and complicit corporations like HP and G4S.

You can learn more about Ahed Tamimi here:

Videos -

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Thursday December 21, 2017, 2:39 pm
Urgent - Please SIGN
TAKE ACTION - Lone posted:

Free Ahed Tamimi.

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Saturday December 30, 2017, 11:19 am
Stars of Oscar-nominated Palestinian documentary imprisoned by Israel

One of the most boring refrains of liberals on the rare occasions they talk about Palestine is, “Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?”

This tedious argument is periodically dredged up by some clueless know-it-all who seems to think it an original thought.

I think I first came across it in Michael Moore’s 2001 book, “Stupid White Men”. Although the book is amusing in many respects, the chapter in which he lectures Palestinians on why they are not yet free is, at best, an embarrassment.

He wrote that Palestinians should stop using armed resistance and instead adopt the tactics of Gandhi – lying down in front of Israeli tanks and so forth. He says something along the lines of, “many of you will die but the world will be on your side”.

Unfortunately such dross is an all-too-common argument, especially in the US. Leaving aside the sheer grossness of a rich white American lecturing Palestinians on the right way to resist, it is sheer historical ignorance.

Beyond the Frontlines: Tales of Resistance and Resilience in Palestine

The argument is always offered as if Palestinians have never tried non-violent resistance, and put forward as a supposedly new idea.

In reality, Palestinians are in a constant state of using unarmed and peaceful protest against Israel. Non-violent forms of Palestinian resistance are as old as Zionism itself. It could not be any other way – although it may receive the support of popular sentiment (as it does in Palestine) armed resistance is by definition the act of a vanguard minority.

The 1936 Palestinian uprising against British occupation and Zionist colonialism, for example, began as a general strike. It was only later that it developed into an armed guerrilla insurgency, in response to the brutality of the British and their allies in the Zionist movement.

Even after the majority of the Palestinian population was expelled by Zionist militias in 1948, in the aftermath of this Nakba, the first acts of resistance were spontaneous, simple acts of defiance – and they were entirely peaceful.

This was the act of many Palestinian villagers who had been driven out by armed Israeli thugs and made into refugees. Many farmers returned after the shooting died down and crossed back over ceasefire lines in order to tend their farms, fruit groves and orchards. To return.

Everyone has the right to arm themselves to resist the occupation

These places were occupied by soldiers from the new Israel army, who shot these so-called “infiltrators” on sight. The murder of Palestinian civilians is as old as Zionism, too.

In such brutal acts, the seeds were sown for the establishment of the first post-1948 Palestinian armed resistance groups, such as Fatah.

The sad reality of western media coverage of Palestine is that it rarely pays much attention, unless there are violent reprisals by Palestinians. The greater, ongoing, frequent and systematic Israeli institutional violence of the occupation gets far less attention.

Because of this, unarmed Palestinian resistance tends not to get much of a look-in. There are exceptions to this general rule, such as during the First Intifada, when that popular Palestinian uprising briefly broke through – mostly thanks to the sheer brutality of the Israeli response to the protest movement.

But there have been other exceptions over the years. The village of Bil’in in the West Bank for example, has for years been organising weekly protests against Israel’s apartheid wall and settlements, both of which annex village land.

film maker from that village, along with an Israeli friend, made the film “5 Broken Cameras”, telling the village’s story. The documentary was so compelling that it was nominated for an Oscar, and later won an Emmy.

But over the last couple of months, Israel has arrested and imprisoned some of the people featured in that film.

Teacher and protest leader Abdallah Abu Rahma was abducted by Israeli forces in the middle of the night and then imprisoned without civilian trial for almost a month. It is only the latest such arrest for Abdallah. Charges by Israel’s kangaroo court system against him have included “organising and participating in an illegal demonstration” and “incitement”.

Israel’s West Bank military courts are a travesty of justice, and are inherently racist. Jewish settlers also living in the West Bank – on the rare occasions they are charged at all – are subject to Israel’s separate and unequal civilian court system.

While Abdallah has now been released, others from the village remain imprisoned.

Resistance is not terrorism say Palestinian diaspora

Among them is Ashraf Abu Rahma, a Palestinian leftist who was seized by Israeli troops at the end of October. The International Solidarity Movement is raising funds to help with his release. The group explains that Ashraf was taken “while giving a group of French solidarity activists a tour of the land that his village of Bil’in won back from the nearby Israeli colonial settlement of Modi’in Elite through their creative popular protests.”

Ashraf has been arrested by the Israelis for his non-violent resistance many times over the years. His brother and his sister were both murdered by Israeli soldiers during protests against their occupation of the village.

In 2008, Ashraf’s treatment at the hands of Israeli army thugs briefly caught some media attention. During a protest at a neighbouring village, they bound and gagged him. While so incapacitated, and posing no threat whatsoever, the cowardly Israeli soldiers sadistically shot him in the foot with a rubber-coated steel bullet. But he recovered to continue his contribution to the unarmed resistance.

Free Ashraf Abu Rahma and all Palestinian political prisoners!

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Wednesday January 10, 2018, 9:47 am
Foreign Minister says Israeli settlement plans have a US green light.

RAMALLAH, January 10, 2018 (WAFA) – Foreign Minister Riyad Malki said on Wednesday that Israeli announcement of plans to build 1285 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank was one outcome of US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which gave Israel the green light to do whatever it wants with the Palestinian land.

Malki told Voice of Palestine radio that the Israeli decision was also a result of the international community’s failure to hold Israel accountable for its acts, particularly with regard to settlement construction.

He expressed concern that the international community is currently afraid to take a stand on settlements because of US threats to cut aid to states and organizations who speak against Israeli policies.

Malki said that the Palestinian leadership cannot rely on anyone anymore because of the US threats, yet it will continue to struggle against Israel’s ongoing violations on the political, diplomatic and legal fronts.

He said a meeting of Arab foreign ministers will be held on the 31st of this month to determine the next Arab move regarding Trump’s announcement and Israel’s measures, explaining that the last foreign ministers meeting in the Jordanian capital, Amman, was for consultation purposes.
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