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Bill Maher - New Rules - 3/1

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: class warfare, maher, humor, satire, video )

- 1692 days ago -
I don't get to bring you this as often as I like, as I seldom find it complete in a format everyone can view. He's usually disrespectful, and sometimes even downright offensive, but always funny as hell. Enjoy!


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Gloria picchetti (304)
Monday March 3, 2014, 12:51 am
We need a minimum wage to prevent poverty. We don't need a maximum wage. Wealth isn't bad. There are nice rich folks and jerks of all kinds at every economic level.

divergent r (309)
Monday March 3, 2014, 3:58 am
Love this show, recording every one.he's on vacation next week. ..maximum wage, I love the idea, but what about free enterprise?

Lona G (67)
Monday March 3, 2014, 4:41 am
Thank you, TomCat, for the video clip. We don't get to see Bill Maher here and just love him when he's on a role like this.

We have a maximum wage (which isn't the same as a maximum income of course) for people working in the public sector. Their wages mostly come from taxes or government subsidies. They're not supposed to earn more than our prime minister, which is around 200,000. It seems to work rather well for new contracts, the old ones can't be forced open to comply. With this right-wing government any plans for extending this to banks and other corporations has failed miserably, they can't even stop their sick bonuses. Our politicians and people working in the public domain aren't supposed to have other jobs with income either (theirs is supposed to be a full-time job), but any income from playing the stock market is of course exempt.
And there is no wage limit for soccer players either ;-) so I wouldn't mind the same tax system as they have in France for the super rich: everything you earn above a million Euro a year has a 75% tax. That evens things out quite nicely.

Arielle S (313)
Monday March 3, 2014, 6:12 am
Anyone who whines about paying taxes on 8 million dollars deserves all the scorn the rest of us can give him.
It's not the being rich that's bad - it's the having so much and being fearful of losing one cent of it that is bad. Doing NOTHING to make the world better is bad. Being so selfish you can't give others food stamps or unemployment checks is bad. Buying thousand dollar knick-knacks while little kids go to bed hungry is bad... There is free enterprise and then there is just plain greed...

pam w (139)
Monday March 3, 2014, 7:18 am
We MUST raise the minimum wage to enable a genuine and FAIR economic turn-around. Without a viable middle-class, we're sunk. Oligarchy is on the way, friends and that leads to revolutions and collapse. Read your history books.

Vivian B (169)
Monday March 3, 2014, 7:53 am
I watch Bill Maher every time he is on. I find his show excellent! Been to see him live in Oklahoma! That was not a sold-out venue. Imagine that in Oklahoma, LOL!
His "NewRules" this week rocked! And for a maximum wage, can't agree with that, but I can say that lobbyist and congressmen should not be an interchangeable person. People who have been any part of the law making process should not be lobbying congress for anything after they are no longer in office!

Winn A (179)
Monday March 3, 2014, 8:01 am
Raising the Minimum Wage is a MUST! Always enjoy Bill . . .

Terrie Williams (798)
Monday March 3, 2014, 8:34 am
I LOVE the idea of a maximum wage and a LIVABLE wage for working/retired/disabled people. But then I am a Socialist and I agree with the French and Scandinavian systems of taxation. Capitalism is a failed system. Look around, it's been let loose to almost it's fullest extent. If the TPP goes through, you will see full-blown hard-core Fascist Capitalism for what it is, and we will all become slave fodder globally for the corporations and maximum Capitalism gone wild.

Always watch Bill every Friday night! Sometimes I don't agree with him but 95% of the time he is dead on, this was one of those times.

Jim P (3247)
Monday March 3, 2014, 8:48 am
Raise the Minimum Wage, Lower the Maximum Wage.

What a novel idea... lol.
ty, TC.

Katie & Bill D (107)
Monday March 3, 2014, 8:59 am
Love Bill Maher!!
Thank You TomCat

JL A (281)
Monday March 3, 2014, 9:10 am
A few years ago there were analyses and discussions in CA about no state employee pay above the governor's salary. Most that made that list were doctors, many that made the list because of enhanced pay for risk of doing it in a prison. A few made the list because of the amount of overtime they worked (some psychiatric technicians in institutions for the mentally ill or developmentally disabled and some correctional officers in prisons). It died because it was doctors mostly who would be affected. This salary information was public record; salaries for contractors doing State work was not available not were efforts to improve transparency for even totals and identities of contractors successful.
I would propose a maximum salary with any portion billed to government contracts (including value of bonuses and stock options) to be linked to the level of government's top executive's salary (e.g., president, governor, county exec, etc.).

Joanne Dixon (38)
Monday March 3, 2014, 9:32 am
As Nameless says, a maximum wage should be expressed as a multiple of the lowest wage in the corporation or enterprise. As Lona says, a maximum wage is by no means the same thing as a maximum income. If, as JL says, the highest paid state employees in California are prison doctors and mental health practitioners, then California is exceptional in this as well as other things - most states' highest paid employees are the football coaches at the state colleges and universities. As nobody here said yet (although I heard it from Miss Texas Kitty) J K Rowling lost her billionaire status by giving money away, which puts her in some kind of a class with Gates and Buffett. One other thing that nobody has said is that I am pretty sure the term "free enterprise" is not in the Constitution. I for one do not see it as in any way sacred.

Elaine B (21)
Monday March 3, 2014, 9:43 am
He shows Biill Gates at the end, who wants to cull the population of the world, and Africa in particular, by means of vaccines!! Way to go, Maher.....get the attention of the people who just get by, to push the people who want to rid the world of 95% of humanity. See: The Georgia Guidestones.

Gene J (290)
Monday March 3, 2014, 10:34 am
I love Bill and catch his show when I can. Loved the whole thing but that last half was just right on target. Madison and Washington were right, the concentration of too much many in too few hands will destroy democracy. If one watches the zoo that is our Congress, well you don't need any more evidence than that. There was a stat I didn't know, 90% productivity increase, 8% wage increase. That is ludicrous, but Warren's suggestion for his book isn't. I do appreciate Bill Gates and Buffet's approach. I've often thought and sometimes asked, just how high can you pile it? When you've got so much that it would take you an infinite amount of time to spend it, isn't that enough? When you have so much that the interest alone is more than you could spend in a lifetime, isn't that enough?

Those whining comparisons the $8 billion dollar men made are beyond odious, they are obnoxious in a way they can't begin to understand. Perhaps we ought recreate the gas chamber experience, without the gas, just for them, to experience the indignity, the loss of humanity and the fear that standing in that line naked brings. These are people who have completely lost touch with not only reality, but also their humanity. They work harder? Bill got that right too, a few phone calls in a mansion like office is not working harder than what 90% of Americans do. It is either being born to the right family or being incredibly fortunate along the journey through life, but it is NOT working harder. If that were true, those billionaires would be on food stamps and laborers would own penthouses. Picked on, huh? Bullied? Well, I'd say I feel for them but I don't. And for the record, I can't imagine what makes one man worth $500 million dollars and I'd cap it there, I think that exceedingly generous. And one year of that would set me up for life not needing to fly 300 people to France for my birthday or anything. Though I could even on that amount. It IS a discussion worth having - in a democracy, while we still have one. Every society in history that had this kind of gap between the richest and poorest collapsed from within. So, too, will this one. You can only keep your boot on someone else's throat so long before they fight back. The 1% would be well advised to read a bit of history and take a course or two in humility.

Gene J (290)
Monday March 3, 2014, 10:55 am
I think, JL and Joanne, that more than a few states have a maximum wage for state, and local in our case, offices that correspond to the governor's salary. But so many exceptions have been made over the last two decades that is essentially meaningless now. The largest counties claimed they couldn't attract top level administrator's if they couldn't pay more - ignoring the fact that they had extremely qualified people already in their employ. And some people have left for other positions where they could make more money, true. A lot of the exceptions are for medical personnel - the University of Minnesota is a first rate research facility and to keep innovative people they have to pay prevailing wages - and then some to compensate for our less than glorious climate. And coaches, well, they get far more than our governor, and that too is a keeping up with the Jones problem, without big name coaches you can't attract high quality athletes and your fund raising dries up. We have such backward ideas about the relative value of athletes and what they contribute to the general welfare. Our professional sports teams have extorted their way into new stadiums, gawd knows we don't want to be "fly over" country. My own position is until every child in MN is clothed, fed, schooled and sheltered, not one of those facilities will ever get a nickel from. And they haven't, I've never been to the Twins new stadium, can't imagine I ever will, nor will I ever go to the Vikings new palace. The only sports I attend are women's collegiate volleyball, occasionally a women's basketball game and high school sports. I don't miss the other experience in the slightest. Income disparity is human disparity and I just don't see how that advances our civilization or ever will.

Deb E (63)
Monday March 3, 2014, 11:48 am
The super rich - yeah, they work real hard. Gambling and hoarding the winnings. Yep. Real hard. We do need laws about wages. And we need laws about profit margins. And we need laws that say no one can take advantage of the fact that people MUST buy any given product by pricing it outrageously. Things like gasoline for cars, and electricity, and essential foods (not processed garbage), medical treatment ... no one should get ripped off because they HAVE to buy something. I hate that our government is paying for surplus commodities in order to keep prices high. And those that work for our government all have stocks in those commodities. That should be illegal. This world is just messed up.


donald Baumgartner (6)
Monday March 3, 2014, 12:58 pm
Raise the Minmum { or however you spell it} wage!!
Bill Maher; he's the greatest!! Wonder why he never went for public office.

David C (108)
Monday March 3, 2014, 1:09 pm
I think a maximum wage is about 100 times what the lowest employed in your company makes???? if you can't have enough "free enterprise" while make that much money then it "ain't free"

Lois Jordan (63)
Monday March 3, 2014, 3:02 pm
I'm with Arielle & a few others here with comments about billionaires who whine about paying taxes. So, I agree there should be a maximum....especially on CEO's, other top-level execs, and esp. on the banksters. We taxpayers literally gave them billions in 2008 when they threatened us with an economic crash. Then, they turned around and took millions in bonuses! Meanwhile, the rest of us are being nickel-and-dimed literally to death, all while paying our full taxes, and losing retirement money. Absolutely raise the minimum wage...and I'm for higher than $10.10. And, what is wrong with increasing taxes on the wealthiest, and getting rid of those horrible loopholes? And, let's not forget about that Financial Transaction Tax that should've already been passed, but is stuck in Congress.

Kit B (276)
Monday March 3, 2014, 7:01 pm

I am not offended by Bill Maher, it is adult humor and meant to be sarcastic and cutting. I do have HBO and watch every week that he is on the air.

I agree with Gene but that's not unusual, I often agree with him and so many others that have left interesting and thoughtful comments. We once had CEO's that made 25% more than the lowest paid worker, and it worked just fine. Once those top wages began creeping up, the lower paid workers found their salaries frozen and have remained so since.

I feel that most of us have forgotten that the idea of free enterprise is based on the idea of anyone willing or able to take the risk to open a business was able to do that, and just as able to fail. Free enterprise is not based on "Too Big to Fail" but everyone having a fair wage and equal and fair opportunity. Therefore, an easy conclusion is that we do not have free enterprise. Please remember that all of this was organized in a book published in 1776, by Adam Smith, "The Wealth of Nations" and he warns in almost every chapter that the government must be prepared to rein in corporations as they grow or face the reality of corporations becoming the leading force of the government direction. Sound familiar? A maximum wage or salary has always been a good idea, but for just over 30 years all regulations that protect the people from the over reach of corporate growth has been left far behind. We suffer in many ways from this lack of regulation.

Thanks TC - again, love Bill Maher and if people are offended by adult language there is a choice to not listen.

Chris C (152)
Monday March 3, 2014, 7:42 pm
I LOVE Bill Maher AND fellow Omahan Warren Buffet!
Bill got lots of deserved laughs but I noticed his comments about a MAXIMUM wage brought lots of clapping too! I don't think it's so much about the money - it's about the perceived power that money brings! The amounts of money some people have is absolutely OBSCENE and totally unnecessary...unless they give it away! And,the possibility of a Plutocracy is a very scary prospect.

Lynn Squance (235)
Monday March 3, 2014, 9:33 pm
I agree with Nameless that the CEO salary should be a factor of the lowest paid worker. At the current levels of CEO compensation, nobody needs that much money to live.

In North America particularly, we are too often drawn to conspicuous consumption. Many, myself included, could live with less. Too often we are trying to keep up with the Jones'. I have been at odds with myself for a number of years on this very point and have made progress.

Live simply so others can simply live.

. (7)
Monday March 3, 2014, 9:40 pm
Thank you Tom, I just love Bill Maher and never get to see him. He was right on about raising minimum wages and capping maximum wages.

Shelly Peterson (213)
Monday March 3, 2014, 11:37 pm
I love Bill Maher! I miss HBO,, like you would not believe...Bill was my "TV Boyfriend while Mike was snoring away, and told me to keep politics period to myself!!!! (thank God I found Care-2 and petitions!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Today on channel 4, the news reported of a young grade schooler that was bothered that some of his friends were going hungry because they did not have enough money in their "LUNCH FOOD ACCOUNT'... so he went out, with help of parents and community and raised the funds so that every child at that grade school can have a hot lunch..ONE HOT MEAL ADAY!, until the end of the school year
I love the "stats" that Bill Maher shares..."...8 million being pimped"....85 people compared to 3 1/2 billion...90% to 8%..........He may be crude, but he I real!!! 'REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER"
We the citizens,.....we need to grow some balls..inneys and outeys!!!

TomCat S (127)
Tuesday March 4, 2014, 12:58 am
Thanks everyone. Glad you both enjoyed and thought. :-)

Athena F (131)
Tuesday March 4, 2014, 2:24 am
Thank you, love Maher!

P A (117)
Tuesday March 4, 2014, 9:45 am
Messrs Schwarzman and Perkins et al wailing about their 'persecution' (aka some people objecting to their paying less tax than their secretaries!) is nothing new they have been moaning for decades and we haven't been shouting loud enough to contradict them! I do agree with Bill Maher about productivity increasing nearly 100% and wages rising by 8% is awful and I LOVE FDR's maximum wage that is LOVELY! God bless the dear man!

I love the Warren Buffet quote 'I should write a book on how to get by on $500 million, because apparently there's a lot of people who don't know how to do it!'. yowsa!

Chris C (152)
Tuesday March 4, 2014, 10:49 am
May all of those at the obscenely rich top, who never give any of it to those in need, come back to live a new life as homeless paupers with no means to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps".

Mitchell D (86)
Tuesday March 4, 2014, 11:29 am
Elaine B., from where do you get the idea that Gates wants to"cull" the population by way of vaccinations? The myth that vaccinations are dangerous was busted ages ago!!
I could not access the video,, but have long admired Mahr. I like the comment, made on Polktics Plus, about going back to the tax tables of the 1950's, the Eisenhower years,
I like the concept of the French system, as well. We need some sort of progressive tax structure.

Jeanne R (1203)
Tuesday March 4, 2014, 9:10 pm
I love Bill! I, too, love the maximum earning rate as much as love the idea of all politicians getting paid whatever minimum wage happens to be and receives the same benefits as a minimum age worker! They are, after all, public servants.

TomCat S (127)
Wednesday March 5, 2014, 12:06 am
Thanks all.
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