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Trump Holds a Match to Middle East

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TomCat S (128)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 12:18 pm
I am listening to Trump announce his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The fool is blubbering about wanting peace, while holding a match to one of the world’s most dangerous tinder boxes, the Middle East. Foes and allies alike are appalled. Thump has effectively overruled the two state solution and ensured more and more violence for years to come.

Sue H (7)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 12:21 pm
Sickening. :(

Joanne Dixon (37)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 12:31 pm
"he is walking into a bone-dry forest with a naked flame"

And a full 2 gallon jerrycan.

Obviously international law means no more to him that Unite States law. Part of Jerusalem belongs to Palestine by treaty.


Laura H (964)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 12:38 pm
The effing stooopid moronic bastard is a cancer to this's time for chemo.
What the HELL is wrong with the republicans? And I am sick and tired of the Dems taking the high road on everything!
IMO, trump is the reincarnation of other way to explain this insanity.
pence is up to his @$$ in this crap too; he is NOT a Christian. He is a liar and an opportunist. He only cares about the 1%. And on top of that, he gives me the creeps!
People WILL die because of trumps actions and with pence standing behind him will make him (pence) culpable as well!
Thanks TC.

David C (78)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 2:42 pm
trumplethinskin aka trumPutin is a war-monger....thinks it will save his ever growing theocratic dictatorship?!

Freya H (345)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 2:45 pm
More proof that the Tangerine Troglodyte is a slave to darkness that wants to set the entire world aflame.

Pat B (356)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 2:50 pm
Absolutely, absolutely horrible!

"It's no surprise Trump just declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel. He's already declared Moscow the Capital of America." ~John Pavlovitz~

Trish K (29)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 3:34 pm
Great comments ya'll. Everything I was thinking but my poor old brain can't spell or type tonight. The Koch's are living daddy's dream and laughing like the Kings playing chess that they are. Wish I could say what I whisper to the lady across the street when we pass and we high five but I might have to go to jail if I said it here even tho I here it a lot and its on everyones mind. Only 20 minutes to type this, lol

Animae C (509)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 4:15 pm
All our news commentators & political experts bagged him!!!

Laura H (964)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 4:26 pm
POS indeed!!! That THING isn't even human; I do not know what the hell it is...

Glennis W (393)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 5:29 pm
very frightening and worrying This man needs ousting before he causes anymore trouble Thank you for caring and sharing TomCat

Ted W (127)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 5:58 pm
Noted, forwarded and shared ultra-liberally across four networks!! RESIST!! Many thanks for sharing, TomCat!! For some reason Captcha seems to be really acting up-was very hard to get things out!!

Mitchell D (82)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 6:59 pm
I posted a story about this, as well, see:
My first comment there is about smelling the impact of Pence’s evangelism behind the idea to do this. It is my suspicion that Pence would like to see this bring “The second coming,” with “The Rapture” and all that that implies! My scenario goes as far as some intense armed section from theMuslim world, and tDump’s “advisers” suggesting that he might’s well let loose the nukes, because they “know” that Armageddon has arrived!! Could I be wrong? Sure! Could I be right? I sadly guess so.
In any case, this is as crazy as G.W.Bush telling the then President of France that he should go along with the plan to invade Iraq, because Bushy “Knew” that the forces of the devil, as in Gog and Magog, were active there.
So, another option is that finally, tDump has found the issue that will really distract us from the Russia “Witch hunt?” Damn the consequences…in typical GOPig form!

Edith B (146)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 7:51 pm
He is certifiably insane.  Why else would he continue trying to start World War 3?

Colleen L (3)
Wednesday December 6, 2017, 7:51 pm
Agree with many others that he's a human time bomb.He just loves setting off small bombs with every action he takes or speaks about. Plus every where he goes he causes more problems. He doesn't know or understand what the word "Peace" means. Thanks TomCat

Lona G (66)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 4:24 am
Again Drumpf, in al his megalomaniacal ineptitude, kills two birds with bone stone: he manages to set the Middle East on fire and isolate America further than ever before. Not only the Arabic world has turned against this decision, so has the EU and many others including the Pope. He’s got only a few “allies” left, mostly banana republics like America has turned into, which now huddle together for shelter.

Signs are that even in Israel not everyone is happy with this support in the knowledge that Netanyahu will use this support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to annex what remains of the West Bank and drive all Palestinians from their homes. Israel’s political situation seems to be very much like that in America with a power-hungry premier running the country into the ground with the help of extreme (religious) right. But those who oppose it are powerless and when the region explodes (again/further) it’ll hardly matter they ever opposed.

Kushner has leaked in July that he thought there may be no solution to ME peace, which infuriated the White House, but Drumpf kept insisting in his speech that the United States still wanted a negotiated peace agreement. The Palestinians of course have already threatened to end the peace process if Drumpf backs Israel on Jerusalem. Is this all a ruse to be able to blame failure on the Palestinians and appease Kushner so he will not turn on Drumpf when questioned by Mueller? Whatever Drumpf’s motivation, it is insane and dangerous.

Winn Adams (179)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 7:39 am
tRUMPie is such a moron and so dangerous for the world. I hope soon he will have resigned or he'll be impeached. I don't care how it happens I just want him out of the White House. He's bringing shame and violence to to America.

Ben O (135)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 7:49 am
Dump Trump, what more is there to say...?

Ben O (135)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 7:54 am
The fact is though; In 1995, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act which declared the statement of policy that "Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel"...

Nita L (127)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 9:54 am
Tillerson was correct. He is a moron. He is desperate to start WWlll. Thank you TC.

Sheila D (28)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 10:16 am
Every time our sociopath in charge opens his mouth he puts us that much closer to WWIII.

Lynn Squance (235)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 10:29 am
“The fool is blubbering about wanting peace, while holding a match to one of the world’s most dangerous tinder boxes, the Middle East.”

He lies . . . as usual! He does not want peace! He does not know the meaning of the word! With this and the inevitable loss of lives of innocent people, Drumpf deserves a trip to The Hague, and not for sight seeing! It is correct that foes and allies alike are condemning him. With North Korea on one side of the world and the Middle East on the other and Drumpf in between, the world is so screwed. The Three Stooges — Netanyahu, Drumpf and Kim Jong Un!

Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

Silence is Consent!!!

Jim Phillips (3247)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 12:39 pm
Politics Plus: Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available.

Have the ISPs begun its slowing down of the internet already...? sigh...

TomCat S (128)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 1:24 pm
Thanks, stars, hugs, and amen to all.

Jim, it's working.

Jim Phillips (3247)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 1:31 pm
I switched to a different OS within my computer.
Yes, PP is working in there with that OS switched.
I don't know why PP did not work in the other one.
A glitch I suppose. Will investigate later.

Janet B (0)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 7:29 pm

Katie & Bill D (107)
Thursday December 7, 2017, 8:29 pm
he wants to MOVE the US EMBASSY ???
Thank you TomCat

Marija M (25)
Friday December 8, 2017, 6:25 am
Thank you TomCat.

Richard A (2)
Friday December 8, 2017, 10:53 am
Thank you.

TomCat S (128)
Friday December 8, 2017, 1:49 pm
Thanks all! Hugs!

. (0)
Friday December 8, 2017, 9:46 pm
Ben O is correct in noting that Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act 22 years ago. Clinton, Bush and Obama all have stated that Jerusalem is the true capitol of Israel, but none of them managed to get around to formalizing those beliefs. Right or wrong, Trump kept his campaign promise. Now for the fallout, should be interesting.

Janis K (129)
Saturday December 9, 2017, 11:19 am
Thanks TomCat.

fly b (26)
Friday December 29, 2017, 1:52 pm


fly b (26)
Sunday December 31, 2017, 6:42 pm
Parallel Worlds: Gaza and Israel.
December 29, 2017

History is inexplicable. It has a way of seizing the chosen few to deliver a commanding message that transcends the tapered, often rote, confines of time, place and journey.

Like the mystery of magic, defining moments seem to find powerful launch through the flash of a sudden second and echo through the voice of those destined to become iconic well beyond the rhyme of powerful lyric alone.

To them, theirs is a journey of the ages. For those fortunate enough to witness such passage it is a transcendent reminder that greatness is measured not through acquired wealth or power but by the prompt of the principle, courage and sacrifice of the few.

Who can forget Faris Odeh, 15 years old when he stared down a tank with little more than a stone in his hand, murdered by Israel in Gaza? Or 23 year old Rachel Corrie, on that mist covered morning, armed with a bullhorn as she faced off against a bulldozer to save a home, murdered by Israel in Gaza.

And now legend has taken 29 year old Ibrahim Abu Thuraya from us. Disabled but not disarmed, he had the boldness to stand his ground clutching his weapon, the flag he loved… murdered by Israel in Gaza.

What is there about a tiny enclave known as Gaza that so offends, so alarms, so intimidates Israel? It would be far too easy to say nothing and simply reduce it to Tel Aviv’s voracious chase of its off-shore gas reserves or its potential as a Mediterranean tourist coastline …once cleansed of its native population and the destruction which bears the marked Star of David.

No. Gaza terrorizes Israel not by force of arms but through the endless resound of its resilience and the muscle of its inspiration.

To millions of Palestinians under siege in Palestine, or those forcibly exiled by a Diaspora now 70 years of age, and to its chorus of supporters worldwide, Gaza stands as a shining beacon of resistance and hope. Yet, to romanticize Gaza is to lend excuse to Israel and no such apologia will be offered here.

50 miles from the destruction that is Gaza sits Tel Aviv… as so much a marker of grotesque Israeli indifference.

Indeed, not a day passes without a new tease from the “third hottest city” in the world and “party capitol of the middle east” whether it’s the pristine Mediterranean seashore, cosmopolitan restaurants, coffeehouses, and galleries or hip after hour dance and bar scene of the “City that Never Sleeps.”

Ranked as the 25th most important financial center in the world, Tel Aviv has the third-largest economy of any city in the Middle East and draws well over a million international visitors annually to its numerous upscale hotels. Home to Israel’s only stock exchange, it has some 70 skyscrapers as tall as an American football field and includes one with 80 floors topped by a spire 150 feet in height.

Described as a “miniature Los Angeles,” Tel Aviv has been called one of the 10 most technologically influential cities in the world. Serving as home to numerous venture-capital firms and scientific research institutes, it has hundreds of startup companies, textile plants and food manufacturers.

Israel’s second largest municipality, Tel Aviv never wants for “culture” and entertainment. Its population of almost half a million, with an unemployment rate of approximately 4% and income 20% above the national average, can choose from eighteen of Israel’s 35 major centers for the performing arts. The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center is home of the Israeli Opera and the Cameri Theatre. The Heichal HaTarbut is Tel Aviv’s largest theatre and home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

But an hour’s drive, yet worlds away, sits Gaza; home to two million Palestinians.

Once known, in polite social circles, as the earth’s largest open air prison, it long ago moved on from jail to Israeli administered death camp. Whether by embargo or bombs, it is simply impossible to watch the life and death of the coastal enclave without seeing Israel’s criminal plan unfold.

With the first blush of sunrise, the streets of Gaza City fill rapidly with those who’ve survived its ritual night of darkness illuminated solely by bursts of another Israeli bombing run. For them, with each passing hour, the taste of daylight portends a constant race against what little time remains to shop at empty markets, rush for medicines long gone, or dangerously dated, search for missing bottled water, or attend to the needs of family too paralyzed or ill to join the chase.

While Tel Aviv remains a constant tease of new ventures, glorious dining and enrapt theater going, Gaza lives a repetition of bare survival… at least for the lucky.

For others, it’s an endless wail of mourn as infants are laid to rest with lungs once barely filled with the breath of life. Alongside them sleep the young who, traumatized by the unbearable pain of living, tragically surrendered to the calm of willing death. Next to them lie the “elderly” who grew old and ill far too soon while their generation is coming of age and power everywhere else.

By now, it seems some have grown inured, indeed, comfortable with the visible suffer that is uniquely Gaza. Unlike an explosive genocide that unfolds overnight, impossible for many to ignore, Gaza has long simmered out of sight…out of mind.

Entering its second decade of complete isolation and embargo, Gaza periodically, inevitably, explodes from mindless rage in which Israel seeks to “mow the lawn” for little more than the embattled enclave’s determined resilience.

In late 2008 through early 2009, Israel unleashed an all out military attack on the defenseless population of Gaza. When the toxic white phosphorous cleared, some 1,417, mostly civilians, lay dead along with 13 Israeli soldiers… 4 from friendly fire.

In 2014, Israel undertook a 50 day all-out assault on Gaza as it once again targeted the entire enclave with massive disproportionate force.

Although some debate continues over the exact results, according to most estimates up to 2,310 were killed of whom 1,492 were civilians, including 551 children and 299 women. Another 10,895 were wounded including 3,374 children of whom 1,000 were left permanently disabled.

Among the infrastructure leveled were 220 factories, dairy farms with livestock and the orange groves of Beit Hanoun. 138 schools and 26 health facilities were damaged and thousands of homes totally destroyed or severely damaged. The lone power station in Gaza and its transmission lines was targeted and severely damaged. Sewage pumps and a major sewage pipe serving 500,000 inhabitants were destroyed. 10 out of 26 hospitals were damaged or destroyed along with several TV stations. 203 mosques were damaged, with 73 destroyed … along with two of Gaza’s three Christian churches.

Israel lost 66 soldiers and 5 civilians, including one child. 469 Israeli soldiers and 261 civilians were injured.

Four years later, conditions have only worsened in Gaza. Where once the UN announced it would be uninhabitable by 2020, for all intents and purposes, that day has come and gone. Yet the determination of its people continues on.

Gaza Today

Today, years of Israeli attacks and siege, have left Gaza reeling from an absence of a basic infrastructure capable of meeting even the minimal needs of its two million people.

Whether its electricity, clean water, healthcare, or sewage treatment and waste management, Gaza is undergoing a very public humanitarian crisis now entering its second decade.

In Gaza, abject poverty is rampant. At 41.1 percent, the unemployment rate is the highest in the world. Its youth unemployment is 64 percent. Currently there are 50,000 young women and men with university and graduate degrees unable to find work in their chosen fields… or any other. That figure grows each year by some 17,000 to 18,000. While once the industrial and production sectors offered more than 120,000 job opportunities per year, now less than 7,000 such positions become available.

Although thousands of homes damaged or destroyed during Israel’s attack in 2014 are still in need of repair, the construction sector is practically idle and essentially out of business. It used to contribute to about 22 percent of local production and offered some 70,000 job opportunities.

Sixty per cent of Gaza lives under the poverty line. Over a fifth of it lives in “deep poverty.” According to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), “over 80 percent of the people in Gaza depend on humanitarian assistance.”

Another report by UNOCHA found that over 80 percent of its displaced families have borrowed money to get by in the past year, over 85 percent purchased most of their food on credit, and over 40 percent have decreased their consumption of food.

According to UNICEF a third of Gaza’s children suffer from chronic malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies that can stunt development and affect overall health.

In other, less visible, ways, the residual impact of years of Israeli attacks and a decade long siege have produced a palpable and deleterious psychological impact on the people in Gaza.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack OCHA estimated that at least 373,000 children required psychosocial support. Today the UNRWA Community Mental Health Programme has found that Gazans are experiencing increasingly higher levels of stress and distress. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to be widespread with studies indicating that upwards of 54% of Gaza’s children, teens and adults either symptomatic, or suffering from its full-on effects.

According to WHO between 10 and 20 percent of the population suffer from severe mental illness. Because of isolation, community pressure or lack of treatment opportunities the figure is likely much higher. Once unheard of, suicide has now becoming a familiar occurrence in Gaza clearly suggesting that the coping skills of Palestinians are being exhausted. Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor reported at least 95 people tried to commit suicide in the Gaza Strip in the first quarter of 2016, a nearly 40 percent increase from previous years.

Life in Darkness

For nearly a decade, Tel Aviv has held a yearly blackout in support of Earth Hour. Meanwhile, millions of nearby Palestinians struggle to eke out a life of bare existence with twenty-one hours of darkness each and every day.

Indeed, while Tel Aviv has converted an idle power station named “Gan HaHashmal” (Electricity Park) into a public park, recently OCHA published new data that shows electricity for Gaza has dropped to a total of just three hours daily and at times that vary from day to day. Lacking any advance notice as to when the electricity will go on, or off, the most rudimentary of life’s work is left largely to little more than blind wish leaving familial, educational, employment and health tasks either undone or incomplete.

According to the WHO, power cuts and fuel shortages have created constant crises for Gaza’s 14 public hospitals; threatening the closure of essential health services leaving thousands of people without access to life-saving medical care.

In Shifa hospital, tiny premature babies, some with multiple infections or congenital diseases, lie crammed in incubators fighting for life as lights sputter. With electricity virtually cut off, their life support is entirely powered by a generator with unpredictable current.

At any given time, power loss threatens the lives of hundreds of the new-born and adults in neonatal and intensive care units and some 658 patients requiring bi-weekly haemodialysis, including 23 children. Refrigeration systems for blood and vaccine storage are also at risk.

With adversity often the mother of invention, many in Gaza have struggled to keep pace with the needs of energy through use of poorly vented generator systems and candle light when available. According to Al Mezan, 29 people including 24 children have died since 2010 from fire or suffocation incidents related to attempts to overcome power outage. In one such tragedy, three siblings were killed after their home caught fire from the candles being used during the power outage.

Water Crises in Gaza

While Tel Aviv holds a yearly contest with an award of free parking to the family that has consumed the least amount of water, in Gaza it would be a competition without a challenge.

As a result of repeated attacks that have targeted Gaza’s water infrastructure… and a 10 year embargo on materials necessary for its repair, a crises in the making has now reached one of epic proportions unmatched anywhere else in the world.

For two million people, it is estimated that 3% of the water of Gaza remains fit for human consumption. In particular, it poses grave risks to its children.

As a result of untreated sewage dumped into the Mediterranean Sea, agricultural chemicals and unfiltered seawater, the rest of Gaza’s water is dangerous; 68% of it biologically contaminated during storage or transportation to Gaza’s households. Indeed, recent studies have shown Gaza’s water contains a large concentration of chloride… as well, nitrate rates two to eight times higher than the WHO recommends.

Recently the UN warned its underground water aquifer, upon which the territory is almost entirely dependent, will soon be completely contaminated; stripping Gaza of access to all its water.

With the shortage of clean water comes the well based fear of a deadly cholera epidemic… particularly in a community with an unusually young population. This is all the more likely where signs of acute malnutrition and severe wasting are an increasing phenomenon among the young children in Gaza.

Healthcare Dying

Cancer rates are exploding in Gaza. A decade of Israeli wars has poisoned its soil and water, leaving depleted uranium in their wake. Daily spray of insecticides used by Israel to clear border areas, have exacerbated what is becoming a deadly environmental disaster to a community long under siege through every means possible.

According to the head of oncology at Shifa Hospital, today Gaza produces 90 cases of cancer per 100,000 people compared with 65 in 2010. These statistics are particularly ominous given the unusually young population of Gaza with 60% of its residents under 25. Due to a lack of early diagnosis and treatment options in Gaza, women with breast cancer are dying at rates two to three times those receiving first world care.

On top of its energy crises, Gaza suffers from a chronic shortage of hospital beds, medical equipment and specialist physicians.

Treatment for an estimated 6,000 cerebral palsy patients is particularly problematic with many families unable to cover the cost of its specialized care. Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for Gaza’s Health Ministry notes:

The poor financial conditions of families (means they) cannot take responsibility for their children who suffer from cerebral palsy or provide them with medical care such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy.

According to the World Bank, 56 % of all Palestinians have no access to “reasonable and customary” healthcare. For those few, in Gaza, with the financial ability to obtain necessary health care, a lack of embargoed “sensitive” medications has created a “very very dangerous” situation with dozens of drugs unavailable… including antibiotic skin ointment and medicines to treat infants born with hypoglycemia and to counteract venomous snake bites. The UN reports that 34% of essential life preserving drugs at the Central Drug Store in Gaza are completely out of stock.

According to Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHRI), the public health system is not able to provide specialized treatments for complex medical problems in a variety of fields including neonatal care, cardiology, orthopedics and oncology. Moreover, nearly 50 percent of Gaza’s medical equipment is outdated and the average wait for spare parts is approximately six months. With few functioning mammography machines and the unavailability of radiation treatment, lumpectomies and plastic surgery, women with breast cancer routinely receive mastectomies as the only option.

The energy crisis has shed light on the huge rise in babies born with congenital, and other, disabilities who are waiting to leave Gaza for specialist treatment in Israel or elsewhere. For many, the wait for the much sought after exit permit can prove too long to survive.

Recently, three seriously ill babies died after permits to grant the children treatment in Israel were denied by the Palestinian Authority. Earlier this year, a 5 year old girl with cerebral palsy died while waiting permission from Israel to leave for external treatment. Not long thereafter, another 5 year old boy and 22 year old man died waiting permission to obtain treatment outside of Gaza.

Ka’enat Mustafa Ja’arour, 42, died of uterine cancer while awaiting a response to her permit request for treatment at a hospital in Jerusalem. In May, 52-year-old Talat Mahmoud Sulaiman al-Shawi, a resident of Rafah, died after being denied entry to Israel to treat a kidney tumor. In August, Fatin Nader Ahmed, 26, died in hospital, while awaiting a travel permit for treatment for her brain cancer.

So far this year, 20 patients have died after their exit permits were either denied or not granted in time. Physicians report that another 10 who, in July, died of cancer but could have been saved if they had been transferred elsewhere for treatment.

A short distance from Gaza, Israeli patients receive the benefit of complex medical treatment from some of the finest and most specialized hospital and emergency care centers in the world.

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has been selected as one of the world’s top 10 medical destinations specializes in adult and pediatric neurosurgery, orthopedic and surgical oncology, kidney-pancreas transplants, liver transplants, micro neurosurgery and trauma.

The Assuta Hospital, in Tel Aviv, is part of Israel’s largest private medical service and offers surgeries and diagnostic procedures in all fields of medicine; including cardiology, oncology, gynecology and urology.

The Wolfson Medical Center, on the southern border of Tel Aviv, addresses a wide range of health conditions from malaria to diabetes and heart conditions and specialty care in ENT, orthopedics, infectious diseases, pediatrics, OB/GYN, family medicine and psychiatry.

Meanwhile, back in Gaza, Yara Bakheet, age 4, and Aya Abu Mutalq, age 5, are laid to rest… denied access to basic medical treatment that would have saved their lives but for Israel’s delay in granting an exit visa for treatment.

Gaza Lives

In the light of this nightmare, some wonder what can drive hundreds, at times, thousands of young women and men to the edge of steel barricades and barbed wire that make their home a prison built of walls but not of silence. Yet they struggle on as they toss stones at soldiers hundreds of yards away and ignite fires that pose no threat but speak loudly of freedom.

Ultimately, it’s the indefatigable spirit of these 140 square miles of self-determination that threatens the myth, indeed, puts the lie to the grand sale of an all powerful and democratic Israel.

What little mark Israel has built and, ultimately, will leave behind in the assembled home it seized has been erected not by the call of principled purpose but the drive to become but another mini-empire in a region long known for despots that have placed economic and political profit before people.

At day’s end, it’s a legacy that knows no home, or welcome, but that of brute force.

For empires large and small, real or sham, history is but a predictable march of gaudy pretense. Gilded shacks built of shallow stilts and tattered shrines, theirs is homage to little more than empty tease. It’s who and what they are… it’s what they do… at least until they crash. And sooner or later they all crash.

Be assured, Israel will not be the exception.

Yes, empires come and go like so much a cheap, but deadly, chase for a call in eternity that welcomes no such guest. For the learned, it’s a lesson of history acquired not by 140 characters but by keen informed observation. For far too many, empty sound bites have, today, become a defining vision without a view.

Yet, there are crossroads in history where an image, a single glance, depicts more powerfully than the finest of poetic verse, a statement of principle, determination and sacrifice which inspires the winds of time for evermore.

Somewhere, right now Faris Odeh, Rachel Corrie and Ibrahim Abu Thuraya smile down upon us as history’s hope and eternity’s message.

fly b (26)
Sunday December 31, 2017, 6:43 pm
Thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year's Eve and Happy 2018, Tom Cat!

fly b (26)
Sunday December 31, 2017, 6:45 pm
( I don't know if anyone is smiling down 'upon us'.. but, I didn't write it.

If so, may it be a smile of hope, justice and peace.
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