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Homeopathic Remedies THE TRUTH - Vortex Energy Part 11

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Homeopathic Remedies. This method of healing does not work without intent. Some people would say this proves that it does not work. I say it proves the true potential and power of the mind. A deeper understanding of Tachyon energy should be studied.


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. (0)
Friday January 23, 2009, 11:58 pm
Unfortunately for the proponents of homeopathy, there simply is no credible evidence that it works. And its basic premise is scientifically unsound.

The statement that it will not work without the "intent" of the patient puts it into the realm of faith healing - that the healing will not occur absent the belief of the patient. Which means that the homeopathic practitioner under those circumstances will always have an "out" - namely that it was the patient's own fault that the supposed drug didn't work - because the patient didn't have enough belief that it would.

In and of itself, homeopathy isn't dangerous since the medications contain essentially no active ingredients. But it is dangerous nonetheless in that many people will choose to utilize an unproven and useless drug in place of other treatments which may or will treat their condition effectively. And, of course, those people are also wasting their money.

Gregory S (257)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 7:55 am
The same could be said for the current 'modern' health care system and pharmaceuticals .

How often did your doctor do a trial and error method of prescribing medication for 'what ailed you?'

The scientifically based logic of the physician practitioner may not reach an adequate conclusion. Then several other things might happen. These include but are not limited to exploratory tests and or surgery, change of diagnosis, recommendation of psychiatric review.

The issue of efficacy may or may not be attributed to the patient's desire to get relief.

I am not adverse to alternative medicine and a large part of the world's population seems to benefit from it. The physical is not the only aspect of self.

Physician induced disease (iatrogenic) is a big problem.

Nosocomial infections are another issue of current health care.

Then there is the issue of 'death by prescription' which causes over 100,000 deaths annually.


nurith k (93)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 8:40 am
well i personally would try anything mother nature offers, before i take just one pill of big pharma, that's for sure and homoepathy helps very good, same as akupunktur, phytotheraphie and others. my doc knows, she cannot offer me pills or medications of big pharma, i boycott them totally!!!!

. (0)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 9:08 am
The qustion is not whether people sometimes die from pharmaceuticals - they do, of course. Some due to drug allergies or interactions and others due to the inherently dangerous nature of some drugs.

But when we consider the hundreds of millions of doses of pharmaceuticals taken every year in this country alone, the number of deaths are quite low (assuming the figures cited are accurate).

When taking a prescribed pharmaceutical, the real question is: Is the danger from the drug less than the danger from the condition it is meant to treat? In another news item here on Care2 (, information is given about just one illness, Haemophilus influenzae type b, for which a vaccine was developed in the 1990's. Before the advent of the vaccine, about 20,000 cases were reported each year in the U.S., with approximately 1,000 children dying from it (and many others being deafened or ending up with brain damage.) After the vaccine (a pharmaceutical drug, of course), there was a drop in cases by 99%. Which means that this one drug, which treated a condition nowhere near one of the top killers, has saved the lives of almost a thousand children a year in this country alone, and saved many others from truly serious disabilities.

Alternative therapies have their place in some cases; however, conventional medicine has an outstanding historical track record when it comes to saving lives, reducing suffering, and greatly increasing human lifespan. In fact, I would guess that the lives saved just by antibiotics alone would greatly exceed the total number of prescription deaths.

Kit B (276)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 9:32 am
Well said Lindsey. Alternative therapies certainly can not heal dangerous and life threatening diseases, and though conventional medicine has its draw backs if individuals would make themselves educated patients, there might just may be far fewer problems. Some people I know have been helped by some alternative therapies, so like most things in life, education and balance.

. (0)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 9:43 am
I remember watching an episode of "Venom ER" on Animal Planet several years ago (a reality show which filmed the hospital experiences of patients envenomated by venomous creatures.) A child had been brought in with a severe reaction to a black widow spider bite. The physician, a specialist in venom-related conditions, offered the anti-venin, which would have almost immediately eliminated the child's severe pain. He stated that there was about a 1% chance of the drug killing the child - and that there was about a 1% chance of the child dying without the drug.

The drug was given and the child's pain was immediately taken care of and the child lived. However, had he died it would have gone down as a "drug death" in this context. Despite the fact that his chances of dying were just as great without the drug.

Saturday January 24, 2009, 12:40 pm
I agree with Kit! I have been taking homeopathic remedies for years and find them even more effective than herbs. I also don't have to worry about all the nasty side effects like from traditional medicines. Alternative medicine/healing is the most sympathetic form of healing. Treating the WHOLE person is the key to healing, not just the symptons.

Saturday January 24, 2009, 12:41 pm
I love Nurith's comment also! :)

Janet Solomon (231)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 3:53 pm
Yay Gregory! I KNOW it works--I wouldn't be writing this now otherwise. Never understimate the power of your WILL.You have way more POWER than you could possibly imagine--we've simply confined ourselves to the world of rational science. We've always got to consider the WHOLE, not simply the pieves that make the whole--we are ALL connected. [Hehe--E=MC2, believe it or NOT it doesn't matter--the truth exists without your belief or consent.]

serge vrabec (278)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 7:54 pm
What a fabulous video, filled with truth. Alot of times I FEEL that i can heal other people with a thought and have done so with my self. That may sound strange to some , but it is not if you research , read and discern for truth.

When i was young I went to India(1985), i became very ill in the mountain station of dharmsala(where the dalai lama is). It felt like it would be a really bad 10 day cold ( i grew up in the cold, so i knew ). Tibetan monks brung me to this place full of a million glass jars , etc. , they staring taking different powders and things and compressed them together in thse hard balls. They called it homeopathic medecine(cost me maybe 5 cents). I took them that day and by the next day in the afternoon , IT WAS GONE> I could not believe it. I had the cure for the common cold, i was estactic. I now knew that i could bring them home and give them to a doctor and poof noone would suffer these terrible colds anymore( had not realized the greed and the fact that people just would not automatically help with this, I knew what i know now, this is built in all of us, this urge to help on another.) I never thought they would take them away at customs, but they did. I told everyone i could about them. Much to my surprise 3-4 months later they were all over the news and suddenly available in the americas. WE ARE ONE. I would give them all to my fellow brother and sisters still now, as we all feel we should. I pray for the hearts of humanity to open wider and they are........Its a new day.

Thx Gregory for provided some truth out here!

WE should never underestimate the power of purposeful INTENT coupled with thought, word and deed. WE CARE loving , Powerful creators.......

Past Member (0)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 7:55 pm
I am currently having my back pain, diabetes, cholesterol, and migraines all treated with accupuncture and Chinese herbs. Bottom line. My back is fine, my cholesterol is normal. my blood sugar is stable and normal. I went in as a skeptic and came out a believer.

serge vrabec (278)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 7:57 pm
Good for you Julie , please spread the word, Bless you!

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Elderberry T (201)
Saturday January 24, 2009, 8:30 pm
Thanks Gregory I always use natural meds, herbs,homeopathic, acup. t'ai chi. etc they work.

Grant Coleman (6)
Monday January 26, 2009, 10:20 am
The most important thing about this debate is being overlooked here. Conventional medicine has become a corporate industry whose direction must remain balanced between making its shareholders money, and improving the health of its consumers. This leads them to find remedies which are continued throughout a lifetime in order to sustain there effectiveness in both health and profits. Herbal and holistic remedies are natural and therefore free. Because no one can make mass amounts of money off of them, no one is spending mass amounts of money to fund the research to prove their worth. Keep in mind that holistic healing is tens of thousands of years old. What we now call conventional medicine is much younger, and far less tested. I could go on for days about the addictions and other negative side effects caused by pharmaceuticals, but the point is to follow the money behind the research and you will find the truth.
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