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The Story of Suffering (Khaleda) and the Crash of Her Family Began When Gunmen Stormed Clothes Police and the Ministry of Oil

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U.S. paper says: There are a large number of rape victims in Iraq still Qdithn forgotten or abandoned altogether


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Uhoud A (184)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 10:29 am
Oman - Washington - Light:
(Thousands of women raped during the war): a real problem, and very sensitive, but did not attempt (a few) to contribute to the alleviation of the burden (the crime) Oola suffered by women, of whom have not been able to stay in Iraq, to a new level by resorting to any outside .. Arab capital or another close escape the shame and fear of death or be repeated painful experience. There is continued suffering abroad with the need and residence and (attempts to attack new) .. Here in Iraq, the continued suffering of raped resorted to some houses (the network), which opened humanitarian organizations to accommodate women driven from their homes have been left with no option but to accept sentenced optional. Even this prison, the now the target of militias and stances clan. Men abandoned their wives raped, as well as parents and brothers.
So far, despite the magnitude of the problem, coveted by several parties, the government is trying to study this problem seriously, to discuss the conditions of the settlements despite Onfen, who were often victims of the occupation and sectarian war. And (Khaleda) extracted from her job at the oil ministry with the pretext of investigation, one of the thousands of survivors (node deadly) if no solution in Iraq's social custom but with the death that women do not fault them it was only a family could not protect them.
In the view of a report in the U.S. that the majority of women detainees the government for one reason or another it (the charge of terrorism) have been systematically raped by officers from the investigation. As it turned out that many women Oola very innocent and were released has not been able to return to their homes Pantzarhn death would certainly be the perpetrator (the rapist), which (attacked) wearing a dress (protector) were subjected to punishment for the chaos and lawlessness and chaos that was a natural outgrowth of the occupation and sectarian war Abhorrent, destroyed many things and honor them were tragic day girls Salhat families or wives or mothers and sisters Mstakimat. That the true meaning of this complex problem is that everyone, even the government and the clerics have abandoned the responsibility of (favorable) women did not have a share of (the family), which protect them, Vtholn to (prey) for each wolf teeth inside or outside Iraq.
U.S. paper says: There are a large number of rape victims in Iraq still Qdithn forgotten or abandoned altogether. Many of those who have been very experience of this violent and inhuman, fled to the Jordanian capital Amman, or to other capitals, but they so far been unable to consult a specialist or receive treatment.
The (Anna Bedjin) reporter Christian Sainz Monitor: As if it tries to turn her memories of special shrink (Khaleda) in her chair with all inter say, she tells how the armed men, and what seemed to them that they worked in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Abducted and beat her, then raped her, and threw them into the street on the sidewalk in Baghdad!.
Did not end the suffering of (eternal) after escaping from Iraq, and resorting to the capital of Jordan (Amman). When informed of her husband, she was raped, left her two sons and two young men. The rumors spread quickly in Amman; Every person in the neighborhood known mainly as a man without a home. Last month, Jordan's neighbor broke into her apartment and tried to rape her as well.
Did not report (Khaleda) on the latest incident. It is the same as hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees in Jordan, does not have official authorization to reside in Jordan and, therefore, is afraid that the review of the authorities, for help will be sent to Jordan. For this, they Instead of demanding deterrent punishment to those who attacked in her home, closed the door of her apartment, and has refrained from getting out to people. The story - according to correspondent Christian - shed light on the problem is still largely neglected or are considering small-scale, but with the understanding that others are bad. The reporter said: The victims of rape Iraqi women, still living in the Jordan illegally, without protection or treatment or care from anybody.
The correspondent said that sexual abuse, and the weight of a heavy impact is (a stigma) in the Middle East, often afraid to talk about the victims of such abuse to anyone, for fear of revenge or their families Tahjrhn them. For if subjected to rape and refugees to Jordan, the situation Almhezwr and illegal residence, leaves them afraid to seek help, while keeping them vulnerable to sexual abuse, new or at least subjected to ill-treatment. They are in fact afraid of prosecution of the Jordanian immigration authorities, as fear of returning to Iraq.
Say (Imran Riza) Head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Amman, the organization president, who help the Iraqis in Jordan: ((The lack of legal status for these women exposing themselves to the lack of protection, and placed them in such cases of extortion this)). He (Reza) as saying: ((The women are certainly as eternal, to live in conditions of weak and the most vulnerable of the refugees whose situation to remain legal)).
The Christian Monitor Sainz weapon that rape is common in any war: no one knows how many Iraqi woman raped since the war began in 2003. Most of the crimes committed against women ((not reported because of fear of stigma, fear of reprisal, or because of the weakness of police procedures confidence)). Organization (MADRE) of the international women's rights, wrote in its report for the year 2007 on violence against women in Iraq. Some women, such as (Khaleda) who have been raped by persons belonging to the Iraqi security forces. The report found published in 2005 by the Iraqi National Assembly for Human Rights, that women detained in detention centers under the Ministry of Interior ((subjected to systematic rape by the investigating officer)).
There are a handful of organizations working in Iraq to help the victims of rape. Runs (MADRE) in coordination with the freedom of women in Iraq, a number of shelters and safe houses in Baghdad for victims of rape, and places where these women have some health and psychological care.
According to the American military that the militias are often attacked by groups defending the rights of women in Iraq, and that is why these facilities, the (underground network) are managed often - say (Yvette Suskind) communications director of the Organization MADRE - by a person who puts himself in danger House opened to house the victims. The house opened for the victims helped several thousands of Iraqi women who have been raped since 2003. Most women who have had this experience working in the shelter through other women.
The documentation of sexual assaults in Iraq by international researchers - according to the newspaper - is complex, because of waves of violence and widespread. The (Marian Moolman), which leads the defense of women's human rights organization based in New York, which issued its previous report on rape in Iraq in 2003, saying: ((There is a security issue, so we were not able to collect reliable information and accurate rape During the length of follow-up)). The same way, no one tried to guess the number of women who were raped were either in Iraq or in Jordan, according to the (Muhammad Habashneh) Jordanian psychiatrist who works with victims of rape Iraqi women.
Has been addressed (made public on Monday) about 40 rape victims from clinical depression, and the so-called traumatic stress disorder. , But he reckons they are only a fraction of women who have been raped. The (Anna Bedjin) Monitor correspondent Christian Sainz The treatment with psychiatrists such as (Habashneh) cost 25 to $ 40 per visit. This amount is very high for most Iraqi refugees living such as (Khaleda) subsistence receive financial assistance from international agencies do not exceed $ 100 per month. Many victims are afraid to go out of their homes or go to clinics for fear that detained by Jordanian authorities and Esfrn to Iraq.
Oola and to assist women, women's rights organizations in Jordan must coordinate with international agencies such as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNFCR) to provide treatment and programs that help victims to earn money ((that is often segregated from male raped on their families, so they do not have the means To take the experience they had experienced)), According to the (Suskind).
But these sources are not available so far for most Iraqi victims of rape in Jordan. There is no help groups, and consultants, and no one helps (Khaleda) when restored in memory of those painful events that Okhadidha dug in the memory of this woman who was occupying Amabadtha some of the product and sectarian war. And Troy (Khaleda) that the men were dressed in official police uniforms, entered the oil ministry in which they operate, and arrested her the pretext of interrogation. Poor could not tell her husband, but speculated that she had been raped. Now, do not blame (Khaleda) that her husband abandoned, or left it vulnerable to eroding some of the men who are trying to Afterasha. According to her husband: ((I have his phone number. And sometimes contact him, to talk to boys. And sometimes I like him, I would like to hear his voice. But once I closed the line Hello)).

Amy B (39)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 11:16 am
when will this stop and justice be handed down to these awful rapists? what a shame...
thanks Uhoud, noted...

Sharon Froehlich (99)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 11:35 am
Noted, Uhoud, again with sadness.

Faith M (161)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 11:40 am
always womens lot in war-always! War is Horror so when people are willing to go to war they are willing to commit horror-and call it honor or for God.
There is no such thing as a holy war and these sisters of us all have always paid the ultimate price -with their children and their bodies minds and souls-My heart grieves for their loss and I ask creator for healing of them all-thanx 4 sharing

Uhoud A (184)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 12:15 pm
She is my friend we studied to gether shared happy and pain Khalida Ismaeel suffered so much before 2003 and after she returend to Iraq in 2004 but the evils of Iran who work in ministry of interror raped her .. I fell sad for her...

Kim Moore (61)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 1:52 pm
sadly noted friend

David Gould (155)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 4:47 pm
War is a terrible thing with many of its victims hidden from sight. this is doubly so for those raped in an Islamic country. We accept in the UK that rape victims need support to learn to cope with the trauma of what has happened to them. Some take years to heal from the invasive nature of this kind of assault. Some never fully recover.

In war rape has been used as a weapon of fear, humiliation and degradation. But when one adds the stigma of what has happened here in Iraq and in Iran where by law the word of a woman is worth half that of a man, where under Islamic Law the woman is 'guilty' of having sex outside marriage the horror is multiplied. There is little or no support for many of the victims and all too frequently the victim is further victimized by the 'male' orientated law.

In Iran there are now women's movements starting that offer some support to victims but they have to do their work secretly and with the constant fear of being harried by the religious police.

Uhoud she has the best friend in you...with you she can express her grief and loss, her feelings of having been abused, used and spat out. Let her weep and rage in the safety of your friendship. I fear for her that healing will not come as there can be no recompense with the perpetrator and no recompense in the Law.

Pete Conrads (91)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 5:33 pm
Uhoud, so sadly noted :o( Humankind has yet to evolve to the level of integrity. I extend my sympathy and sorrow.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 9:20 pm
Sadly Noted.

Michelle R (13)
Wednesday November 26, 2008, 10:42 pm
I apologize to the men that would not so such...

However, Most Men are not right in the head. Rape is a part of war.

I do not go out at night, because men are psycho's. I own a gun because men are psycho's.

They recently changed the laws in Ohio regarding carrying a gun.

It was: You can shoot & kill someone if they entered your home.
Now: You have to prove imminent danger!!! Hello??!! If you break into my home, I feel in imminent danger. So, I'm suppossed to wait until when? Fuk that! Any and every jury will agree w/me. I will shoot. The only reason I won't shoot to kill is out of fear of repurcussions. But, I will shoot to disable. I am not going to let you beat me up or kill FU.

Again. This war is a disgrace. Again. Every war is a disgrace. Again. Men are a disgrace.

Uhoud A (184)
Thursday November 27, 2008, 12:20 am

Khalida: The mother of two, shown in silhouette, was raped during the war.

November 24, 2008 edition

Amman, Jordan - As though recoiling from her own memories, Khalida shrank deeper into her faded armchair with each sentence she told: of how gunmen apparently working for Iraq's Interior Ministry kidnapped her, beat and raped her; of how they discarded her on a Baghdad sidewalk.

But her suffering did not end when she fled Iraq and became a refugee in Jordan's capital, Amman. When Khalida's husband learned that she had been raped, he abandoned her and their two young sons.

Rumors spread fast in Amman; soon, everyone on her block knew that she was without a man in the house. Last month, her Jordanian neighbor barged into her apartment and attempted to rape her.

Khalida never reported the incident. Like tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees in Jordan, she does not have a permit to live or work here, and she is afraid that if she turns to authorities for help she will get deported. So instead of seeking punishment for her assailant, she latched the flimsy metal door of her apartment and stopped going outside.

Her story sheds light on a problem that is little researched, poorly understood, and largely ignored: Iraqi rape victims who now live in Jordan illegally and without protection. Sexual assault is heavily stigmatized in the Middle East, and victims are often afraid to talk about it to anyone, fearing that their families will abandon them. And their shaky status in Jordan leaves them afraid to seek help and vulnerable to new assaults and abuse. They fear persecution by Jordanian immigration authorities almost as much as they fear returning to Iraq.

"The lack of legal status does lead to these sorts of protection issues [and] puts them in very exploitative situations," says Imran Riza, who heads the mission in Jordan of the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the main international agency that assists Iraqis in Jordan. Women like Khalida, he says, "are certainly vulnerable, and much more vulnerable than others."

Rape is a common weapon of any war; no one knows how many Iraqi women have been raped since the war began in 2003. Most crimes against women "are not reported because of stigma, fear of retaliation, or lack of confidence in the police," MADRE, an international women's rights group, wrote in its 2007 report about violence against women in Iraq. Some women, like Khalida, are raped by Iraqi security forces. A 2005 report published by the Iraqi National Association for Human Rights found that women held in Interior Ministry detention centers endure "systematic rape by the investigators."

A handful of organizations are working to help rape victims in Iraq. MADRE, together with the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, operates several shelters and safe houses in Baghdad for Iraqi rape victims, where the women have access to healthcare and counseling.

But militias often target women's rights advocates in Iraq, so these facilities are "a clandestine network," operated by "mostly somebody who at a great risk to themselves has opened a room for these victims," says Yifat Susskind, MADRE's communications director. The shelters have helped several thousand Iraqi women since 2003. Most rape victims learn about the shelters from other women.

Documenting sexual assault in Iraq by international researchers remains complicated because of widespread violence. "There's been a security issue, so we haven't been able to get people on the ground to look at the issue for a long time," says Marianne Mollmann, who leads women's rights advocacy at the New York-based Human Rights Watch, which published its last report about rape in Iraq in 2003.

Similarly, no one has tried to estimate how many Iraqi refugees have been raped while in Iraq or in Jordan, says Mohamad Habashneh, a Jordanian psychiatrist who works with Iraqi rape victims.

Mr. Habashneh has treated approximately 40 Iraqi rape victims for clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. But he estimates that they are just a fraction of Iraqi refugees who had been raped.

Psychiatrists like Habashneh charge between $25 and $40 per visit, too expensive for most Iraqi refugees, who, like Khalida, live hand-to-mouth on monthly handouts of about $100 from international agencies.

Many victims are afraid to go outside or travel to a clinic out of fear of being detained by Jordanian authorities.

To help these women, women's rights organizations in Jordan must coordinate with larger agencies, such as UNHCR, to provide care and programs that would help the victims earn money "because rape survivors are alienated from their family and therefore have no way to sustain themselves," Ms. Susskind says.

But so far, these resources are not available for most Iraqi rape victims in Jordan. There are no support groups, no counselors, no hot lines, an no one to soothe Khalida when she has flashbacks that make her relive the day when assailants dressed in police uniforms arrived at the Oil Ministry where she worked and said they were taking her in for questioning.

She did not tell her husband that she had been raped but he figured it out. Now, Khalida does not blame him for going away, or for leaving her so vulnerable to men who wish to prey on her.

"I have his phone number," she says, sobbing quietly. "I dial it sometimes for the kids to talk to their father. Sometimes, because I love him, I like to hear his voice. But when I say 'hello' he hangs up."

Nici Wasserfall (1)
Thursday November 27, 2008, 7:56 pm
I call them Rapists on a white horses, because they do not quality to be called "men". They are not the strong ones, protecting the weak. How is it that countries prepare women and children for sex before major events? It has been said that the first chance many men have after leaving the airport is to search out a pre-prepared brothel. UN officials have been accused of raping women in African countries, so noted on ETV, etc. In wartime the first thing many soldiers do is to seek out the traumatised women and children and raping them. In South Africa the police rape women in cells. What has happened to the men?
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