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Chris Hedges: Tariq Ali: The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution

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The cost of open defiance, which, Ali pointed out, is our only escape route from corporate tyranny, will at least at first be painful. Our corporate masters do not intend to release their death grip without a brutal fight.


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Past Member (0)
Monday March 2, 2015, 5:51 am
A true indictment of how lazy and apathetic we've become here in the U.S. It's going to take more than signing a few petitions online to change the direction we're headed in. I agree with what he says about our lack of knowledge in the field of history--that's where the dumbing down begins. Did you read about what they're doing in Oklahoma--removing AP (advanced) history classes and replacing them with the Ten Commandments and other irrelevant 'information' ?!?

Past Member (0)
Monday March 2, 2015, 5:55 am
Chris Hedges keeps speaking the truth,but how many truly listen and feel compelled to act. Tariq Ali is brilliant and his warnings are valid. It will take a revolution and I hope Americans haven't become so fat and comfortable that they can't make the necessary sacrifices. Things are only going to get worse. Yet every day even here on Care2 my inbox is flooded with requests about saving cats...and only a handful of people even bother to read the articles about saving people!

Judy C (91)
Monday March 2, 2015, 12:28 pm
Thanks for your comments, Linda. I did hear about those reprehensible developments in Oklahoma schools. There are so very many lazy and ignorant people in the U.S. Education that doesn't include real history will ensure that the average American will get even dumber and easier to manipulate. It's hard to have hope that we are not just headed down the tubes, with too little awareness or will to stop this from happening. What people like Ali and Hedges are saying may wake some people up, but I fear it's going to take something really terrible to mobilize people. I love animals too, but like you, I would like to see that level of concern extend to people. I have trouble understanding why it doesn't.

Mitchell D (82)
Monday March 2, 2015, 6:43 pm
Yes, Linda, saving people is more important than saving cats, not that I do not care about cats.
We have become fat and comfortable, i believe, and want "someone else" to get out onto the hustings. At the some time we have become victims of "weapons of mass distraction;" who really needs to give a damn about the exploits of the Kardashians, and similar narcissistic idiots?
We went crazy over "The Dress," tweeted, and all, and found it on the news, for how many days?
This shit is news?!

Sheryl G (359)
Tuesday March 3, 2015, 3:34 pm
Per article:

He hurls rhetorical thunderbolts and searing critiques at the oily speculators and corporate oligarchs who manipulate global finance and the useful idiots in the press, the political system and the academy who support them. The history of the late part of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st century has proved Ali, an Oxford-educated intellectual and longtime gadfly who once stood as a Trotskyist candidate for Parliament in Britain, to be stunningly prophetic.

......We need a lot of voices to join in with his......from all levels of society.

Per article:

He lamented the loss of the radicalism that was nurtured by the 1960s counterculture, saying it was “unprecedented in imperial history” and produced the “most hopeful period” in the United States, “intellectually, culturally and politically.”

.......I was there, and I've never regretted being there. It made one feel alive! Now this Country just feels dead.
The youth behind us should of joined in, but instead they got to comfortable being entertained. Look at the crap on TV, add in the people who spend hours on computer games, and yes, sending daily requests about saving dogs and cats. I love the animals too, but if we don't fix this mess there isn't going to be much life for the cats or the dogs or any animal for that matter.

Per article:

“That [spirit is what the ruling elite] had to roll back, and that they did quite successfully,” he said.

I'll say it has rolled back, it's hit ever angle from education, financial, unions, women's rights to their bodies, and the environment; it is mind blowing. I feel like we are further back than where I had started as a teenager.

Per article:

The battle between popular will and the demands of corporate oligarchs, as they plunge greater and greater numbers of people around the globe into poverty and despair, is becoming increasingly volatile. Ali noted that even those leaders with an understanding of the destructive force of unfettered capitalism—such as the new, left-wing prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras—remain intimidated by the economic and military power at the disposal of the corporate elites.

.........This is why it's urgent that as many people as possible understand these things. We all need a bit of time to smell the roses but we can't be doing just the light fluffy stuff all the time, the mindless TV programs, those cute little animal video's, there must be in there time, and a significant amount, to educate oneself.

Per article:
The cost of open defiance, which, Ali pointed out, is our only escape route from corporate tyranny, will at least at first be painful. Our corporate masters do not intend to release their death grip without a brutal fight.

......This is what I've been saying, they are well entrenched now, too many did nothing for too long, too many stayed asleep, the comments of wake up were gone unheeded, so now it will require a lot more to break free.

They are fearful that if the Greeks pull it off, the disease will spread.

.....I was/am hopeful for them as well. I've been placing articles on C2 about Greece for several years now. A few note, even fewer have read. I've seen this as important for a long time now.....but if people don't take the time to even read what has already been researched and broken down for them.

Ali despaired of the gender politics that are fueling a possible run for the White House by Hillary Clinton, who would be the first woman president.

“My reply is, ‘So bloody what?’ ” he said. “If she is going to bomb countries and put drones over whole continents, what difference does her gender make if her politics are the same? That is the key.

.....I so agree, is why I couldn't vote for Obama last time, that so called "hope".....Hillary is a Corporatist if one doesn't know that then they are not paying attention. They are only seeing the "fluff" --Oh we can have woman for President. I'd much rather have someone who will at least understand what we are up against and do what he or she can to start moving us to a better place.

America is the hardest nut to crack, but unless it is cracked we are doomed.

....And oh don't some of us know it, feel it, breath it........we are inside of the inside and the beast doesn't even protect it's parts anymore. Just cuts us off if we start to cause it pain or ache a bit.

Per article:

Authorities “closed down an entire city with the support of the population.” He said that the virtual declaration of martial law in Boston was “a dress rehearsal.”

“If they can do it in Boston they can do it in other cities,” he said. “They needed to try it on in Boston to see if it would work. That frightened me.”

......This frightened me as well. Having lived in that area where I know people use to stand up STRONG for their rights, a hold over from the Revolutionary war. They really really surprised me that without question, all complied. Yes, there was someone on the loose, but we've had other criminals on the loose, serial criminals on the loose, but this time.......all rights of all citizens were removed and no one seemed to question it.

The brainwashing and conditioning has done Lawrence Lessig said, "we've lost our Republic". Is not a good feeling to know, what happened with Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and the rest of them was lost on our watch.

Good article Judy. Chris Hedges should be read by everyone. Now that would give me "hope".

Judy C (91)
Saturday March 7, 2015, 12:48 am
I so fully agree with your comments on this excellent article, Dandelion. I remember how it felt in the 60's too, and the contrast with the way it is now is hard to bear. The gains we made are slipping away, and the general population seems to be sleepwalking more than ever. My kids are pretty cynical about it all, and I guess I'm more idealistic than they are.

My parents and grandparents were old school Democrats, and union people. They would be sick if they were around to see what has happened in recent years. People like Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama have sold their souls. My Mom was a big fan of Ralph Nader, and she would be happy to see him still out there.

Back in the 70's I took some courses such as Jungian Psychology from a Psychoanalytic Psychology professor, a very old school guy. He said that one would expect that a woman president would do things differently, but he predicted that a woman president would likely be just as bellicose as the men in power. This is certainly true in Hillary Clinton's case. I did like her at one time, but for the reasons you point out, not any more. Nowadays a president is pretty much a mere figurehead or puppet to the corporate masters.

Brainwashing and conditioning do work well. Otherwise the advertising industry wouldn't be worth a gazillion dollars. The People are just surviving, operating on the reptilian brain, motivated by fear in a thousand different forms.

Mitchell, you're right. I'm so sick of the vapid, space-wasting Kardashians and their ilk. The drivel that masquerades as news is just more advertising, for the most part. People are lazy both physically, and especially mentally, and as you say, they want someone else to do the work of fighting the power if they even have a clue of what's going on.

I do so wish some more people would read and actually think about what Hedges says.

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