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Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract From Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS

Science & Tech  (tags: internet, encryption, surveillance, technology, whistleblowers, terrorists, Edward Snowden, media, propaganda )

- 1281 days ago -
Blaming Snowden's revelations on the terrorist attacks would be laughable if it didn't show how mindless the public can be in consuming media propaganda. Glenn Greenwald discusses the well-worn strategy of blaming the whistleblower.


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Rose Becke (141)
Monday November 16, 2015, 12:59 am

Marcus B (57)
Monday November 16, 2015, 1:42 am
Worth reading!

Donna T (0)
Monday November 16, 2015, 7:10 am
thank you

Kathy B (106)
Monday November 16, 2015, 12:32 pm
There is no logic what-so-ever in blaming Snowden for the Paris attacks.

Judy C (91)
Tuesday November 17, 2015, 12:40 pm
Snowden blew the whistle on the use of the internet for blanket surveillance of U.S. citizens. It included the use of nine internet companies to conduct surveillance on our own people. "What they're doing" poses "an existential threat to democracy", he warned, and also said that the NSA "routinely lied to Congress," which would be a crime. His actions upheld the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. It's idiotic to connect his actions to the Paris attacks, but of course, that won't stop some hysterical attempts to do so.

Kevin C (2)
Tuesday November 17, 2015, 4:08 pm
What makes me laugh and angry all at the same time is the stupidity of the people I work with who say they don't care if the powers that be are snooping on their private lives. Its this mentality that undermines the individuals rights to privacy. What is my business is mine and what is yours is yours. Its called privacy for a reason. It engenders respect and trust and a whole heap of other important qualities that engender a meaningful political and business relationship as well as a social relationship based on a lot of things. Trust is only one of them. Unfortunately the powers that be have been so criminal in their behaviour for so long people do not trust them any more. Little boy who cried wolf perhaps?
So because we don't trust them they snoop because that is the only way they can find out what we are thinking and doing and planning and it helps them maintain the illusion that they deserve to be in charge. By using what they find covertly against us they reinforce their own arguments against our alternative beliefs.
By keeping us ignorant of their agendas and activities and by keeping us scared of the bogey man of the day or night (terrorist groups, religious factions and counter political groups) as suits their purpose. Terrorists are being identified in every arena but are they really terrorists? Are they simply not people or groups who are being deliberately targeted by the powers that be to further their own agendas? Are they not simply being used to provide you the people with a suitable scapegoat that you can throw rocks at and shout 'traitor' or 'Radical' or Fascist' or some other inappropriate and unjustified name that sounds good. But for how long does it sound good? How long does it feel right? Only as long as you feel frightened before and brave during the name calling and vindicated afterwards for following the powers that be and their advice.
Point the finger and scream 'Witch' and you condemn the target to death. That is how it was in the 15th century and beyond. Did you know that in the UK you could still get hung for practising Witchcraft right up until 1951? Only after the UK signed the international declaration of human rights was Witchcraft permitted to be practised in the UK. I know because I am Pagan and have read extensively about the subject of oppression of religions by the chosen state religion of the day. Christianity isn't all its cracked up to be so beware.
Point the finger today and cry 'terrorist' instead and you do exactly the same thing.
But for it to work there always has to be ignorant people who will take up the mantle of their masters and point that finger. There also always has to be a substantial amount of fear among the masses to then chorus that cry, more out of fear of being singled out as sympathisers if they remained silent. Fear is the second key ingredient in a nation being controlled against its will. But ignorance and fear are all well and good, but a two legged stool never sits upright on the ground. The third item on the list is 'dependence'. How can you combat the fear? How can you overcome your ignorance? How do they get around it? They make you dependent on them for everything. Food, Water, Shelter, Income, Life Purpose, Protection and a Dream that you will gladly believe in. A dream of a better world and a better life for you and yours. A dream that will never ever come true but a dream all the same that you the masses will believe in and follow to the end of your days. How many of you are looking back at your lives and asking yourselves why you didn't do certain things and why you did others? How many of you have regrets about your life path?

That is all there is to it really. 3 legs and one purpose. Your simply collateral damage in a war that they are waging to maintain their own control over you and everything else. The masters who want it all and won't share a damned thing with you. Not even the merest morsel of truth.
Oh and did you know that the French Security Forces knew who the terrorists were. Where they were. What they were plotting. All long before the terrorists struck.
When you want to improve your military strength for instance you allow a situation to be created that gives weight to your arguments for more military spending. More control of the masses. More intrusions into your world. So a false flag operation or a terrorist incursion where a reasonable amount of damage is done, lives lost, property ruined. The people can then be moulded into a force that will chorus that demand for more military spending and more revenge.
And the military industrial complex simply rubs its hands with glee as the profits tumble into their coffers.
Thankfully there are a few Snowden's around who don't agree with all this sort of thing.
Unfortunately there are a few more Men and Women in Black who do agree with these covert plans and will do everything in their power to maintain these controls over you all. Its called maintaining the status quo.
Its why GMOs are good for you and Fracking is the only way forward and TPP and TTIP are essential if we are to maintain the economy. Oh and Tar Sands are an alternative cheap energy source and climate change is natural. Its happened before and humans aren't responsible for it. The list of crap is endless but they can be so convincing when your ignorant of any alternative truth.
Ask them about the real proof and they will tell you that there doesn't have to be any proof because the evidence that we believe shows they are lying is deeply flawed terrorist propaganda. And what they tell us is true. Because they would never hurt us and would never allow anyone else to hurt us either. I can never remove the image of Disney' Jungle Book character 'Ka' the snake when I think of these sneaky bastards at the top of the food chain. 'Trust in Meeeeeeeeeeee!'
Do you get it now?

Judy C (91)
Wednesday November 18, 2015, 7:01 pm
I agree, Kevin, and I think we could add one more leg to the 3-legged stool of ignorance, fear, and dependency. That is hatred. All the discontent that arises from our position of enslavement can be directed toward the "other". That beast is what is being fed by such demagogues as Donald Trump.

Kevin C (2)
Thursday November 19, 2015, 8:06 am
Very good point about hatred Judy C. I imagine hatred is what actually sits on the stool. That will be us then if we allow ourselves to be consumed by our discontent of our world and lives. It will lead to the downfall of all that we take for granted and if it is not stopped soon we will be consumed by the overwhelming war against terror that is being pushed forward by the military industrial complex.
Dark Days indeed.

Past Member (0)
Saturday January 16, 2016, 10:10 pm
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