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Arrest Governor Snyder - Michael Moore - TAKE ACTION!

Environment  (tags: Governor Snyder, Flint, Michigan, lead poisonng, polluted drinking water, environmental crime, Michael Moore, petition )

- 1287 days ago -
By taking away the city's clean drinking water in order to "cut costs," and then switching the city's water supply to Flint River water, you have allowed massively unsafe levels of pollutants and lead into the water that travels in to everyone's home.


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Judy C (91)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 12:48 pm
FROM: Michael Moore
TO: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Dear Governor Snyder:

Thanks to you, sir, and the premeditated actions of your administrators, you have effectively poisoned, not just some, but apparently ALL of the children in my hometown of Flint, Michigan.

And for that, you have to go to jail.

To poison all the children in an historic American city is no small feat. Even international terrorist organizations haven't figured out yet how to do something on a magnitude like this.

But you did. Your staff and others knew that the water in the Flint River was poison -- but you decided that taking over the city and "cutting costs" to "balance the budget" was more important than the people's health (not to mention their democratic rights to elect their own leaders). So you cut off the clean, fresh glacial lake water of Lake Huron that the citizens of Flint (including myself) had been drinking for decades and, instead, made them drink water from the industrial cesspool we call the Flint River -- a body of "water" where toxins from a dozen General Motors and DuPont factories have been dumped for over a hundred years. And then you decided to put a chemical in this water to "clean" it -- which only ended up stripping the lead off of Flint's aging water pipes, placing that lead in the water and sending it straight into people's taps. Your callous -- and reckless (btw, "reckless" doesn't get you a pass; a reckless driver who kills a child, still goes to jail) -- decision to do this has now, as revealed by the city's top medical facility, caused "irreversible brain damage" in Flint's children, not to mention other bodily damage to all of Flint's adults. Here's how bad it is: Even GM won't let the auto parts they use in building cars touch the Flint water because that water "corrodes" them (link). This is a company that won't even fix an ignition switch after they've discovered it's already killed dozens of people. THAT's how bad the situation is. Even GM thinks you're the devil.

Maybe you don't understand the science behind this. Lead, in water -- now, bear with me, this involves a science lesson and you belong to the anti-science party, the one that believes there's not a climate problem and that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago. Lead is toxic to the human body. There's no way to fully eliminate it once it's in your system, and children are the most damaged by it.

By taking away the city's clean drinking water in order to "cut costs," and then switching the city's water supply to Flint River water, you have allowed massively unsafe levels of pollutants and lead into the water that travels in to everyone's home. Every Flint resident is trapped by this environmental nightmare which you, Governor, have created.

Like any real criminal, when you were confronted with the truth (by the EPA and other leading water experts across America), you denied what you did. Even worse, you decided to mock your accusers and their findings. As I said, I know you don't like to believe in a lot of science (after all, you used to run Gateway Computers, and that, really, is all anyone needs to know about you), but this time the science has caught up with you -- and this time, I hope, it's going to convict you.

The facts are all there, Mr. Snyder. Every agency involved in this scheme reported directly to you. The children of Flint didn't have a choice as to whether or not they were going to get to drink clean water. But soon it will be your turn to not have that choice about which water you'll be drinking. Because by this time next year, if there is an ounce of justice left in this land, the water you'll be drinking will be served to you from a tap inside Jackson Prison.

I am calling upon my fellow Michiganders -- and seekers of justice everywhere -- to petition U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, asking her to arrest you for corruption and assault (i.e., the physical assault you committed against the children of Flint when you knowingly poisoned them).

Yesterday, the federal prosecutor in Flint, after many of us had called for months for this action, finally opened up an investigation into the matter (link). Now we need your arrest, prosecution and conviction.

And who will be cheering on that day when you are fitted with a bright orange jumpsuit? The poor and minority communities of Michigan who've endured your dictatorial firing of their mayors and school boards so you could place your business friends in charge of their mostly-black cities. They know you never would have done this to a wealthy white suburb.

I welcome all to look at the appalling facts of this case, which have been reported brilliantly here, here, and especially here by the great Rachel Maddow. Thank you, Rachel, for caring so deeply when the rest of the national television media didn't.

I'm asking everyone who agrees with me to sign on to this petition and call for your arrest, Governor Snyder. You are not allowed to run amok in my hometown like you have done. The children whom you have poisoned have to endure a life of pain and lower IQ's from your actions. You have destroyed a generation of children -- and for that, you must pay.

It is time for you to go to prison. Out of mercy, I'll ask that you have in your cell your own personal Gateway computer.

Michael Moore
Flint native
Michigan resident and voter

P.S. For everyone wanting to sign on to this petition calling for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Governor Snyder AND for the FBI to arrest him, please sign the petition petition...

Adriana A (8)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 12:56 pm
Signed, noted and disgusted and horrified beyond words.

Solitary Eagle (324)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 1:37 pm
Signed. Thanks Judy.

Barb SiteIssues V (202)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 2:09 pm
Signed & Noted, Thank you

Ed Site Issues V (198)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 4:00 pm
S&N, Thanks

Past Member (0)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 4:01 pm
Signed-thx Judy

Sheryl G (359)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 7:08 pm
I'm not sure when the American people are going to understand, that with austerity, with the most well to do not paying taxes, this is the outcome.

Perhaps this city can be used as the Poster City of what is wrong all over this Country and if you don't smarten up this too will be coming to your own town or city.

This IS criminal and I do not hesitate to sign this petition. This Gov. should be tarred and feather and yet we polite Americans would rather sit back and let our children be poisoned.

Where is the anger? Where is the backbone of the millions of people in the USA. We have people held up in a bird sanctuary over some stupid crap and yet, here is a whole city of people being poisoned and who is standing up for them?

Please people, don't just sign and walk this where-ever you can. Thankful Rachel Maddow is staying on top of this story. But FEMA should be in there handing out water, the President where are you? A whole city in your Country is being poisoned. Where are the Senators of Michigan? The Red Cross?

Like the poor in New Orleans, they were forgotten, dying in the Superdome, pleading for drinking water on the outside of the Superdome, dying from lack of needed medications. So Flint, 40% poor, another city has been written off?

Frankly I don't give two sh*ts what Donald Trump is saying what the hell is he DOING. Has he sent water to this impoverished city? In fact how about all the Candidates, send these people some help.


Judy C (91)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 11:28 pm
Thanks everyone. I couldn't agree more with what Dandelion says. This story did get some coverage on the NBC nightly news, and I don't know if any other major news outlets are carrying the story. This is indeed a shining example of what austerity can do. Priorities are completely perverted. The right wing people who are obsessed with abortions should be helping these people. They could actually accomplish something.

Judy C (91)
Thursday January 7, 2016, 11:44 pm
I should point out that I have posted a few articles about Flint's water in the last few months. Here's an excerpt from one I posted in July:

In some respects, Flint’s water affordability crisis is difficult to fathom. Michigan is “The Great Lake State” after all, a place surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water, suggesting that water should be extremely affordable. But as in Detroit, its more famous sibling city to the south, water has become a high-priced commodity that too many residents can no longer afford. With average household charges nearing $150 a month, Flint’s water and sewer rates are among the highest in the United States.

Nor is price the only water problem facing the people of Flint. Since the city’s emergency manager switched the city’s drinking-water source in April 2014 from Detroit’s system to the Flint River—a move that was billed as a cost-saving windfall—residents have endured a series of water-safety scares. First came the three boil-water warnings, which the city issued after finding evidence E. coli and other nasty bacteria in the city’s water supply. These were followed by nine months of dangerously high levels of total trihalomethanes, a carcinogenic byproduct of chlorine, which put the city in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act; the city had ramped up the chlorine in an effort to kill the E. coli and other gut-busting microbes. Along the way, people have complained about rashes, hair loss, bad smells and worse, leading a group of them to file a lawsuit on June 5 to force the city to stop getting its water from the Flint River.

More recently, an internal Environmental Protection Agency memo obtained by the ACLU of Michigan raised concerns about the possibility of widespread lead contamination after the water in one family’s home was found to be contaminated with lead at a level of 13,200 parts per billion (ppb). A lead level of 5,000 ppb is classified as hazardous waste. The EPA memo asserted that the lead issue was the direct result of the cash-strapped city’s inability to handle the job of water treatment.

Much of Flint’s water woes—both in terms of quality and cost—can be tracked to its crumbling infrastructure: 600 miles of poorly maintained pipes plagued by hundreds of water main breaks a year. The whole system is in desperate need of repair, but the city, which is just now exiting receivership, isn’t in any shape to foot the bill—and no one else is stepping in to help.

Flint is a city with little more than half the residents it had when its population peaked in 1950. Likewise, only a fraction of the manufacturing jobs it previously had remain. Once a successful auto town—and a hub of organized labor—it counted only 8,000 General Motors jobs in 2006, down from nearly 80,000 good-paying union jobs in 1978. And jobs weren’t the only things the auto plants took when they closed; the tax revenues that flowed from them dried up as well. As a result, an ever smaller and poorer number of people have had to shoulder the costs of maintaining a decrepit water and sewer system.

For wealthier Flint residents, the relentless rise in rates has been irksome. But for the increasing number of poor people—the city’s poverty rate has swelled to more than 40 percent—the rate spikes are devastating. So is the unsafe water.

“People are forced to decide what bills are going to get paid,” said Flint resident Melissa Mays, a mother of three who’s struggling to make ends meet when the monthly water bill is over $300.

This is a link to another story I posted from The Guardian. Several links to other stories about this topic can be found at the bottom of that article's page.

Nita L (127)
Friday January 8, 2016, 3:36 am
Noted, signed & shared. Thank you Judy for posting and thank you Michael Moore for the petition.

Sheryl G (359)
Friday January 8, 2016, 4:53 am
I know you have posted stories on this topic Judy, as have I, and I thank you for doing so. I'd like to see the same outrage on this as people from all over the world had for Cecil the lion. These are voiceless children!

I posted another story on another ongoing disaster. This one the gas leak in California. The air and our water are both vital to life itself and both are being poisoned at a faster and faster rate.
Gov of California Declares A State Emergency On Magor Methane Gas Leak

Ben O (129)
Friday January 8, 2016, 7:17 am
I thank myself for signing the petition!

Carole K (195)
Friday January 8, 2016, 10:28 am
Noted & signed. TY, Judy! Knowingly poisoning one's fellow state residents would qualify as a felony & crime against humanity in my book.Will he (they) face justice?

Marco Baracca (41)
Friday January 8, 2016, 12:03 pm
Signed Thanks Judy

Animae C (508)
Friday January 8, 2016, 1:57 pm
Thank you for signing the petition.

Thanx Judy & Dande

Janis K (129)
Saturday January 9, 2016, 8:58 am
Thanks for sharing, signed.

Nancy C (806)
Saturday January 9, 2016, 10:37 am
s/sh in fb groups...ty

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 10, 2016, 5:05 am
Noted, signed--ty

Mitchell D (82)
Sunday January 10, 2016, 7:16 pm
Noted, signed elsewhere!

Darren Woolsey (218)
Monday January 11, 2016, 6:58 am
Signed and shared petition
Thanks Judy

Mike M (8)
Monday January 11, 2016, 9:15 am

Past Member (0)
Monday January 11, 2016, 9:30 am
of course I signed; Thank you Judy!

Walter F (128)
Monday January 11, 2016, 3:03 pm
Signed Judy

Rose Becke (141)
Monday January 11, 2016, 4:54 pm
So Signed

Birgit W (160)
Tuesday January 12, 2016, 2:36 pm
Gladly signed. Thanks.

Lois Jordan (63)
Tuesday January 12, 2016, 4:25 pm
Noted. "You've already signed this petition. Thanks." And, many thanks for posting, Judy.

Maryann S (114)
Tuesday January 12, 2016, 5:31 pm
Signed & Noted, Thank you.

Arild Warud (174)
Wednesday January 13, 2016, 2:16 am

Shirley S (187)
Wednesday January 13, 2016, 11:38 pm

Thursday January 14, 2016, 4:27 am
Thank you Judy.

Animae C (508)
Friday January 15, 2016, 2:42 am
Another petition;


LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Saturday January 16, 2016, 2:37 am
Signed, with passion & anger!

This morning I got this action alert from MoveOn! Sign the petition asking the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and President Obama for federal aid for Flint :

"Michigan Governor Rick Snyder allowed the people of Flint, Michigan, to drink water laced with lead for months, which can cause permanent brain damage in children.

The water is still laced with lead and there is no end in sight. The federal government must step in to help provide support for Flint residents."

"... the city [of Flint] failed to put in place the proper CORROSION CONTROLS when" ... "Flint's un-elected emergency manager switched the city from safe drinking water from Lake Huron provided through the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the polluted Flint River." "The Flint River runs through a very industrial part of Michigan, home to a General Motors facility and DuPont chemical factories. The CHEMICALS used to make the water "safe" made the water CORROSIVE and it began EATING AWAY at the city's lead pipes. Flint's water is SO CORROSIVE that General Motors WON'T EVEN USE IT to make car parts. (3)


"On October 16, 2015, Flint's drinking water source was finally switched back to Detroit's drinking water. The problem: Flint's pipes are PERMANENTLY DAMAGED and continue to LEACH LEAD into Flint's drinking water."

"At the beginning of January 2016 the U.S. Department of Justice opened an INVESTIGATION into how Michigan has handled the crisis in Flint. Then, Governor Rick Snyder FINALLY issued a state of emergency to begin to give Flint residents the HELP they deserve, but this is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE for many of Flint's CHILDREN.

"State relief may only provide the city with a small portion of the potentially $1.5 billion it will need to fix its BROKEN WATER SYSTEM and give Flint CHILDREN the HEALTHCARE they need. The federal government MUST step in to help provide support for Flint residents.

"Stand with the residents of Flint and ask the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to declare a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY to GET the city FEDERAL AID. "

[To be delivered to Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services and President Barack Obama]

"As of now, the petition has received 39137 signatures! To really make a difference, we need a lot more people to join in."

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Wednesday January 20, 2016, 1:29 am
FOOD & WATER WATCH Petition -- Arrest Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for Flint's Poisoned Water! Sign the petition to call for the arrest of Governor Rick Snyder and to hold him accountable addressed to Department of Justice Secretary Loretta Lynch

"Thank you for taking action!" Sarah Alexander, Deputy Organizing Director, Food & Water Watch

Unfortunately, I signed the petition myself, first, before linking to it in this comment and NOW I can't get a version of the petition page WITHOUT my name in full and my e-mail address! I'm hoping that when someone uses the link I've provided, my détails WON'T be displayed, since it will be reached via a different computer, but I'm afraid this won't be the case. So, PLEASE let me know if my détails are being displayed and if someone finds a way of reaching the petition page w/out my personal info, please leave THAT URL & I can't have my comment removed. Thanks in advance.


Past Member (0)
Sunday January 24, 2016, 9:01 am
Happily noted and signed ~ thank you Judy!

Judy C (91)
Monday January 25, 2016, 4:36 pm
Thanks everyone for the links and comments. All petition signed.

I am just now seeing this Lucy, and you can rest assured that the link does not take one to the petition with your information. Its display is blank. I appreciate your posts.

Michael Rauls (0)
Sunday February 7, 2016, 3:49 pm
I hesitate to suggest this, but the Feds should simply come and fix this, then bill Michigan. The Govenor should get a life sentence for the future deaths he and his henchmen have caused. The United Nations should consider calling Gov. Snyder to the Hague to be arraigned for Crimes Against Humanity. I Don't hesitate to sign this petition. If I were a Republican this would be my last day as one after seeing the shameless way the party attempted to protect Gov. Snyder. He has given that already disreputable party another black eye. And I thought it couldn't get worse after letting Trump in.

Judy C (91)
Sunday February 7, 2016, 6:36 pm
You are correct. Thanks Michael.

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Sunday February 7, 2016, 10:05 pm
Bravo, Michael! I applaud your proposals, like 1) giving Snyder a life sentence for future deaths caused by distributing toxic water & poisoning Flint résidents and 2) arraigning him for Crimes Against Humanity at the UN court in the Hague.

And the Re-thugs actually tried to protect him?? That I didn't know... Yes, indeed, you would think "it couldn't get any worse," or any more shameful after accepting T-rump & the hate he spreads.
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