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Britain's Foreign Aid Has Fallen Into Hands of Al-Qaeda, DfiD Admits

World  (tags: UK incompetence, Al Qaeda, terrorism )

- 2137 days ago -
Almost half a million pounds of British taxpayer-funded aid and equipment has fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda, the Department for International Development has admitted.


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Jay S (116)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 1:42 am
Well, isn't this a surprise! The subversive hate-state Saudi Arabia gets caught funding hate all over the world, and subversion and terror and always pretends surprise, and Obislama sends billions in US taxpayer dollars to fund his friends the Muslim Brotherhood, another global Islamic hate group of terror and oppression, in their agenda to 'destroy western civilization' and force us all to live under their primitive, intolerant ideology, and is sending them money right now so they, and the Saudis, can establish another Sharia hate state in Syria, where US tax dollars are helping these primitive bigots in their genocide against Christians, Druze and Alwaites.

But who cares? Not the pro-muslim mainstream media, and certainly not Obummer who would call you an 'islamophobe' for exposing the hate and violence of these true-believing Orthodox Muslim terrorists.

What a sick world, and, sadly, we are all being forced to pay for our own destruction.

Sunday August 11, 2013, 1:43 am
The AID Industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that allows its top management to enjoy a luxurious life style and that sadly. is its raison d'être. I left Kenya many years ago but even back then AID equipment and supplies was purloined by Somali gangsters (then known as Shifta) in Northern Kenya and taken across the border. AID agency workers often just shrug their shoulders and consider it a form of taxation - after all they did not work for the money involved!

Stan B (123)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 1:45 am
The terror group’s Somali franchise, al-Shabaab, “confiscated” the equipment from DfID contractors in multiple incidents over at least three months before any action was taken.

The admission is contained in the small print of the department’s latest accounts, which say that £480,000 worth of “humanitarian materials and supplies” was written off following repeated “confiscations” by al-Shabaab.

Carola May (20)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 1:47 am
So while Britain funds Islamic world conquest and terror and admits Islamic hate preachers who teach every word of hate in Islam's 'holy books' while giving them generous benefits and nice houses the rest of us who have paid into the system could never hope to see, and which returns gay refugees, fleeing for their lives from Islamic hate and certain death, back to those hate states to be tortured and lynched, is it any wonder that there is such a growing discontent with our 'leaders' and our system?

Giana Peranio Paz (398)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 1:58 am
Nyack has a point there...

Hilary S (65)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 2:22 am
governments have a responsibility to conduct careful research into the placement of taxpayer sourced foreign aid. nyack does have a point, which begs the question about collusion in covering up the final destination of aid. who is accountable?

Jennifer Ward (40)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 2:25 am
Stop 'helping' these hellholes- they only see it as patronizing. Charity begins at home

Danuta W (1251)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 2:49 am

marie T (163)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 3:36 am
You are on the ball Phyllis well said
If we are not strong in our own countries we are not in a position to help anyone
We must gather our strength then start helping in a different way


Gillian M (218)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 4:57 am
I can believe the taken. Hamas does it with aid and then sells it (forcibly) to the very people it was given to for free. It is why Lebanon no longer allows aid to enter through its borders.

And, if you go to Africa, food rots on the docks or, if it makes it inland, is stolen by the militia of either side. UN troops are supposed to guard it but as they are not allowed to use their weapons, they are a fat lot of use.

And, of course, no government will admit that they screwed up as long as they can avoid it. The aid to Egypt merely allows them to continue to allow their economy to suffer. The government is not encouraged to put legislation in place to support small or large businesses. The main trade, tourism, is suffering even though the various Home Offices and travel agents lie through their teeth when they say it is safe to travel there.

Nancy Black (308)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 5:00 am
Noted, tweeted, shared, tweeted, shared. This was a nasty mistake or act of incompetence at best; at worst, an act of treason. Giving them the benefit of a doubt, it might have been an attempt to hide their mistaken incompetence. After they realized what happened, they ignored it and prayed no one else would notice. Their prayers weren't answered. What scares me is how many times has this same thing happened in the United States. For years, I have believe Halliburton and their contractors have been receiving extra bonuses from our enemies. We and UK need a "little housecleaning."

Lindsey O (19)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 6:04 am
It's always interesting to hear Newspeak spoken. Thefts become "confiscations".

And it's always disheartening to see tax dollars wasted - whether on items "confiscated" by terror groups or on such things as "...British aid money was spent subsidising hospitality at five star hotels during the Olympics last year...." I'm sure those entertained at the five-star hotels during the Olympics were in dire need of said hospitality to save them from poverty, starvation, and disease....

Patricia E G (52)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 7:12 am
The generosity of the British Empire has been noted for their noble humanitarian aid
to a host of beneficiaries during times of strife. However, this lot is a horse of a
different colour. Theft, confiscation, looting is routine when dealing with these
formidable roguish adversaries.

John De Avalon (36)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 8:00 am
Yes but so much foreign aid routinely goes missing thanks to greedy tyrants and corrupt civil servants. What is the answer? Stop giving aid? Clearly we need to up our game to ensure the aid reaches those at the bottom. Personally 'micro loans' is a route I would like to see us take. That way it can be monitored, it does reach those who need it and it helps people stand on their own two feet with the dignity of work rather than the soul destroying reliance on hand outs.

bob m (32)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 8:12 am

As to money falling into or being carefully placed; N.C......I am still trying to get my head around a "system" that endows lottery winners with upwards of 2/3 of a billion dollars ata flop...I call it organized crime....anarchy at the golden temple....even when America is trillions in debt and playing off every freedom and protection thought sacrosanct heretofore to "foreign" interests. the cracks in the foundation are open to all manner of fungal, viral leakage which is cooked up by ambition cultivated and added to the overall mix of misery , oily decadence and members in political waiting in high places who are about as trustworthy as the villain Insect In human the movie "men in black"....carefully placed indeed!

Past Member (0)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 9:00 am
Nyack, that's ridiculous! Countries around the world, most notably the UK, who are being robbed blind by welfare-grabbing, violence-oriented *immigrants* are NOT *carefully placing* funding into terrorist groups.
The world has allowed groups like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah to become so powerful that they can SEIZE anything they want ~ and what they want ain't purdy!!

. (0)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 10:20 am
That's terrible! The money should be spent to improve things for the people in Britain.

Lee Hampton (15)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 10:47 am

As someone I know said, England is toast.

Past Member (0)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 12:24 pm
Obummer won't care when this happens to America either, he has terrorists visitors to the WH, so I'm not surprised at this, the Brits have let the Muslims slowly take over.

marie T (163)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 2:03 pm
I have to agree with all the remarks about Britain
Yes I am English but yes we are toast and slowly more and more broken
Things have got to change with immigration foreign aid and stop the handouts to the lazy immigrants who are here and have no intention of ever working we do not have an empire we have to get real we have paid our dues Our incredible NHS is so abused We have to get real we are helping no one and destroying ourselves

Sheila D (194)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 3:31 pm
Repeat...Stop US foreign aid as it doesn't trickle down to the people who need it. It stays at the top where the rich reside. We have to stop playing important - we don't have the funds for it anymore. We Need to take care of our own country's needs. It's time to take away those freign cash cows and feed our hungry, fix our bridges and highways, educate our children and make sure there is healthcare for every citizen and legal immigrant. Stop subsidizing the fat cats.

Birgit W (160)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 5:23 pm
Terrible news, thanks.

Debra Tate (17)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 5:38 pm
Noted! And this is why we should not arm others!!

Rahman Qureshi (76)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 8:15 pm
Nyack, it is true that money usually doesn't simply fall into the wrong hands. While I don't think the British directly placed the money into the hands of terrorist, money meant for humanitarian aid in Muslim countries rarely makes it to those for whom it was intended.

My friend who is Pakistani and only recently move to the US was surprised when I told her of the over 1 billion in annual aid the US sends to Pakistan to help its people. She said, "where does it go? We don't see any of it." I found similar comments from other Pakistanis residing in Pakistan. They rant and rave against the US how we don't help them and some don't even believe that we send money even when told that we do.

The Muslim government takes it. With Pakistan being the number one terrorist country (now Syria is the #1 spot for terrorist training), no doubt US aid money ends up in the hands of terrorists to fund jihad against people like us.

The reason Western countries continue to shovel money to Muslim countries is due to a refusal to admit that true Islam is terrorism. If our countries were ready to admit this, then humanitarian aid to Muslim countries would be delivered by Western armies and distributed directly to the people.

In Muslim countries, the people who need aid most are Christians, as they are persecuted in Muslim countries BECAUSE they are Christians. Sura 9:29, in Muhammad's final orders to Muslims, teaches that Christians and Jews must have penalty tax levied against then and lived in a state of subjugation. In Muslim countries, by far the number one non-Muslim group are Christians. Sikhs are another minority in Pakistan.

Western humanitarian aid should first go to these persecuted peoples. Many Muslims, even in Muslim countries, do not understand that they are treated poorly by their Muslim leaders because of Islam. Most Muslim don't know it is their own religion which creates the hell they live in. Sadly, when some do find out, they still choose to live under Islam as a result of Islamic Stockholm Syndrome.

All foreign aid to Muslim countries must end immediately. Let Muslims revolt against their leaders if they want money. Besides, what about the global Ummah? Don't Muslims preach the unity of Islam and the global unity among Muslims? Instead of the "Great Satan" United States, why don't they get money from Saudi Arabia? The Saudis have billions of spare money. Why don't Muslim countries band together and take care of their own? That's right, the true followers of Islam are too busy blowing up each other's mosques, massacring each other, oppressing, enslaving, raping, torturing, terrorizing and murdering non-Muslims to focus on being productive members of the world.

Colleen L (3)
Sunday August 11, 2013, 10:00 pm
That's awful news. I pray that whoever is in control of this mess, gets it corrected. Thanks Stan

Rehana VN (0)
Monday August 12, 2013, 12:42 am
What the hell are the British,American & allies doing invading & occupying these countries.Get out NOW! YOU are the cause of Al Qaeda's expansion into countries they were not in prior to your invasion. All these extremist groups have surfaced all over! Why is Britain & America so quiet about the "Saudis" who are the main financiers of these groups.15 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 were Saudis, how come you havent invaded their"kingdom". Things were bad during the days of the Taliban, Saddam Hussein etc but it is far,far worse now politically, socially etc If you want to be a bully do so in your own country. I wouldnt want my neighbour to tell me how run my home,no one wants you to dictate how to run their country,its not your damn business!

Klaus Peters (14)
Monday August 12, 2013, 12:45 am
Not surprised at all. Rule by division, support for terrorist movements like partisans and resistance are all British inventions. It will eventually bite them in the bum. I am sure these money gifts to Al-Qaeda were no accident.

Beth M (46)
Monday August 12, 2013, 12:47 am
...lots of christian(?) missonaries in africa converting folks to Xtianity....while their neighbours r mostly pagan or muslim....interesting....I wonder if they will be there to protect their newly converted brothers and sisters when it all kicks off...x

Rehana VN (0)
Monday August 12, 2013, 12:51 am
America, Britain & allies keeping Muslim governments propped up for their own gains.Ignoring all the abuse/ no democracy as long as "we" get what we want look away from the appalling conditions in which these people live. Most of these countries are oil rich, can keep their own kind no America Britain & allies you are encouraging these die hard dictators to be in power.Please stop all forms of aid to all the mid east countries, apply sanctions so that these countries have democratic elections, spend, not self enrich them & their families with the wealth of the land to improve & better the lives of the people who are stuck in a quagmire ever since I dont know when. Get out,stay out & let them resolve their issues.

marie T (163)
Monday August 12, 2013, 3:03 am

Sadly Rehana these countries would be blood baths without us
In theory it sounds good but think of the innocents
Thousands would die with sanctions
They are so ignorant and indoctrinated they would never resolve anything
I do not know the answer and our governments do not either
We are all clutching at straws

Pam A (6)
Monday August 12, 2013, 3:49 am
I agree, foreign aid needs to be very sure that money is going to the cause. A friend of mine four years ago saw Red Cross food parcels being sold in markets in Palestine and Myanmar. Al Qaeda are flat out disrupting Iraq. Not only Iraq, but they are everywhere - then there are the Hezbollah,Hamas all are corrupt and work for their own cause. I met a Pakistani here in NZ and when I questioned him about the problems in Pakistan, he shrugged and said that the Americans were doing the work for them!

At the end of the day, I see it is women and children who suffer, men just run their world, wars, oppressions etc., Trying to help is very commendable, but charity does begin at home. When our gifts are being corrupted and used in the wrong way, then it is time to rethink what we are doing.

P. L. Neola (21)
Wednesday August 14, 2013, 11:31 am
This is also very tragic!

Can some of you remember when Africa was going through a serious mega drought period during the 1990s?

Remember, how CARE and many other non-profits supplied corn meal to the people of a certain drought stricken region. Remember how the warlords fought and stole all the corn meal so that they could sell the large quantities for rifles and other weapons.

People were dying by the hundred thousands of starvation despite the efforts of several organizations from half nations of the world in trying to save them all.

I used to be so ashamed that so many educated and economically sound nations could only send corn meal that was mixed with water to become corn mush. I was so ashamed until an older man brought to my attention that the corn mush was supposed to be less appealing to the warlords. The corn mush was intended to reduce the number of paramilitary attacks and the confiscation of the meal.

Well, corn meal became the currency during this and many other mega droughts!!!


Helen Porter (39)
Saturday August 17, 2013, 12:09 am
Charity should be guarded by wisdom.

Otherwise, we feed the greedy.

Theresa R (3)
Saturday August 17, 2013, 1:24 pm
Thanks and noted

Georga Greenwood (17)
Thursday August 22, 2013, 5:13 am
Quelle surprise ¿
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