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There Are Now More Refugees Around The World Than Any Other Time In The Last 50 Years

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- 1336 days ago -
A report released today by the United Nations close to 60 million people have fled their homes because of either conflict or persecution half of them are children. That number does not include people fleeing due to poverty gang violence or environmental


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Animae C (507)
Thursday July 23, 2015, 7:43 pm
More global population, more suffering.....

Thanx Dandelion

Past Member (0)
Friday July 24, 2015, 11:01 am
Sad, maybe someday the U.S. will wake up, & help to stop ISIS.

jan b (5)
Friday July 24, 2015, 3:40 pm
Stopping ISIS won't stop the the turmoil-----since the 7th century there has been jihad in every century since who have captured much of the middle east, parts of asia and even Europe at some point ......These successes keep them going.

As far as refugees are concerned I am not in sympathy----because the able bodied --women and men ought to stay and fight for their own country of origin instead of running away and becoming some other overcrowded country's problem.

Eleonora Oldani (37)
Friday July 24, 2015, 4:21 pm

Thank you Dandelion - I will first have to digest this report and its many links.

What I can't digest though are heartless and ignorant comments like the above by Jan which show an absolute lack of empathy and compassion. Obviously he/she has never been anywhere near a conflict leave alone involved as an innocent civilian otherwise one wouldn't have to read such outrageous comments:

"As far as refugees are concerned I am not in sympathy----because the able bodied --women and men ought to stay and fight for their own country of origin instead of running away and becoming some other overcrowded country's problem."

As it says in the trailer "half of them are children" ... yes, I guess, according to Jan ... they can just die! After all, Madeleine Albright was clear on the casualty number of 1/2 Mio Iraqi children. "The prize was worth it"! Jan, the American, displays the very same mind set.

That's when I feel like vomiting ...

Janet B (0)
Friday July 24, 2015, 5:13 pm

Inge B (202)
Friday July 24, 2015, 11:52 pm
We need to mix the genes, especially here in Scandinavia, there are many signs of inbreeding here.
Maybe some deeper meaning of evolution.


Roslyn M (28)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 12:07 am
Sadly, it's not surprising.

Jeannet Bertelink (74)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 8:21 am
thank you

Sheryl G (359)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 10:32 am
Bit harsh Jan.....did you forget you are on a site called CARE2? Or is the word "care" is selective for you? For a person that is so critical of Bernie Sanders and something he wrote that was about some fictitious woman, that you and others have taken out of context, it seems you do not have the same empathy when it comes to a real woman.

Firstly this wasn't only about refugees that are caused by ISIS, the title above said WORLD refugees. Stardust obviously didn't read the article and neither did you, but you took off from her comment and ran with it. If one is going to leave such strong comments one should at least take the time to read what the story is about. I know some on C2 have such hate within themselves for a particular group of people that they assume everything is centered around that.

Hate clouds judgement, hate begets hate, hate solves nothing but creates many deplorable conditions, and a hate will close one's mind off to other possibilities of how to solve many problems around this world. And I do use the word hate here because when you say " I am not in sympathy" then you've removed all humanity out of yourself.

We might not be able to help every person in this world, but when we loose even having sympathy for those who are suffering, then we have stepped over and taken the stand next to the ones who are causing all of the suffering.

As was mentioned half of these refugees are children, and usually children have their Mothers who are fleeing to protect their children. Others are Elders and you are expecting them to fight? Some younger men do leave to protect the women and children along the way. Sometime one has to flee in order to regroup and be able to deal with things another day. You assume every person that is fleeing is equipped with the knowledge and the skills to fight against forces that come in with weapons of various types.

This article also mentions that this number does not yet take into account the situations that are being caused by Global Climate Disruption and poverty. As you live in Florida, that is a State that is on the front lines to have major flooding issues and will be no more as the sea level rises. I'm not sure how old you are but it is, by many of the experts, not that far down the road for those living on the coast. The area in Florida you live happens to be on the coast and in one of the first areas that will be negatively affected. You too could find everything you have flooded out and will have to move.

There are many people that are doing all they can to stop this Climate Disruption before it becomes any worse than it is already, but suppose everyone on higher ground just threw their hands in the air and said, well it's too bad for them and prevented you from entering a spot on higher ground. Never feel your life is so set that these things can never affect yourself and family members. Because these people are human just like you are at the very least we can be empathetic......we can show our humanity.....and for someone who lists they are Catholic you might want to think what the Pope would feel on this.


Darren Woolsey (218)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 11:20 am
With a worldwide global population over 7.3 Billion, global tensions on the world political stage and economic tensions in the Eurozone, and continued wars in the Middle East, it's no surprise there are more refugees than at any time in the past.

Shared on facebook, Google+ and twittersphere.

Lady Suki (446)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 12:01 pm
Thank you for posting about this important issue.

Birgit W (160)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 1:21 pm
Refugees leave their countries because they are desperate. Nobody just wants to leave their countries and leave everything behind just for the fun of it. It really surprises me that people (especially here on Care2) have absolutely no compassion for them.
I am sending all these suffering refugees all my love.
Thanks for sharing Dandelion.

Patricia E G (52)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 7:39 pm
I have thoroughly read the article Dee.
It is appalling how the world leaders are dealing
with the refugee situation. I equate their cold hearted,
lack of humanitarian concern to parents turning their
back on an injured child.

Rose Becke (141)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 9:49 pm
Well said Dandelion RE Jan

Giana Peranio - Paz (398)
Saturday July 25, 2015, 10:47 pm
Very sad, the world has become a terrible place in many ways.

Past Member (0)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 1:04 am
Noted. It's a sad and risky business for all concerned. Nature has it's ways of dealing with this, as it has done before, whenever too many are living in one space. The only difference is there are now many spaces with this situation. Most humane beings do extend a welcoming hand when another is downtrodden, in another's homeland and with no home of their own. Most without an income, and their spirits and hopes low. The only other option is for a government and/or it's people, to say no. Whatever the reason for the refusal, it is considered inhumane, heartless, cruel, cold, perhaps murderous. However, America seems to be the most welcoming and the country who offers the best opportunities for beginning a new life. Realizing there are things gained, there is far too much more lost, when you go over your limits, or don't realize you have.

Personally, I wish other countries, with less population and resource problems, would open their arms too. Since the 1940's I've heard the old folks say, what is America trying to do, let everybody into the lifeboat until the lifeboat sinks? There is wisdom in this. I've watched all of the problems that come with overpopulation become one of the biggest causes for a much poorer quality of life for the poor and needy folks born and raised here. Now, it's become a contributing factor for bringing down the middle class. Jobs get taken, pestilence, disease is on the rise, the already depleted resources are now about used up; pollution, civil unrest all escalated. These are the sad truths that come to each overpopulated country.

I am overly soft-hearted, sentimental, empathetic, sympathetic---so don't call me the opposite---what I also am is a realist. When your own citizens must suffer to the point of very possibly losing their jobs, their homes, their health, their general welfare, possibly their lives---or be forced to become a refugee themselves---then I think these should be more than sufficient signs that you've already allowed too many into your lifeboat. We are lading polluted water from the lifeboat and haven't enough truly fit to drink water for all the passengers. So, what do we do now? Hold out our hand, instead of asking other lifeboats who are much better off to please help with the situation? To me, it is the other lifeboats who are lacking empathy and not doing their part, thus contributing to the sinking of our boat. As a passenger who was one of the first in the boat, I feel I should be asked if I have any ideas on how to save it or at least keep it afloat in a manner that gives the original passengers a fair chance of survival.

One must be realistic, use common sense, display fairness to the original passengers, otherwise, original passengers feel as the Native American felt and feels after their peaceful, loving, spiritual beliefs prompted them to chose to be kind and welcome the first refugees to America---The newcomers soon displayed their thanks with an attitude of---"you original passengers get the hell out of the way, because we like your boat better than our boat. We had to leave our boat." (Each refugee has different reasons for choosing our lifeboat). You saw how that went and is still going for the few left of the Native American, and now, that is how it is for the average American citizen of longtime standing. The Native American had no choice, he was invaded.

If anyone thinks these thoughts untrue, look around at the quality of life, the public's health, the public unrest, part of the cause of resources being polluted & depleted, the lack of jobs, housing, lower standard in school system, less money available for all destitute and needy, hospitals and other public systems rapid decline. I'd need more pages to list the results of extreme overpopulation, but it ends with dire results, so that's all one needs to know. Sorry, my heart can agree, but my head can't, with my favorite lady on Care2 who presents the most critical, provocative causes & stories that need addressing by Care2 members. Thanks Dandelion.

Arild Gone for now (174)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 2:32 am
The numbers are staggering and nobody have come up with a plan to relocate the persons fleeing war or poverty.

The Challenge of Illegal Immigration in the Mediterranean

JL A (281)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 7:36 am
If one delves into the data, a significant number are climate change refugees, for which the US bears a disproportionate responsibility, Thanks for helping educate people of what the true refugee situation is about Dandelion. The projections for the future indicate that the numbers from natural disasters, many worsened due to climate change, will only increase. We need to address the preventable cause (climate change) and results by making it easier for refugees to find welcome in a new place.

Gillian M (11)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 7:53 am
Actually, Jan is right. Islam has been the driving force behind so many wars of conquest since its inception. After all, Mohammed was a lying, untrustworthy, murdering bandit and made no bones about it. To obtain more followers he went to war to force conversions, take slaves and goods.

One should also add the millions of slaves taken by force and this continues even as we speak. There are at least 20 million slaves in the Muslim controlled Middle East. In fact, if you look across the Middle East, the wars have been caused/started by Muslims causing the murder, rape and displacement of the wrong kind of Muslim, the Yadizi, the Christians and other minorities. An alternative description would be genocide. One should also look at the suffering of the Kurds.

Unfortunately, far too many people do not read about what is happening across the Middle East and the overflow into Europe, the whole of America, Australia etc or just deny it as they don't want people to insult their religion, Islam or, more importantly, realise the truth.

It is a sad truth that the West can no longer continue to absorb these large number of Muslim migrants, it seems Christians and others aren't welcome, so we need to go to war against the ISLAMIC STATE - note the word Islamic - to prevent the continualtion of their abuses and genocides. Anyone who has bothered to read any of my submissions about this subject will understand what is happening. Unfortunately, they don't or prefer to lie about the subject.

One has to look at the figures, there are at least 1.8 billion Muslims of which, accoriding to Brigitte Gabriel and Dr Jasser, at least 20% are Islamists which means there are 450 million Muslims who are willing and able to fight. Children and young people are being radicalised online, at mosques, schools and community centres. I have seen little boys in Pakinstan, from the age of 3 being trained to be suicide bombers, they blew up 3 of them for the video. Islamic State blew up a baby and have got boys to behead people.

We must stop this to protect the innocent and vulnerable and give them back their homes.

Arild Gone for now (174)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 10:11 am
Put a cork in it Penny Baxter,blaiming Muslims is so far from the truth.Try blaiming Bush and company,starting 2 wars unneccesary.......

Sheryl G (359)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 10:20 am
Thank you Arild for the additional link.

Penny, I would of expected nothing more from you; another who takes a small slice out of the story to continue a broken record that is spattered though out C2. This topic was on the World, and took in many factors, but when an opportunity arises, no matter how small, there are some on here that can't resist bashing a particular group.

As a side note; who is the "we" that is going to Your son? Daughter? This is what happens when the USA went into Iraq and created a power vacuum. Although something certainly needs to be done with the radicals of ISIS, it will take the UN and Arab Countries to deal with an Arab issue. Otherwise we fall right into the trap of a "holy war" as many have been listening to the "hate" speech against those who are NOT ISIS. Do not confuse extremist with the average person. Also not saying that things haven't been done but there is no verified proof on the baby, so stick with the actual facts, there are plenty of gruesome factual cases to begin with.....and I've seen photo of children of other Countries with guns in their hands being taught how to use the weapons.......know what I mean. I don't agree with any individuals that do that no matter where they are from.

Janice, although I understand what you speak, however I think you believe that we are taking in far more of the refugee people than we are. As you can see by the numbers below we take in actually a small number.

1 Pakistan 2,600,000
2 Jordan 2,485,650
3 Syria 1,254,634
4 Iran 996,468
5 Germany 571,685
6 Kenya 650,610
7 Lebanon 441,543
8 Chad 366,494
9 China 301,018
10 Ethiopia 288,844
11 United States 264,763

I do agree that other Countries could take in more because refugees, as it shouldn't always be same Nations taking in the refugees, and many end up in places that can't always help them. Greece right now is receiving a lot of refugees but that Country, at this particular time, is in dire straights economically itself, and many of their citizens are fleeing to other places due to economic reasons.

Here is another chart with the refugee figures. Various a bit on the numbers I gave but that is a per year the last statistic was taken. In any case the UN is failing on this and individual leadership in Countries has failed too.

LaurenBackSoon Kozen (173)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 2:48 pm
Noted & Shared. Thanks Dandelion.

Eleonora Oldani (37)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 4:05 pm

Thank you Dandelion - but as you know it's useless to talk to a robot.

You know Penny ... I know you have plenty of bad days ... but can't you get at least the names of those people who you hypocritically claim to care for ... straight?

It's the YAZIDI - I mean that's the bare minimum if you'd like to be at best 1% credible when you spew your diatribes. Not asking too much, is it?


Eleonora Oldani (37)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 4:11 pm

Dear Dandelion - I hope you don't mind but as Penny brings in as always her hobby - bashing Islam - I hope you don't mind that I put forth a number of questions which are bothersome - at least to me. So far nobody seems to dare to ask them ... and whenever I put them forth nobody has up until now come up with a reasonable and logical answer. I DO NOT want to derail this thread into yet another futile pseudo-discussion with our Islamophobes - I just want to put these questions in for everyone to ponder over for him/herself.


Questions regarding ISIS/Daesh

What is of true interest though are the ever recurring questions which nobody ever dares to address:

Qui Bono?

Who is/are the beneficiary/ies of the actions of ISIS/Daesh/Ansar Beit al Maqdis/Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida and whatever other fancy name they are going by?

1. Why did the State Dept still consider receiving the MBs and finally issued under pressure a statement on June 10, 2015 that they will after all not meet the leaders of this known terrorist group?

2. They – the Muslim Brotherhood (MBs for short) - have been “discovered” and groomed and cuddled since 10 years by the US Gov and they just don’t want to let go of such an asset. What is the reason? Is it because Mursi & Co. was so compliant with a lot of demands and the splitting of Egypt was starting on a good note? (See also the "Yinon Report", "The Grand Chessboard" and the "Clean Break" - its continuation).

3. How can the US and all its allies claim to fight terrorism while at the same time supporting them in providing training (in Turkish camps with the help of Israel as we all could read back then in official statements and media), finances and equipment – whether it’s the MBs or ISIS/Daesh or Al Qaida - and treating the “rebel” leaders in makeshift Israeli military hospitals in the Golan Heights? Incl. photo ops with McCain and the leaders of the forerunners of ISIS as well on other occasions with Netanyahu and the deputy Defense Min?

4. Why does Egypt get “slapped” when it bombs ISIS/Daesh in Libya - after all they killed 100s of Egyptians so far of which only the 21 Christians who got beheaded at the beach made headlines – when at the same time the US is “supposedly” bombing ISIS in Iraq … but ISIS in Iraq never gets attacked when there’s a real and big chance to considerably damage or even eliminate them?

5. Nobody ever wonders that the US led coalition didn't attack ISIS as they gathered thanks, artillery and all kind of heavy weapons in the South of Iraq to occupy that nice piece of land? It would have been so easy to bombard them to smithereens with practically no civil casualties!

6. Why is the US Admin so outraged and deeply concerned – and so is “Mutti” Merkel – when the very same MB terrorists gets sentenced to death as laid out in the Egyptian law? Never mind that every sentence can and is appealed – but where is their problem? And why is it OK that Israel shoots SUSPECTED terrorists (just because they’re Palestinians) and all we hear is “Israel has the right to defend itself”?

7. As for ISIS/Daesh specific: how come their many social media outlets are not shut down? Who is enabling them to spread their vile hatred over internet? After all pedophilic websites, child porn sites, etc. are taken down on daily basis! All the modern tracking systems and software suddenly go blank?! Not only that but those running those mentioned websites are persecuted and apprehended – not so when it comes to ISIS! How come ISIS can go on unabated?

8. Another interesting question would be: Who is making their very professional videos? Could it be the same or similar PR agency who signed responsible for the fake videos of the Kuwaiti Babies which were torn out of their incubators and smashed against the walls? Which helped sway the American public in agreeing to the invasion of Iraq? Videos which outraged the whole world … and which turned out a few months later to be fakes and produced in a PR studio in New York? Not only that but that tearful 11-yrs old eyewitness in front of the UN Assembly turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, leaving in the US? Are we looking at more of the same?

9. Last but not least: what interest would a group of truly “pious religious people” (in quotation marks as these leaders are just paid mercenaries who attract destitute and disenfranchised folks) have to do everything possible and impossible and unthinkable to create absolute and total rejection – ranging from distain to outraged and justified hatred beyond description - … if they want to create acceptance for a “caliphate to be” – which goes again against what Islam teaches. Why would they go so blatantly against each and every teaching of the religion they claim to uphold and do everything to vilify, demonize and dehumanize their religion? Lunatics and retards (as I usually call them) doesn't cut it as answer ...

And so on and so forth …

The name of the game today is: praise whatever … even the devil (in which I don’t believe anyway) … but always and always and always damn and condemn anything Islam, Muslim and/or Arab (even if the Arabs happen to be Christians or Jews). It is a 1:1 copy of what Hitler did successfully with and to the Jews.

To sum it up and as my friend Evelyn said so expressive in a thread: “That is the freedom of speech, of thought, of expression according to some. Bow down, forget truth - and the attempt at putting an oppressive foot on your mind MIGHT be lifted.”

Sheryl G (359)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 5:51 pm
Excellent questions and I've never claimed to be an expert on all foreign affairs but I do get ticked when there is a constant race baiting or religion bashing going on. That out of all the refugees in the world we have a few who are immediately at the ready to bash a group of refugees in particular. Can we not show a bit of emotional empathy to at least the children who are at least half of the refugee population. They have had no control over these situations.

This is worldwide issues and will would behoove us all to dig deeper and try to express to our leadership(s) on solutions to these problems and stop creating the problems that cause refugees. We need to learn this so we, as citizens of not only our various Countries but of the world will do better in who we vote for, work towards or stand up for. Leaders will do whatever the leaders want to do if the people simply go along and don't question. I find that the way to peace is always checking first within one's heart. When we start to remember that we are all from the same star dust, then maybe we can start to build bridges and then we'll have less ISIS, less KKK's, less wars around this world. And then build a cleaner, greener, future for us all in healthier technologies that is going to help keep us from going further into the Global Climate Disruption nightmare.

Those are many questions that perhaps others can give answer to. I know #7 is something I've certainly had questions about.

Maryann S (112)
Sunday July 26, 2015, 7:58 pm
Thank you for posting.

Eleonora Oldani (37)
Monday July 27, 2015, 2:06 am

Dandelion - you're right; many have lost the ability (or willingness or courage?) to show empathy and compassion because the political agenda ... rather the ongoing indoctrination ... doesn't allow for such feelings to take root and/or being expressed anymore. One is an outcast if one does differentiate as you can clearly see in our micro-cosmos here on C2. You too have been "ostracized" for speaking up against these ongoing attacks against a specific group of people.

As for the questions: yes, "we the people" must regain control of our lives and wellbeing. All too long we were busy with "I" and neglected the "we". Individualism is sure not a bad thing but it can only exist if we see to it that our society - in other words the "we" - is healthy and intact. That not being the case anymore in so many societies all over the world the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex) has managed to gain practically total control of our very being. The fascinating part (at least for me) is to see that most people accept it because … after all … “we need protection from these terrorists!”, right? So we swallow Patriot Act and all its adapted copies in various countries, shut up, huddle together scared out of our wits, stop our analytical thinking and march in lock-step. Mission accomplished as GWB said so proudly …

I didn't put the questions up to derail this thread into a discussion about them - but I'd like for people to take two steps back and reflect on them for a moment or two; especially # 5-9. What got me when I saw the "beheading" of these 21 Christians is the professional set-up, the cuts and editing which are nothing but very professional, the zooming at the right moment, the different angles and so on. This is not the work of an amateur cameraman who happens to be an ISIS fighter too with some average electronic gadget we all have today. Even an advanced one will not do.

Personally I meantime firmly believe, based on ever so much evidence (some circumstantial) that the "leaders" of ISIS/Daesh are nothing but paid mercenaries, criminals of the worst kind, who are empowered to recruit freely and openly among the thousands of destitute and disenfranchised youths. Because our societies fail them so miserably they're easy prey and if you sell a "cause" with some religious décor all the better. They feel good, feel like doing the right thing ... and when they wake up from their indoctrinated dream it's too late. They have become criminals and there is no way back.

Yet, we have those who make headlines every now and then who “finished” fighting and come back – another means to scare people as now trained ISIS fighter live in our midst!! What do we do???? Nobody asks questions? If I believe and fight and do such atrocious stuff for what I believe to be a good cause … I don’t leave in the middle of the fight!

BUT if I had a “wake-up” call and manage to get away (remember there were a number executed by ISIS who wanted to abandon ship) and go back then I can’t be a threat in my home country because “I’ve seen the light”. At best I should be taken in and punished for what I did – but I should not be turned into a scarecrow, a good tool for further incitement and at the same time tightening further the screws on “national security” issues.

It's a known phenomenon that one has only to create a common enemy - see any history book - and the ranks of the population closes in a protective reflex. That's what the MIC and some other nice guys bank on and they're proven right. Take e.g. the Germans - they closed ranks after this terrible "Versaille Treaty" which ultimately led to WWII with its atrocities. Germans are not per se more evil than any other nation. Neither are the Arabs. Neither are the Muslims. Neither are the Africans. … But if one is constantly attacked one stands together without further reflecting and/or questioning.

Arild touched on it. I lived at that time in a Gulf State and witnessed personally how the US troop build-up started in May 1990 (!!) in Abu Dhabi when the invasion of Kuwait took only place in August of the same year. They came in full gear with all necessary weaponry and parts of the mainland were closed down for public. And then … BIG surprise … Iraq invaded Kuwait … after April Glaspie (then US Ambassador) gave the green light to Saddam and disappeared. The rest is history and the country is split in 3 today, in total shambles and with a population which is free prey for all. The genes of many (especially in the South and in Felluja) are permanently damaged and altered thanks to the free and generous use of DU Ammunition. A country which cannot be governed anymore, which will never think again of breaking free from the Petro-Dollar or from the US and which will not be able to recover for generations. Mission accomplished. The same is valid for so many others on the list.

We have an Egyptian friend (orthopedic surgeon) who - after the war - broke the sanctions against Iraq 21 times with a medical team to just go and help the children; each visit they stayed a month. He's been through unspeakable horrors at times but he wears the injuries like a badge of honor for having done the right thing to help those kids.

What sense did it make to attack Afghanistan and bomb it to smithereens in the aftermath of 9/11? Threats against this country came out almost instantly after the planes hit the buildings. No surprise there? The Bin Laden family was flown out of the US on private (government) planes the very next day when ALL air traffic was banned and violators would have been shot down as per exec order. And why bomb Afghanistan when those "terrorists" were all Saudi Arabian with one or two exception?! Wouldn't it have made more sense to bomb Saudi - IF bombing a country would have been the right answer?

Why was all criminal evidence almost immediately (within a few months) destroyed? Why was it possible to find Moh'd Atta's passport intact buried deep under the rubbles? Mind you - two modern buildings couldn't withstand the fire and ensuing heat ... but an Egyptian passport could? Why are the seismic documents classified which proof that there were a number of seemingly small explosions just before the first plane hit? Why did building #7 collapse although it was not hit? And so on and so forth. The most logical questions were never asked and the at times ridiculous answers were swallowed. Nobody asked ... why did the attack occur just a few months after Afghanistan refused the oil pipeline deal with the US? Who was supposed to replace the drugs coming out of Afghanistan accounting for something like 80% of the world market and which the Taliban cut down to less than 200 ton production per year? Even the UN was full of praises that the Taliban cut the poppy prod down to practically nothing! Interesting is in this context that a) the US was the main "client" and that b) two years after the US invasion the poppy production shut up dramatically to (today's stand) unseen heights! No questions asked?!

The same logical questions must be asked for Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan ... whose interest does it ultimately serve if these countries are split up in little mini states? Sure not the leaders thereof. The very same logical questions have to be asked with respect to the Ukraine which many still want to see as an isolated case away from our turmoil here. It is not - the whole mess is intertwined and connected. The very same is valid for “Charlie Hebdo”, the beheadings, the rapes, the Yazidi cases, etc.

Qui Bono?

Eleonora Oldani (37)
Monday July 27, 2015, 2:15 am

My apologies Dandelion - I was just typing away and didn't realize how long it got :-(. And it's not very structured and organized - sorry.

One clarification: "We have an Egyptian friend (orthopedic surgeon) who - after the war - broke the sanctions against Iraq 21 times with a medical team to just go and help the children; ..." I'm talking here naturally about the Gulf War of 1991 - not to be mistaken for the one of 2003.

Sheryl G (359)
Monday July 27, 2015, 7:43 am
Much of what you mentioned in your last comment I've brought up in various places on C2 and in various articles I have left along the way over the 8 years I've been on here. I can't force people to read anything, I can only offer in hopes that a few more just "might" take a few minutes to learn. It takes time to learn, and we have to sometimes in our lives take that bit of time to do so. I realize that we are all pressed in our daily lives on and off line to absorb a lot of information, so many just go quickly to the quick and easy. However, it's important, that some of the longer pieces are given time and then the quick and easy is more understandable.

Is why I offer all, longer articles, longer videos, shorter articles, shorter videos, quick petitions that explain in a brief moment, and some photo comments. After doing that for years, there are people who are just awakening to certain issues, yet they've been presented over and over again in different ways. So it goes back to I can't force anyone to read anything in particular. Suddenly they have now heard enough speak about it on news or where-ever and now they realize. The problem with that is that these events now have moved along for many years and are now harder to rid oneself of.

As Angelika said on a thread at one point, now people are finally talking about TPP, she said you've been doing stories on it for years. If we could of gathered the people earlier on before this TPP got so entrenched and to a vote, maybe it could of been beaten back. The train is coming way off in the distance, and there is someone in the distance warning the people the train is coming, but everyone is having fun sitting on the tracks enjoying a picnic. The train is coming and now more writers join in to warn the people but the people just continue on with things as usual. Until the train is upon them, and then they notice and start to run, panic, and shout why didn't someone tell us the train was coming.

I'm one voice, I get my information from those who were even further on down the tracks......but if few listen to the voices of warning then we find ourselves in these messes over and over. " Well , here's another nice mess you've gotten me into !" Oliver Hardy

Then what is worse, when the dust settles and the truth comes out, or the writers and the news is saying, this condition was caused by x, y, or z......the people still don't take the time to find out. So it happens again or the conditions remain. Did we learn from NAFTA and CAFTA.....some have, but a lot of people couldn't tell you if you asked what those stand letters stand for or if the who agreement was mentioned what it was all about.

If someone takes the time to offer material to walk one step by step and explains how this impacted upon their own life and others lives, if the people don't take the time to read that......they continue to vote against their own interests and fail to speak up on TPP and TTIP. And this happens over and over with all sorts of issues from the Patriot Act as you mentioned and people failing to connect the dots of what Gitmo really was doing to our Country overall.

Unfortunately the well oiled Corporate Media machine rolls out the news and gets the most attention and as in a Magic Act.....that attention should be someplace else. So I don't know, we've got some bright people on C2 posting some amazing articles trying to get the word out there on a host of vital concerns that will impact not just "them" over there or "us" over here, but conditions that cause reverberations around this world, hence a reason we have so many refugees. And for every refugee we have people who are suffering where they are trying to hang in there and not be killed, or starved to death, or beaten, or hope they don't look the wrong way or speak the wrong word.

As I've explained, when a person pulls together enough material to make shoes they will tend to make shoes, if a Country makes weapons they will tend to sell weapons, and if there is no reason to buy the weapons they don't make money, so reasons must be found or created to sell more weapons. The United States spends it's treasure on wars rather than education rather than health care rather than green technologies and we wonder why we are in so many wars. Wars that destroy other people's Countries and other people's lives. When we have a Prison Industrial Complex, which we do in the United States, you will find bodies to fill those prisons, so it is today why we have a staggering amount of people behind bars.

I've had on my page a quote......and although the situation had been ongoing and had a history, it was because few were "seeing" the history being played out in their today's that Citizens United came in and sealed the lid onto the coffin. Now we have a harder time to get this lid off, because people are now starting to see how dark it is inside with the lid on, but even today people are not trying to get the lid off but digging deeper on the bottom of the container.

There you have it. Corporations are our new citizens. And you? If you're lucky, you get to make a choice: consumer, warrior or prisoner. Which will it be?

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." Julius Caesar on Patriotism

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”
Benjamin Franklin American Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher, Printer, Writer, Inventor 1706-1790

The measure of a (wo)man is not where (s)he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Martin Luther King Jr.

"There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education."
Malala Yousafzai

So take the time to read and to learn.

So my comment was long as well Eleonora and perhaps no one but ourselves is reading this. However there may be someone who runs across this. If they have learned anything from it then that is a good thing.

Because as Malala said: "When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful."

Diane K (134)
Monday July 27, 2015, 9:25 am
Noted. thanks

SuSanne P (193)
Monday July 27, 2015, 7:10 pm
Thank you Dandelion. It's a shocking reality. I also thank you for all your posts. To quote you information is power and your comments were sadly powerful.

Eleonora Oldani (37)
Tuesday July 28, 2015, 3:55 pm

Dandelion - I wholeheartedly agree with your comment! Especially this quote of Malala has the key in it:

""There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education."

And then we should ask ourselves: why is it that practically all aid programs have education at the very bottom of their priority list ...if at all?! Doesn't come as a surprise, does it?

Sheryl G (359)
Wednesday July 29, 2015, 7:23 am
Aid packages appear to be such charity and are nice.....and to the starving it helps. However, education allows the ones receiving aid to eventually figure out why they are in that situation to begin with.

I placed a video on awhile back that showed that the developed Countries extract resources from the 3rd world Countries and actually were making those Countries poorer by disruption of the lands, water, and food sources that the people depended upon.

These Companies turned a small amount of people into debt slave workers for the ones who are going to profit the most (the ole' promise of 'good jobs') and left the remaining people with nothing. For awhile the illusion is it working nice for the workers, see what extra they can buy. But it's an illusion. The others hang on for awhile, who couldn't get work, but watch as their lands that they depended upon being destroyed.

In comes "aid" to take just enough of the edge off so people don't rock the boat. Everyone clinging to life, no-one thriving. And when the resources are depleted, all the people are left high and dry and worse off because now their land is gone their water is polluted and the food sources mostly destroyed.

These things cause civil unrest as people try to move into other people's territories that have yet to be ruined so they might find a better life. In many places this causes refugees needing to move far away because if you can't live on the ruins of what was done, and your neighbors are telling you there is not enough for all, one has to keep moving.

We can see this being done within one's own Countries, even those in the developed world. Destroy people's ways of earning a living by sending jobs elsewhere, mining and destroying people's properties for the oil and gas that is there, increasing fees to run agencies be it local, State, or Federal, at the same time decreasing the wealthy's taxes that had supported those agencies, increase workers hours at the same time wages stagnate as prices go up. What you have is the masses being hit from all sides, no work at all or the few who are in jobs working longer hours for less.

For awhile the disrupted, at least in the USA, were kept quiet with "aid" in the form of food stamps, fuel assistance for heating help, and affordable housing......but all of those programs are being taken away by cutting back a little more each year while nothing is being done to help the affected in a changed economy. There is no major job creation, no programs to retrain, just cut the safety nets from the displaced, be they men or women, children, widows, Elders, disabled, it matters not. One might live now in a 1st world Country but a lot of them are no longer enjoying any benefit of being there. Look at any of our major cities or rural areas and one can see what one would see in other Countries and their poverty. No water, no electric, no health care, it is on par. Then we must listen to the so called Leadership say, well they have a refrigerator, well, if there is no food in it what does that matter. If they can't afford to pay the electric bill little good the refrigerator is doing for them. Then many live in the woods without refrigerators......some live in decaying homes where the appliances stopped working years ago and there is no money to replace them.

Be they who are considered to be in 1st world or the 2nd world or 3rd world Nations.....we must learn what is causing the stressors and the conditions upon which the people suffer.

Most poverty and negative conditions that people suffer under is not caused by natural disasters, most is caused by man made policies. However now with Climate Disruption more natural disaster are being caused or intensified that stem from also from man made polices.

Shirley S (187)
Wednesday July 29, 2015, 10:07 pm
Mass refugees are the sad product of a combination of cruel politics & insane religion.

Leanne B (46)
Sunday August 2, 2015, 12:55 am
Thanks, good stuff written on this. For now I second what Shirley S. said. It truly is sad and shameful!

berny p (23)
Tuesday August 4, 2015, 2:05 am





Sheryl G (359)
Tuesday August 4, 2015, 7:36 am
First of all it's very rude to shout and all capitals mean you are also harder to read your comment in capitals.

You've listed yourself living in China but I suspect you are American......gee why do we always have to claim the rude ones. Please people can we show the world better of ourselves.

If you are going to throw out your ignorance in such a bold way of all capitals it would be best if you educated yourself on a host of topics to understand why we have refugees to begin with.

You might find, that the USA is behind many of the reasons, not always, but many times we are. So yes, we do have a responsibility to clean up the messes we leave behind. Were you not taught that when you were being raised, that you clean up your messes?

I suggest you start by realizing that NAFTA caused the crises on our southern border. NAFTA helped the rich to get richer and was supported by our so called fearless leaders in DC who listen only to the lobbyist that are paid by the Elites to make things go the way the wealthy want not what is best for all of the citizens of any of the Countries involved in these so called Trade Deals.

We've had many so called Trade Deals that have caused more problems for the average person in the USA as well as for other regular people in other Countries, but I suppose it's easier to scream for a wall then to read about what has caused migration and refugees. You might want to get on board and learn about TPP and TTIP if you want to prevent another massive wealth issue that will cause more people to become poor and destitute. So it's not so much of taking them all in as preventing this to begin with. But that requires that YOU and a lot of YOU's READ, LEARN, and EDUCATE yourselves.

You might want to get up to speed that Iraq was fed to us as a lie, there were no weapons of mass destruction and Bush, Cheney, and the rest of them KNEW that. That we went into that war for the first time in history with lowering the taxes on the wealthy, so that YOU the average citizen got stuck with the bill of a war that didn't in fact need to be, and no it didn't have anything to do with 9-11. It was nicely intermingled so that people today in their heads are still confused about again educated yourself.

The UK and some other Countries have created a lot of issues for themselves, some they did not, but until the people start learning to see cause and effect these conditions will keep occurring.

And if you are still one of the Climate Deniers you'll see more refugees from the climate disruption so unless you also do not want to feed these people I suggest you join in with the many others to push for solar, wind, and greener technologies.

Read up about ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and the horse and sparrow economics that has now morphed to the current trickle down economics. The average person got pooped on back in the 1890's and the current people got yellow rain......get my drift? If we don't LEARN we get to repeat the same mistakes over and over so stop shouting and get yourself an education......and it isn't with Fake News.

Glad to see you travel as that also is a good experience. Perhaps out of all of it you'll also pick up compassion.

Gina Caracci (219)
Sunday August 23, 2015, 6:45 pm
war is profitable so there will always be conflict and innocents stuck in the middle.
We are lucky it hasnt come to our borders recently...I feel horrible for those people and for those that have no empathy have to try it and see what its about .

'Great White' (Shark: Earth & Bein (8)
Wednesday September 9, 2015, 10:37 pm
As a Democratic Socialist living in Capitalist country & slowly world wide, I usually support 'Move On' (& The petition)/'Democracy NOW'/'Uprising with Sonali'* & Western European Democratic Socialist Countries on almost every single issue, but this issue coverage is wrong. This is 1 of the very rare issues where you guys have the response & direction we & the world should be heading all wrong. I know The 1st World Nations do not even come close to spending enough resources to just make the lives of people (especially those immigrants everyone wants their countries to bring in; that is just need for economic concerns* & exploitation) inside their own countries better, let alone outside their own countries, & the experience members of ANY Beings suffering & dying because of our species is horrible & wrong, but I have a lot better ways to do that then just bring-in more people into overcrowded countries, where all other Beings are going extinct, from resources grabbing. This is extremely cold, but 100% necessary & not as cold as far, far & far too many of the rest of The USA & The World goes along with the causes of these catastrophes, & most of us only egoistically focus on the affects on our own species & feel it is completely alright to make all the other species, that are not our own, worse. Every place on the planet cannot take any more new of our species immigrating to, I live in The State of Florida that had its: 1st. Environments, 2nd. All Other Species members, 3rd. Economy, 4th. Politics which resulted in & 5th. life destroyed, by making it easy (easier than all the other immigrant groups) for Cubans to immigrant to Florida. All of that without requiring them to learn English, learn how Representative/Republic Democracy is supposed to work & other such necessary to coexist with people already in the area, notice I am saying assimilate or anything like that. Everything I sent you is FACTS, NOT OPINIONS- there only so much Water, salt water desalinization is huge costly in money & Earth's resources to do, Land, same problems as with only real way to create new water, & Etc., even separate areas of the world, on top the whole world. There has to be stopping point to not only creating these evil & horrible & sick actions (Capitalism & overpopulation- wars, violence, greed & Etc.) that create these catastrophes, but help build (without influence, interference & benefits)- these suffering places (including The USA) onto the path of live-able places on their way to some form of true Democracy, PEACE & ELIMINATION OF INSTRUMENTS OF MASS DESTRUCTION & ETC.

Sheryl G (359)
Thursday September 10, 2015, 9:28 am
Great White....shark? white race?

Well if you don't want people moving around then the first thing as an American you need to tell the war mongers in office to stop creating new conflicts. Some of what we are seeing played out was caused by Empires like the USA and former Soviet Union......China in Tibet is that these Empires cause problems which create movement of people.

Please do some homework and research.......I've just placed on some news that reflect upon what I wrote I'll link them below, along with another members submission. In the meantime these are human beings and if we have had a hand in causing this mess, which we did, we must have empathy and compassion here, else we fail to be human beings and we become just as rotten as the war mongers.

The Iraq War The Root of Europes Refugee Problem
Refugee Crisis Where Are These People Coming From And Why
Also this is of interest as you are concerned, as I, of over use of resources.
Will Saving Poor Children Lead To Overpopulation
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