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Video: Israeli Settler Repeatedly Runs Over Palestinian With Car While Israeli Police Watch and Do Nothing

World  (tags: Israeli Settlers, Talmudic Tyrants, Zionist Gangster Ideology )

- 3170 days ago -
Nice people these Israelis - highly cultured and civilized - not content with stealing your land, destroying your home and digging up your olive trees, for good measure they run you over!


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Elderberry T (201)
Monday January 18, 2010, 8:08 pm
Thats true to form isn't it ...

Matloob ul Hasan (81)
Monday January 18, 2010, 8:21 pm
noted, thanks.

Sam H (410)
Monday January 18, 2010, 8:25 pm
If the crimes committed by the Israelis are only the ones we see on tape, life would be a lot more bearable for the Palestinians.

Such incidents against the Palestinians rarely make the six o'clock news.

Alissa B (17)
Tuesday January 19, 2010, 8:48 am
Very sad.

Sam H (410)
Tuesday January 19, 2010, 10:05 am
I guess only 17 members on Care2 seem to find the story disturbing enough to note it!

Tim Redfern (581)
Tuesday January 19, 2010, 10:56 am
Well, am I the only person here who is NOT surprised
by this story?
The Nazis considered the Jews to be sub-human.
The Jews consider the Palestinians to be sub-human.
Incidents such as the one in the video above are
what happen when one race consider another to be sub-human.
'Sorry to have to say it, but the Jews learned this behavior
quite well indeed during the Holocaust.
Thanks, Dave.

Dave C (867)
Tuesday January 19, 2010, 3:26 pm
I can only ask you my friends to forward this news item to your friends as I have done. . . I am fuming. . . Here we have a race of people that are living on stolen land and have the audacity to clam that GOD Himself gave them permission in the Bible to steal this land and revert back in character to that of the Neanderthal cave-men and act like the most primitive beastly savages that ever walked this Earth, and then have the nerve to demand and expect that the civilized world (of which they are the deserved pariah of), regard their hideous regime as 'the only democracy' in the Middle East!
What?!! I've had enough of this ridiculous garbage and so has everyone else!
No more shall we subsidize these so-called 'settlers', who rampage and run a muck, AK40 in hand, taking pot-shots at Palestinian children like target practice or at a fair-ground rifle-shoot; or allow these modern-day savages, if they're an arm's length distance from a Palestinian, to spit at them in the face! Yes, they do these monstrous acts and they see nothing wrong in this grotesque behavior, and what's even more bizarre they truly believe they have every justification in treating the neighbors that they originally stole the land from that they live on now as sub-humans, and that they are far superior to them!
I really don't know why they go through with the pretense of calling themselves religious - it's just too contrived to be believed by any sane person. . . If they want to behave like cave-men they should just get rid of the yarmulke and don a leather thong, bone through the nose and an assegai in hand and be done with it so we all know where we stand!

Peace Monger (185)
Wednesday January 20, 2010, 4:13 am
I recieved this email yesterday about The International Womenıs Peace Service in Palestine...
Ah, The United States is Good, Good.

Today International Women's Peace Service received a call that settlers were illegally bulldozing Palestinian property and were preparing to uproot Olive Trees in Deir Istiya, a village in the governate of Salfit. We were asked to come; sometimes when internationals are present the settlers and the military will scale down the their actions against Palestinians protecting their property.

We were to meet the Mayor of Deir Istiya and Sameer on the road near the property in jeopardy. While we were waiting for him we met 2 shepherds with their flock who advised us to sit on their land off the highway so the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) would not see us and harass us. They also advised us to move further into their property if the military drove by. They went off with their flocks. In a short while the military did come by. As we were sitting behind trees and ducked when they went by we assumed they did not see us. However, they did see us and came back to harass us. They spent about 20 minutes with us, holding our passports, asking questions. It was almost comical. There wasn't anything they could really do to us, as we had in no way broken any law. We told them we were going for a walk and had to pee, and that is why we were off the road. We also told them we had permission from the shepherd to sit on his property. We told them we had taken pictures of the goats, which seemed to astound them. "Don't you have goats in your country?" they asked. To that we all replied "No". They asked us where we were from. When I said I was from the United States one of the soldiers said, "Ah, The United States is Good, Good".
I was filled with shame because I know he thinks the United States is Good Good because we pay for the bullets in the machine gun he carried. But I could say nothing because I would risk further harassment and our goal was to get to the Olive Grove . Then one of the soldiers waved his arms across the property and said "Isn't Israel beautiful!." Again, we could only agree even though he was waving his hands over Palestine, not Israel. He only said it to anger us.
They told us to get on the road and flag down a taxi. We walked up to the road and our ride came before the military had pulled away. We ran to our ride and the military followed us but our driver lost them by turning into a small village.
Then we went on to the demolition site. To get there we had to climb the terraced olive grove which was not a small chore! We could hear the bulldozers running as we made our way through the grove, but their noise died off as we neared. The Mayor said the military probably informed the settlers that internationals were in the area and would document their illegal activity, so the settlers stopped. However, when I asked the Mayor of Deir Istiya what would happen when we left he said they would continue their demolition. The terraces are made of stone and the Israelis have marked a line of stones with blue crosses indicating this would be the new boundary for demolition. This would mean the uprooting of about 200 Olive trees.
The property is owed by 78 year old Sameer. He had a difficult time climbing the terraces (as did I) but it was imperative to get to the demolition site before any trees were uprooted so we all carried on. Along the way Sameer told us his story. He inherited the land from his grandfather and had tended it since he was young.. His father and grandfather are buried there. He is a widower and his children live abroad. His life is his olive grove. He tends it throughout the year and other farmers and internationals help him at harvest time. He cried as he told us his story. He begged us to help him, to bring attention to this crime being committed against him and the property that is his life and holds in it the remains of his father and his father's father.
And I remember the soldier's voice, "Ah, America is good, good."
So good America, what stand do you want to take? Do you want to look good in the eyes of the soldier who was ready to defend the illegal seizure of land, or do you want to do good for Sameer, who just wants to tend the olive trees that have been passed down to him through the generations?

A Typical Friday in the Occupied Palestinian Territories‏

For the past 3 weeks Palestinians from the village of An Nabi Salih have been peacefully demonstrating each Friday against the theft of their farmland and an ancient well by Israeli settlers from the illegal settlement of Hallamish. My understanding has been that the Palestinians attempt to hold a peaceful demonstration to reclaim their land and the IDF, along with settlers, react violently against them. My first hand witness verifies this understanding.
We were prepared for a violent confrontation this week, but last night (Thursday) we got a phone call and were informed that the Israeli Military had conceded that the land was indeed owned by An Nabi Salih and they would be allowed to work in their fields today (Friday). We were suspect of this promise when we were informed early Friday morning that a roadblock had been set up on the main road into Nabi Salih. Still, we went to the village (using backroads to bypass the road block) in hopes that we would be helping to plant crops rather than dodging tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. When we arrived at Nabi Salih there were close to 200 villagers and a handful of internationals preparing to walk to the fields, which lie about half a mile from the village center. IDF troops were stationed near the fields. Before we got a quarter of the way to the fields, the military started firing high velocity tear gas canisters at us. I was close to the front of the walk and I saw no acts of violence on the part of the Palestinians. The soldiers were simply firing the tear gas at us to keep us away from the village farmland coveted by the illegal Israeli settlers.
Once the soldiers began using tear gas, things began to get hectic. A few people were injured (though not seriously) and 3 women of the village were detained. A group of teenage Palestinian boys began throwing rocks at a military vehicle on the road. They pelted it pretty good as the soldiers made their get away, only to come back with re-enforcments, firing round after round of tear gas into the crowd.. Many people ran down into the wadi to escape the tear gas on the road, only to find soldiers had moved up a hillside and began firing tear gas down into the wadi. There was no where to escape to. The road back into town was getting tear gassed and soldiers were firing tear gas, percussion bombs and what everyone agreed sounded like live ammunition from the hill above the wadi.
As IWPS volunteers our job is to intervene in violence against Palestinians wherever possible, use de-arrest techniques when possible (as for the 3 women who were detained) and document crimes against the Palestinians. It was obvious we could not stop the soldiers, and the women who had been detained were out of reach because they were being held on the other side of the tear gas firing. So we continued to remain as close as possible to document while attempting to keep ourselves safe from IDF weapons or arrest. The wadi got pelted with round after round of tear gas.
We attempted to climb out of the wadi staying close to the ground to avoid possible fire from the soldiers above, but the tear gas made it very difficult. I was momentarily blinded by it and felt I couldn't breath, which causes one to suck in more air thus more burning tear gas. I remembered the excellent training I had received by IWPS, stopped, started breathing slowly through a cloth soaked in Eucalyptis (any strong smelly thing will do), waited until my eyes cleared and made my way out of the wadi. I came out on the road above the main demonstration and started back down the road. This is about the time we heard the unmistakable sound of live ammunition. However, I want to make clear that either the soldiers were firing so as to miss or they were very poor at aiming and I would conclude the former. Several people had minor injuries from tear gas canisters, and one person was taken away by ambulance, but his injuries did not appear to be life threatening. He was hit in the head by what we assumed was a tear gas canister as he had a head wound but was conscious.
This surreal experience played out for another 2 hours. Palestinians attempting to reach their fields, soldiers firing tear gas to disperse them, stones being thrown, soldiers backing off then coming back with re-enforcements, on and on and on.. At some point the settlers of Hallamish stood on a hill below their illegal settlement (on the other side of the settler highway) and watched it all as though they were spectators at a sporting event.
After several hours we got word that the elders of the village were attempting to secure the release of the 3 women who had been detained. It appeared that the soldiers agreed to release the women if the villagers would back away from attempting to reach their fields, as people began making their way back towards the village. The women were released (after having been taken into the settlement, strip searched and beaten). However, the fight continued on the hill above the wadi until close to dusk. Tear gas, rocks, tear gas, rocks...
The insanity we are witnessing here is this: It was a bad day inasmuch as the villagers never made it to their fields, it was a good day inasmuch as no one was mortally wounded and those detained were released.

This makes me angry beyond measure, not because I'm anti-Israel, but a believer in the human rights of ALL people.

Dave C (867)
Wednesday January 20, 2010, 2:44 pm
"One of the puzzles of Jewish life is that you see incredible generosity of spirit to strangers in many situations, per the Talmudic understanding that all men are made in the image of God, then jack-diddly when it comes to Palestinians. Everyone else is part of the human family. Not Palestinians, not Arabs. . ."

Tim Redfern (581)
Wednesday January 20, 2010, 6:58 pm
You cannot currently send a star to Kim because you have done so within the last week.

Cathi Hartline (248)
Wednesday January 20, 2010, 9:45 pm
thank You Dave for Your news!! You are awesome for Your work!

. (0)
Saturday January 23, 2010, 11:57 am
Quite obviously the Israeli should not have run over the Palestinian, despite the fact that the Palestinian was the accused killer of the Israeli's wife. And the driver should be tried and convicted for the crime - although a court would be well within its rights to take the Israeli's state of mind into account in the sentencing phase. After all, a desire for vengance towards the person you believe murdered your wife does tend to cloud the judgment somewhat.

Sam H (410)
Saturday January 23, 2010, 12:39 pm
In "real democracies" you're innocent until proven guilty. Trial by a mob is not due process. If this argument is the ideal we live by, then every so-called terrorist act can be equally justified.

Jelica R (144)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 4:59 am
If that Palestinian was a suspect for murder he should be in jail, waiting for a trial. He was free, so he was probably innocent.

. (0)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 5:26 am
Jelica, I don't know the legal situation with the stabbing (since it wasn't mentioned in the YouTube video); however, murder suspects aren't always arrested immediately - quite often police must build a case against them, which can take time. And the man may have been out on probation - criminals who have already been arrested often are allowed to remain free on probation until trial.

So the fact that the Palestinian stabbing suspect was 'free' doesn't mean he is 'probably' innocent. It just means that he may or may not have been arrested yet, the police may or may not have been able to put together all the evidence yet, he may or may not be out on probation, etc.

And, of course, since he hasn't been found guilty in a court of law, technically he is innocent in any case until proven guilty. Which is why the husband of the murdered woman had no right to exact vengance against him, however much most of us can understand the state of mind the husband would likely have been laboring under.

Jelica R (144)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 11:15 am
Yes, Lindsey, in some rare cases, murder suspects are left to defend themselves from freedom.
But, knowing that Israel arrests Palestinian peace activists, I doubt that a suspected murderer will walk free.

Sam H (410)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 11:51 am
It's amazing, Jelica, how some people try to justify this horrible action. Instead of condemning the crime we see committed in our own eyes, we're asked to find a justification for it. It's just sickening!

. (0)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 11:57 am
What's amazing, Sam, are those who try to create issues where none exist. I see no one on this thread who has said that the driver was justified. And if you're referring to me, perhaps you should re-read my comments again. Where I clearly and unequivocally said that the driver should be tried and convicted for the crime. And that the Palestinian was innocent until proven guilty of the stabbing.

Now please explain to me again just who it is on this thread that is not "condemning" the crime and is "justifying" it?

Tim Redfern (581)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 12:24 pm
while I agree with your comments, and have sent you
a green star for at least one (wishing I could send more).
it's gotten to the point in the United States where people
are more often than not "guilty until proven innocent".
But, who says the United States is a "true democracy" anymore?

Sam H (410)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 8:14 pm
That's fair Lindsey.

Let's examine your statements.

On Saturday January 23, 2010, 11:57 am, you said, "despite the fact that the Palestinian was the accused killer of the Israeli's wife."

There was nothing in the story that says that anybody's wife was killed. But you still referred to that as "the fact." The FACT of the matter is that what you referred to as "fact" was anything but that. Others may even consider it an outright lie.

"After all, a desire for vengance towards the person you believe murdered your wife does tend to cloud the judgment somewhat."

We already established that no reasonable person can glean from the story that anybody's wife was murdered. Yet you were willing to concoct your own "fact" to extenuate the crime committed by the poor Israeli driver whose judgment was clouded by a murder that wasn't even mentioned in the story.

Would any reasonable person conclude that you're biased, Lindsey?

Did you miss the FACT that the Palestinian on the ground was already shot and wounded?

And let's talk about your "clouded judgment" argument. If that applies to the Israeli who was overtaken by such "a desire for vengeance," why doesn't that same standard apply, for that matter, to any Palestinian who has been wronged by an Israeli?

On Sunday January 24, 2010, 5:26 am, your repeat as a fact what is NOT a fact.

"So the fact that the Palestinian stabbing suspect was 'free' doesn't mean he is 'probably' innocent. It just means that he may or may not have been arrested yet, the police may or may not have been able to put together all the evidence yet, he may or may not be out on probation, etc."

If that is the case, why weren't you bothered by the FACT that the Palestinian was shot by the Israelis. There are three undisputed crimes in the video. All committed by Israelis.

Crime No. 1 -- The Palestinian was shot and wounded .

Crime No. 2 -- The Israeli driver repeatedly and intentionally drove his car over the wounded Palestinian.

Crime No. 3 -- The Israeli soldiers were derelict in discharging their duties.

None of that seems to have bothered you. You were quite as ease with the Israeli's "desire for vengeance." You even accepted his "clouded judgment" based on a supposed murder not even mentioned in the story.

Does it even bother you that this Palestinian who was shot by Israeli soldiers, repeatedly driven over by an Israeli driver will eventually (if he survives) have to stand trial and be judged by Israelis who are as "impartial" as you are?

No Lindsey, "most of us can" NOT "understand the state of mind the husband" who chooses to commit a crime, nor can we understand those who turn a blind eye to the other crimes that were reported in the same story.

It is really a low point for humanity if after watching this video one seeks to take into consideration the driver's so-called "clouded judgment" and "desire for vengeance" while totally ignoring the suffering of the injured Palestinian being repeatedly driven over by such a zealous, criminal, illegal Israeli settler.

Sam H (410)
Sunday January 24, 2010, 9:18 pm
I couldn't agree with you more, Pastor Tim.

I was referring to the only remaining apartheid state in the world that is often referred to fraudulently as the only democracy in the middle east.

Thank you so much for the star.

. (0)
Monday January 25, 2010, 3:47 am
My apologies - you are correct, Sam. Although the news item stated that the Palestinian was the suspect in the stabbing of the driver's wife, it did not state that she was killed. Merely that she was stabbed. I thought I had heard that in the video - but on listening to it again realized that no mention was made of her being killed.

But, yes - as I have said multiple times, the Israeli should be tried and convicted for the crime. Because, although most systems of law consider motive and state of mind of this fashion in the sentencing phase of any trial, motive and state of mind are not factors when determining guilt. He is, of course, guilty. And, as I have said multiple times, the Palestinian suspect is innocent until proven guilty. (While you have a problem with me for mishearing the video, you seem to be severely deficient in understanding and processing what you read in the comments of others.)

And if you cannot 'understand' the state of mind of a husband towards the man who he believes stabbed his wife and if your judgment might not be clouded after your wife had been stabbed - then I pity your wife, if you have one. Because most people don't tend to think perfectly clearly or always act rationally when someone they love has been brutally assaulted.

And, although the crimes you noted in the video do indeed begin with the Palestinian as victim, I wonder why you make no condemnation of the crime not shown on the video which started the whole tragedy - the stabbing of two women? You justifiably have concern for the Palestinian run down by a car - but strangely show no open concern for the stabbing victims. A mere oversight, I'm sure.....(though had the stabbing victims been Palestinian.....)


. (0)
Monday January 25, 2010, 3:56 am
And, Sam - where in the video does it say that the shooting of the Palestinian was a "crime"? In listening to the video, I hear nothing which states that - merely that the Paestinian was shot and wounded by the soldiers. Unfortunately, the video makes no mention of whether the shooting was justified or not because it doesn't give us the chain of events that led up to the shooting.

Perhaps a little of that 'bias' you attribute to me may be at work there? Or maybe you just made a mistake?
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