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Sreekandamangalam Chai Tea
Would you drink a glass of hot chay (tea) on a very hot day in Southern India? If you said no you would be missing a great treat. Here we are in the house of a Keralese Bramin in a village with a beautiful name: Sreekandamangalam. Try it out yourself, it's tasty on cold Northern winter days, as well.

Recipe for one cup: What you need is: 1/3 cup of milk, 2/3 cup of water, a tiny piece of fresh ginger, 1 capsule of cardamom, a small piece of cinnamon, one big spoonful of sugar (or less if you don't want to have it the Indian way) and one teaspoon full of dust tea (not leaf tea; you get it in Indian or Pakistani shops). Mix water, milk, spices and sugar, and heat it in a pot, when it boils turn down the heat, add the tea and let it simmer for another minute or so ("till the colour is right!"), then put it through a sieve. And cool it the same way as in the photo... or better yet - wait.
Indian Tea by Anisha Schubert
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