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If you should happen to see a horse sporting a bow wrapped around its tail then it is more significant than you may think at first glance.

At best, it may indicate the vanity of the horse or its owner, but at worst it may be a warning. For if the bow is green in colour it signifies that the horse is a young horse. This may, initially, seem superfluous as after all, surely a young horse would look young. How many humans keep a youthful look which belies their true age, and there again, some of us look older than we actually are.

If the bow on the horse is pink or red this is a more serious warning as it means that the horse is known for kicking and that it is a 'kicker' so it is wise not to walk behind it.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if human beings were obliged to wear certain coloured bows to give indication of personality traits, but there again, who would want to wear an accessory which may signify that they are dishonest, unkind, in debt, have a traffic offence, or worse.

The English refer to the traditional red hunting jacket, which the riders wear, as 'hunting pink' when in reality, of course, it is red.

For the 'saintly' however, there is the halo, and for those who are 'too good to be true' the accessory is usually wings, upon arrival elsewhere!!!

Written by Hazel A. Speed

When a Bow says it All by Hazel Speed
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