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Having Spots Before the Eyes Can be A Good Thing

Back in the early days of fire steamers (the forerunner to the modern fire engine), when horses were used to pull the fire wagons, the horses encountered hostile attacks from dogs in the neighborhood through which they might be traveling. The dogs would nip at the ankles of the horses causing some reaction from them that would consequently delay the response to attendance of the fire wagon at the scene of a fire.

The fire department staff discovered that dalmation dogs could be trained to run with the horses and bark loudly and keep at bay the other local dogs thus allowing the horses to proceed in good time.

The dalmation dogs became such an important part of the team that when the fire brigades progressed to the use of motorized steamers or pumpers the dalmatian dogs were kept as mascots or pets.

Truly a remarkable story of 'spots before the eyes'.

(written by Hazel Speed)

Having Spots by Hazel Speed
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