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Our members frequently ask us if they may link to our site from their own. There's no need to ask -- We'd be delighted! We invite anyone and everyone who supports our Wildlife Preservation goals to follow the simple steps below. Thank you!


• Simple text hotlink. Copy and paste this code into your web page:

<A HREF="">Care2 - Get connected & make a difference!</A>

The link will look like: Care2 - Get connected & make a difference!


• Logo hotlink. Copy and paste the next three lines into your web page:

<A HREF="">

You will need to replace the following parts of that code:

  •   replace with the name of your server
  • YourDirectory   replace with the name of the directory where you put the logo
    (e.g. /tony/images/)
  • logo1.gif   replace with the name of the logo (see below for choices)

Note: please copy the logo onto YOUR OWN server. Otherwise, it will be pulled from our server each time someone visits your website... and that slows down our servers and costs us (and the Wildlife Organizations we sponsor) money. If you are using Windows, you can copy and save the logo by right-clicking on your mouse. You will see a little pull down menu - choose "save as image". If you are using a Mac, you should click on the image and hold until the menu pops up. Thank you!!


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