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Address Book

Use Contacts to store information about the people with whom you communicate using E-mail. To open your Contacts from the left menu bar, click on Contacts. From here you can add, modify, and delete your contacts.

You can create Nicknames for recipients with E-mail addresses in your Contacts. By doing so, you can type in your recipient's Nickname (e.g., me) instead of her entire E-mail address (e.g., my_address@host.domain) when composing a message.

To open your Contacts from the Compose Screen, click on to:, cc: or bcc:.

To form a personal mailing list, press the Group button. The Nickname List will appear. Select multiple contacts from the Nickname List. Type the name of the group in the Nickname field and press the OK button.

For more information about email, visit our email help center.

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