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Why are messages not showing up in my "Sent" folder?

To keep a copy of mail that you have sent, simply click on the box next to ADD TO SENTLOG, which is found directly across from the CC line. Upon sending your message a copy will be saved to the SENTLOG folder of your account.

How do I print my emails?

You should be able to print out your emails by clicking on the printer icons found in the navigation bar of your browser. Another option is to click on the FILE menu, then select PRINT.

Sending Email to Multiple Addresses

When sending emails, you are limited to a maximum of 165 characters in the To, CC and BCC lines. For instance, if you send email to, whose email address is 13 characters which leaves you with 152 to spare. When sending emails to a group that has been set up in your contacts list, the maximum number of characters for their addresses is 1000 characters. This limit is set to prevent spammers from abusing the service. In general, you should limit your To, CC, and BCC lines to around 12 email addresses each.

How do I use the Graphic Editor?

Follow these steps:
  • Log into your email as you normally would
  • In the left column, click on the COMPOSE link
  • Look near the top of the window for a gold colored link labeled HTML EDITOR
  • There are 8 options that you can customize:
    1. The header
    2. The background
    3. The color behind the background
    4. Font
    5. Font size
    6. Justification (right, left or center)
    7. Text color
    8. Priority
  • To preview your choices, click on the frog to the left labeled "preview"
  • Proceed to type your message as you normally would and send.

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Viewing Full Header Info for Emails

Click the "See Message Source" link at the top of the email.

Wrong/Blank Page

Sometimes, your browser's cache (temporary internet files) causes problems. So, you might want to try clearing it.

To clear your cache with Netscape for Windows, please follow these instructions:

    1) Open the EDIT menu and choose PREFERENCES.
    2) Click the Advanced category and select CACHE.
    3) Click the CLEAR DISK CACHE button and the CLEAR MEMORY CACHE button.
    4) Click OK.

To clear your cache with Internet Explorer for Windows, please follow these instructions:
    1) Open the EDIT menu and choose PREFERENCES.
    2) Under Web Browser category, click ADVANCED category.
    3) Look for the Cache section, and click the EMPTY NOW button.
    4) Click OK.

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How do I edit or cancel my Care2 account information?

To edit your profile:

    1) Log-in and go to MyAccount.
    2) Use the orange tabs to change the various profile and account information you wish to edit.
    3) Once you have finished editing your profile, click SAVE CHANGES and your public profile will then be updated.

    For more help on this topic, please click on the Profile Help Page

***If you want to change how your name appears on all outgoing e-mail messages, you have to go into your email account to do so.

    1. Log into and go to your EMAIL account.
    2. Click on OPTIONS
    3. Click on the white paw next to the word EMAIL on the top right-hand side of the screen.
    4. Follow the on-screen directions and edit the name for the NAME & TITLE field.
    5. Make sure to press the SAVE button on the bottom of the screen.

To cancel:

  • If you want to send Care2 e-cards but do not want to use your Care2 e-mail address, do not delete your account! Your Care2 e-mail address is a bonus feature that you can simply ignore if you don't want it. Deleting your account will remove EVERYTHING from our system, including future-dated e-cards, your profile, reminders, and your Race for the Rain Forest / Race for the Big Cats standings, as well as any other features associated with your account.

  • If you still want to delete your account, please visit our account deletion page.

  • If you do not remember your login information or have an upgraded account preventing deletion, please contact our support team through our help form . For security reasons you must send us a request FROM the e-mail address you registered with us when you signed-up, or from your Care2 e-mail account. We ask that you provide an explanation why you wish to delete your account.
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Why am I (or friends) not getting credit for participating in races?

A donation will be made each time you click the button, up to once per day. However, neither you nor the friends you invite will "get credit" toward the Race if you or they are not logged-in. For more info, please see the Race Help Pages.

I purchased a Care2 t-shirt or an item from a Care2 advertiser to help save more acres. Why did my personal race stats not increase?

With your purchase, Care2 or a partner merchant donates a percentage of the revenues to help save rain forest or big cat habitat. Due to the difficulty of tracking individual purchases across multiple sites, we are only able to count your acres saved toward total race stats, not your personal stats.

That flashing ad banner is annoying. Can you please remove it?

Any flashing banners that appear in our site are immediately removed. If you ever catch another one again, please hit your browser's "refresh" button to see another ad. If you want to "turn off" a flashing ad while composing email, all you need to do is hit your browser's "stop" button.

How do I unsubscribe from a Care2 newsletter or race reminder?

The best way to ensure successful unsubscription is to click one of the UNSUBSCRIBE links within the newsletter you received.

Or, unsubscribe here.

Visit our Race Help Center to unsubscribe from Race Reminders.

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