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The Care2 Community Watch system gives group members and hosts the control they need to facilitate positive and productive discussion forums. Members are able to report, vote on, and remove inappropriate posts and disruptive members.

How Community Watch Works
Member's Role
Results of Voting
Hosts' Role

The internet provides fantastic opportunities to share ideas, collaborate and make a positive impact like never before. Unfortunately, on occasion individuals use this freedom to disrupt the good work of others. The Community Watch system is designed to give group members and hosts the tools they need to restore effective communications by removing disruptive members through a democratic voting process.

Each group on Care2 is a unique combination of hosts, members, goals, and expectations. Thus, interpretation of, and adherence to, the guidelines outlined in the Care2 Code of Conduct varies across groups. The Community Watch system is designed to let each group determine its own course. Note that all group members regardless must conform to the Care2 Terms of Service.

Please note that this system is in a trial period, and is subject to change at any time as we evaluate it further.

How Community Watch Works

Members' Role

- Submitting posts for review: A member may click on the Flag for Review link on any post. Once a post is submitted for review, all members viewing the thread will see a message that the post is up for review, and have an option to vote on the post. Each member may flag 15 items in a day, and 3 items within a single group per day. Members can only flag the same person once in a day.

- Voting on a Post: When viewing a thread with a post up for review, members have the option to vote whether they feel the post is inappropriate. All voting is done anonymously, and members will only see their own vote. If a member changes her mind after voting, she may switch her vote any time until voting closes. Members can vote on 25 items per day, but must be a member of a group for a minimum of 48 hours before they can vote in that group.

Results of voting

- Time limit for voting: Items are up for review for a period of one week. If a resolution has not been reached after that period, voting is closed and the post cannot be resubmitted for review.

- Post voted as acceptable: If enough people vote that the post is acceptable to establish a clear mandate, the voting closes, and that post cannot be re-submitted for review.

- Post voted as unacceptable: If enough people vote and establish a clear mandate that the post is unacceptable, voting closes and the post is removed from view. The person who posted it will be given a 24 hours 'Time-out' from the group. During this period, they will not be able to post within that group, and they will have anonymous posting privileges within the group suspended for a period of two weeks.

Group Hosts' Role

The Community Watch system is an optional feature, designed to help Group Hosts maintain effective communications 24/7. While the group may vote to force a disruptive member to take a 'Time Out', Group Hosts always have the final say over how their group is managed:

- Reinstate deleted posts: If a Group Host disagrees with the group's decision to remove a post, she may reinstate the post. For example, if a post was voted as inappropriate, but the host felt that the information within the post was valuable or important to the group's purpose, she may choose to do this.

- Delete Posts: Group Hosts have the ability to delete any post, at any time, from their group discussion forum. Thus, even if members vote that a post is acceptable, the host could choose to delete it and/or block the member.

- View 'Time-Out' list: Group Hosts can view the list of members in their group currently in 'Time Out'. If an anonymous post is determined by the group to be inappropriate, the person will be given a 'Time Out' though their identity is not revealed on the Time Out list (the host will simply see 'anonymous member' on the list).

- Remove / Block members: Group Hosts can choose to remove or block someone from their group. This ability is not directly related to whether posts made by the member in question have been deemed inappropriate by group members, but hosts may choose to do so if they are repeat offenders within the group

- Turn on/off Community Watch: The Group Management toolset provides an option to disable the Community Watch system.

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