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Creating a Care2 Group

Interested in creating your own group on Care2? Simply follow these steps and you can host a discussion group on our site!

Create Group

First, browse through the list of existing groups to see if there's already an established group on the topic of interest. If there is, you may want to consider participating in the existing group to see if that group meets your needs. If there isn't an existing group on the topic of interest, click on 'Create a Group' from the main groups page. Fill in the required fields and click continue.


After you've created your group you may choose the availability option that best meets your group needs. First go to your group, then click on the 'Group Management Console' - this is your control panel for the group. Once in the control panel, click on 'Visibility Settings' - from here you can choose from the four available options:

-         Open groups are visible to everyone, and anyone can read the discussion posts, though only group members can post on them.

-         Open - Care2 Only groups are visible to any Care2 members, and they can read the discussion posts, though only group members can post on them.

-         Closed door groups are visible to everyone on Care2, but non-members will not be able to see more than the group description and description. They will not be able to view discussions.

-         Private groups are only visible to members. They will not appear in the list of groups by category, and will not appear on member profiles. In order to view a private group members must follow an invitation or the group will not come up.

Setting Up / Customizing your Group

    Discussion Forum Settings

    New groups default to very basic posting formats. To add some spice to your group, click on the the Discussion Forum Settings link within the Group Management Console and select from the HTML, emoticon, & video options.

    Group Image

    To add a custom group image, click on "Header Branding/Private Label" which will hopefully be updated soon to "Upload Group Image" because the original name makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Promoting your Group

    Now start promoting your may post links to your group in other groups of related interest, you may write a share on the share network and make it public for everyone to see, you may invite your friends through email or even import members using a .csv file.

    Inviting Friends

    On the group homepage use the "Invite your Friends" button to invite your Care2 friends to join and/or send messages through email to other contacts to join the group.

    Importing Members

    If you host another group on another forum and want to invite those members to join your new group, you may import data from a .csv file through the Group Management Console under "Invite Members".

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