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Personalizing your card

There are a few options for writing your personalized message within your card. One is the basic (default) editor that will show plain text, displaying your message all in one paragragh. Another option is the advanced editor that will allow you to separate paragraphs, add emoticons, change the fonts, and more. To get there click the 'Advanced Editor' link below the compose window. After writing your personal message you may choose to add a card greeting if you wish. The card greeting will appear above your message in larger bold print.

Adding Music

When you click on the music icon you'll see a pop-up window with all the different songs available listed by category. If you click on the speaker icon you can listen to the song sample. Once you've found a song you like make sure you highlight that song and click on select.

Music on Preview

When you preview your card you should hear the music you've added. If you do not, please make sure your speakers are on and than you've followed the above steps.

Select a Stamp or Background

Clicking on the add a stamp feature will open up a pop-up selector window. Scroll around and locate the stamp you wish to add. When you find the right stamp, click on the image to highlight your selection and then click select. Your personalized stamp will appear on the outside of the card when users first click-through to their eCard.
Follow the same steps to add a background to your card. The background will appear behind the card image on the card itself.

Addressing eCards

Enter your name as you wish it to appear on the eCard announcement and the card itself. Add your email address and/or verify that your address is correct. Supplying an incorrect email address will cause your card to automatically bounce back. If the system does not like the format of your email address we may need to add your domain extension to the database. Please contact our customer support team to report the problem.

There are a few options for entering in the email addresses of your card recipients. First, you may type them in. Be sure to verify that you entered their addresses correctly to ensure proper delivery of you card. If you're adding more than 1, separate them with a comma (Example, If you prefer to use and existing contact list, click on the logo of the email provider you wish to import from. A pop-up window will appear and you'll need to reselect the name of your provider. Click the next button and you'll be prompted to login to your account. Login is necessary so that the system will know which contacts to pull up. You'll then have access to your contact list. Select the users you wish to add to the card and click next. If the list looks correct click the done button. You should see the recipients you selected appear in the box.

Delivery Options

First choose the date you wish to send the card. You may schedule cards now that will be sent in the future. To view your future dated cards, click on 'Future Cards' at the top of any eCards page. The next step is choose your notification options. Notifying yourself when the card is sent is very handy for future dated cards. This will help you to remember that you sent the card and prevent sending the same person more than one card. You may also notify yourself of when the card is picked up by the recipient. If you prefer you may view all your sent cards and their pick-up status by going to 'Sent Cards' at the top of any eCards page.

eCard Artwork

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