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Care2's Healthy and Green Living

Editorial Policy

The articles published on Care2's Healthy and Green Living site undergo a rigorous editorial process that includes extensive review by the Care2 editorial team. Our Healthy and Green Living content is created by professional writers, columnists, and authors who were selected and vetted by Care2 staff editors. The Healthy and Green Living editorial team reviews all this content before it is published.

We maintain a strict policy of editorial independence. Our goal is to ensure that all content is accurate, balanced, eco-friendly, and focused on holistic health, wellness, and living a greener lifestyle.

To be the most comprehensive resource for healthy and green living information, we have licensed selected third-party content from a few trusted sources. Third-party content undergoes the same strident review/approval process as original content from Care2's Healthy and Green Living writers. Licensed third-party articles are identified as such in the masthead of each article.

We maintain a division between editorial content and advertising or sponsorships. Our advertising/sponsored sections are clearly indicated.

At Care2, we believe that individual actions can collectively make a difference. Whether you start making changes in your home, your personal life, your community, or across the globe, we are glad to help you on your journey.

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